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Why numb the back in the scapula area, back, reasons

Numbness of the back doctors explain the decrease of conductivity of the nerve endings. Most of the process of numbness is accompanied by very strong pain in the chest. The man in the sternum is reduced sensitivity, there is a sensation of running ants.

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If the sensation is accompanied by bouts of pain in different areas of the body: the heart, the liver, it is a direct prerequisite to beginning to take proactive action for the treatment of numbness.

Why there is pain

Why the back had suddenly become numb, to know is not so difficult. Numbness between the shoulder blades occurs for various reasons, but the main is considered to be thoracic osteochondrosis.

Thoracic osteochondrosis is observed less frequently than, for example, lumbar degenerative disc disease. The chest part remains stationary, while the rib has a higher load, as a consequence, in this Department often develops kyphosis.

Scoliosis and kyphosis

Kyphosis and scoliosis – curvature of the spine can cause reduced conductivity of nerve endings. Numbness of the back is observed in a patient with scoliosis or kyphosis of lumbar and spinal departments. Be sure to consult a specialist if in addition to numbness, you begin to feel pain under the ribs or pain during long lying on one side. The doctor in determining the cause of the manifestations will prescribe the necessary treatment – remedial gymnastics and corset that will be fixed in the correct position the spine, which will reduce the deformation to a minimum.

Age and injuries

Causes changes in nerve conduction are various injuries and age-related changes. If you let the situation to chance, then there is a risk of serious complications in the future. It should be noted that normal x-rays are of little help in clarifying the reasons for the violations of sensitivity, so doctors usually send the patient to a CT, where it turns out the exact condition of the blood vessels, tissue and nerve fibers.

Scapular periarthritis

Another common cause of numbness of the back is a scapular periarthritis. The disease is an inflammatory process in the joints, affects people of Mature age. The catalyst for the development of the disease are various injuries of the hands, shoulders and so on. If after injury worries numbness between the shoulder blades on the back, or only under the left scapula, or only under the right, it is necessary to address to the traumatologist, in order to avoid the development of chronic forms of periarthritis. Underdeveloped form of the disease can be detected by carrying out simple actions:

  1. Move your hands, do you feel back pain in the blades?
  2. Try to swing your arm back about halfway, then pull it up and feel along the spine – a disease that is very difficult to perform.
  3. Put your hands up.

In the presence of scapular periarthritis, you will feel a sharp pain between the shoulder blades.


The spondylosis is the disease of the joints of the spine, which damaged the nerves that leads to numbness of the back.

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Other diseases

The manifestation of pain when breathing points to intercostal neuralgia. It manifests itself in the form of shooting pains on the left side of the heart and is felt usually with a deep breath. In addition to neuralgia the cause can be shingles – on the skin appear small bubbles with a transparent liquid, usually the disease manifests itself at high temperature. Cause numbness can be a lung disease. Symptoms usually increase in temperature, and numbness after breath. Also there is a strong weakness in the body coughing can be a feeling of nausea and lack of appetite.

Sedentary work

Another prerequisite can be a sedentary job. To prevent numbness of the back with the sedentary lifestyle, you must do a five-minute charge. At lunchtime be sure to move, and you will reduce the risk of various back pain and herniated discs.


The causes of numbness of the back easily diagnosed and treated. There are various methods of diagnostics, such as ultrasound, sonography and MRI. Sonography allows detailedto investigate the intervertebral region, to determine the presence of degenerative disc disease, herniation, carefully examine the tissues, joints and muscles.


To relieve symptoms is prescribed physiotherapy, which in a regular lesson, you can greatly reduce pain. Manual therapy will relax the chest and improves blood circulation, helps to get rid of the numbness. But the treatment of the cause, which provoked numbness in the back, is difficult, especially if it's a hernia or spondiloarthrosis. Therefore do not tighten with a visit to the doctor.