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Ache right side back under ribs, lower back, between the shoulder blades

Pain in right side from behind, caused by an unknown reason – a symptom of many diseases and pathological conditions, some have severe consequences (up to lethal). Any pain signal – a method of feedback of the body to the brain, insisting to pay attention to a specific area of the body.

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The right side of the back hides an important focal point and vulnerable bodies. Even the shadow of a doubt about the origin of pain in the right side of the back requires immediate treatment to the doctor. Timely detection of problems saves the patient's health, becoming the first step to recovery.

How does it hurt?

Along with the pain caused directly situated bodies in medicine there is the concept irradia pain.

For irradia pain characterized by sudden distribution and localization in unexpected places, even away from a direct source.

Can be characterized by the subjective perception of pain on the right side of the back according to the following criteria:

  • Stitching – usually occurs when driving. Acute pancreatitis can example of the disturbing consequences of that, why hurts right side, behind the back shots in a stationary state;
  • Sharp, burning, cutting – with the same probability are called as injuries of the spine, lateral or dorsal muscles and pathologies in the internal organs;
  • Nagging, dull or aching pain – go continuous background and are signs of a serious pathological processes;
  • Shooting typical infringements of the vertebrae, sciatica, rheumatism and other neurological disorders. This is usually back pain and lower back.

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Minor aches and pains, muscle stiffness, weakness in the morning after sleep – a natural consequence of poor posture and the lack of optimal orthopedic furniture, the choice of the wrong body posture for sleeping. If the intensity of the pain gradually increased as it is likely the development of inflammation.

Sharp pain in right side of back, gradually transformed into aching is one of the criteria for determining clips of muscles, vertebrae, blocks.

Where does it hurt?

To recognize or at least to specify the back pain on the right, guided by the basic principles, typical (but not necessary, necessary to take into account hundreds of nuances) for certain diseases.

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Between the shoulder blades

In the area of scapula – pain is characteristic for pulmonary diseases, and neurological. The difference is revealed by the presence of additional factors: temperature, vomiting, swelling, coughing, difficulty breathing.

Under the ribs

Back under the last rib on the right rear area located just four vital organs: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen (not directly, but to shoot through can). Disease each of them is extremely dangerous and requires immediate hospital treatment.

Sharp stabbing focuses on problems with the gall bladder (cholecystitis, is associated with febrile fever 39 and above), if it hurts the right side nouse and continuously gives back – the problem is in the liver.

Side right

Back area right in the center, a sharp, piercing pain, probably means a problem with the kidneys (especially if it hurts the right side from the back, prostrelivaya down to the bladder and urinary ducts). Rarely – acute form of appendicitis (due to genetic features of the structure occurs regularly, the anomaly of the location of the Appendix, in which one is located closer to the back).

Lower back

If unbearable pain lower back prostrelivaya in the right side or below is a sign of how pathologies in the spine (herniated coccyx) and the urinary system. The difference is that inthe first case, the pain depends on the posture of the trunk and rises from below the second constant and radiates to the crotch.

Possible causes

The concentration of organs and systems in the lumbar area makes it difficult to accurate diagnosis – too many vital nodes are concentrated here. There is a pain in the back on the right side, as a manifestation of a wide range of problems:

  • Respiratory system;
  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • Urinary and reproductive system;
  • Of the spine;
  • Of the nervous system.

When back pain on the right, it is important to define a clear description of the characteristics of the intensity and location of pain, it will simplify the diagnosis and expedite an adequate counteracting cause.

Vrach diagnostiruet boli v spine

Respiratory system

  • Dry pleurisy, pneumonia, emphysema – the effects of various inflammations of the lung tissue is added sometimes sharp pain in the right side of the back;
  • Pneumothorax (shortness of breath due to accumulation of fluid or gas in the cavity inside the pulmonary pleura) is a strong, paralyzing breath radiating around the trunk;
  • Cancers, sarcoma is often the main hidden symptoms and progression of metastases defines a sharp pain in the right side on the back type intercostal.

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The digestive tract

  • Cramps in different areas of the intestine. Pulsating wave-like contractions in the specific localization of lesion spread from the area;
  • Cholecystitis – extensive inflammation of the gallbladder, there is a blockage of the bile duct stone. Piercing burning pain right side back just below the ribs;
  • Appendicitis – inflamed vermiform Appendix in the lower intestine. The characteristic feeling covers the entire abdomen, and then migrate and it hurts a little right back. Continually ache with sharp flashes during movement.

Urinary system

  • Renal colic – waves of unbearable pain in the right side of the waist, shoots in the groin area;
  • Hydronephrosis is similar to the previous option, with focus on the fluctuating sensations;
  • Pyelonephritis and nephritis common type of severe pain on the right rear in an acute form similar symptoms of colic with fever and more pain in the joints and muscles;
  • Cyst – aching recurrent pain attacks, growing, swelling, problems with urination.

The spine

Fall into the actual diseases (osteochondrosis, spondylosis) and the effects of trauma (spinal disc herniation). To the last, causing pulling pain flares right back, able to get broken ribs or pelvic bones in the appropriate places. Criteria for increased risk of vertebral back pain and lower back pain are:

  • Permanent sitting position, leading to the accumulation of degenerative processes in the spine (driving, office work, computer);
  • High physical load on the body (work of a porter, Builder, excessive strength training);
  • Pregnancy and childbirth significantly change how posture at the bottom, and metabolism, making the body of a young mother is more susceptible to pathologies of the back;
  • Overweight (it is doubly important to the dramatically thinner).

Nervous system

  • Infringement of spinal nerves and dorsalgia (nerve pain) is characteristic aching with a dull manifestation with acute outbreaks when the body of a particularly bad situation;
  • Neuralgia of ribs in severe form is given in the scapula and lower back.

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When to call an ambulance?

Many diseases causing pain in back right side, in need of emergency medical care, sometimes (appendicitis) – operative surgery.

If suddenly there was a sharp back pain on the right side, complicated by severe weakness, dizziness, loss of consciousness – to call an ambulance is necessary.

Painkillers are able to eliminate the pain from the back to the right, but not its cause – an internal disease that will progress with each passing day. The pain may take some time to step back and independently without external consequences. In any case, only comprehensive professional examination can establish and eliminate the cause of unpleasant feelings.