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How to treat neuralgia back: pills, ointments, physical therapy, physical therapy

Neuralgia – sharp pain in the lumbar spine. The main reason is the compression of the nerve surrounding inflamed tissues. The disease affects both adults and children. Usually the appointment comes a patient with advanced disease. He tried to cure disease only means of relieving the pain. What should be the proper therapy and how to treat neuralgia of the back?

CHem lechit nevralgiu spiny

An integrated approach to disease

For the doctor it is important not only to remove the symptoms but remove the cause, which became the forerunner for the appearance of neuralgia. The sooner treatment begins, the more effective will be the result. If the patient is treated correctly, the neurological syndrome is completely without complications and consequences.

The stages of treatment of neuralgia:

  • Pain management;
  • Examination;
  • Identifying the causes of entrapment.

The main treatment methods


Challenges in the treatment of pharmaceutical preparations:

  1. The removal of pain;
  2. Termination of the inflammatory process;
  3. Restore functions of the spine.


The drugs chosen by the doctor individually for each patient:

  • The pain and inflammation of the tissues removed non-steroidal drugs (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen). These medicines strongly act on the stomach, causing irritation of mucous membranes. Taking medications after meals, is not recommended for the treatment of patients with gastric ulcer, erosions, and gastritis;
  • Relieve spasms of the muscular system, relax muscles Finlepsin, Gabapentin. This medication antiepileptic action;
  • In addition, the doctor uses antidepressants eg, Amitriptyline;
  • Important in the treatment of vitamins of group B. They are used for oral administration and for injection;
  • If no allergic reactions and acute attacks of pain, the doctor prescribes Novocaine blockade;
  • For external use, the doctor will prescribe an ointment or cream. Their action is anti-inflammatory or resolving. It Helps, Fastum-gel, etc.

The average duration of treatment with medicines: 5-7 days. After the improvement, the doctor goes to other therapies.

Alternative therapy

After pain the doctor will prescribe the passage of the following therapies:

  • Massage course;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Complex physical therapy.

Physical therapy

Doctors often used for outdoor exposure of the ointment on the basis of bee or snake venom. At the site of application improves the circulation, accelerates regeneration processes. These procedures are complemented by courses in physical therapy.

The impact of the current

  • Transcranial electroanalgesia (course duration 5 to 10 days exposure time of from 20 to 40 minutes);
  • Diadynamic therapy (rate: five to seven days, exposure time: 20 minutes);
  • Fluctuating (session duration 5-10 minutes, the duration of treatment is 3-6 sessions);
  • UHF-therapy. The procedure reduces pain, improves tissue nutrition, improves immunity. Conduct up to 12 sessions, lasting from 5 to 20 minutes;
  • Electrophoresis. With small current pulses in the tissue of the affected area do medicine. Medical devices accelerate the process of recovery in the tissues.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrazvukovaya terapiya

Ultrasound has an effect similar to massage. Ultrasound eliminates inflammation, improves blood flow, helps to supply tissues with nutrients. The course of treatment is 12 procedures, the time of the session with 10 to 15 minutes.

Magnetic therapy

Using magnetic fields could relieve pain and expedite the recovery process. The standard course of treatment: 20 sessions, lasting up to half an hour.


This procedure eliminates the pain, improving the body's defenses. Course: 10 sessions for 15 minutes.


After conducting the patient rate applications with paraffin or ozokerite improves blood circulation, improve metabolism.

applikaciya ozokeritom

In the treatment of neurological diseases actual mud baths and acupuncture.

Massage in neuralgia

Massaging should be carried out at a gentle pace, without overloading the affected areas. The push is only done after the patient stops acute pain. Manipulation is performed 2 times a day. To do massage movements after a bath is recommended, combining with the warming creams.

Massazh pri nevralgii

  • Massage starts from the back. The patient is placed on the abdomen. The therapist gently warms up the muscles by performing manipulations without pressure. Pats start at neutral sites later transferred to the sore spots.
  • Knead your muscles from top to bottom. Then the ring method produces a series of strokes and kneading on the widest muscle in the back.
  • Turn the ribs, do massage with fingertips. Rubs and stroking in a circular motion.
  • The patient flipped. Do the same manipulations that were performed on the back: relax, warm up the muscles and softened them squeezing movements.
  • Rubbing can be circular, zigzag, etc. to Massage the muscles patients, bringing hands up to breast in men to chest muscles. Never press too hard on the thoracic area and ribs, the patient should not feel pain.
  • When massaging the chest and ribs can be lightly pressed, to squeeze and to stroke, alternating moves.
  • One-time use pressure with fists or hands. Max: 2-3 times per session.
  • The patient gets up several times takes a deep breath and exhale, executes the slopes.
  • The final part of the massage is the back. Back muscles are stroked, kneaded, shaken.

After the massage the patient is resting. You should not go out in the cold to avoid. Massage if desired is done in the bath. This massage is recommended to engage a specialist, not worth it to do yourself.


To treat neuralgia only medicines hopeless. For the treatment of patients are recommended to do special exercises. It enhances the relaxation of muscles and tissues that affect the nerve, pinching it.

A good agent will be gymnastics, developed Bubnovsky. It is effective in the treatment of neuralgia of the backand helps to restore the muscle corset. To make a complex house. Gymnastics is based on the performance of bending, stretching, making turns and twists. Before performing gymnastics necessary to consult a doctor. If there are contraindications, the doctor will advise to use other methods of treatment.

A good help in the fight against disease will be a Spa treatment, a massage with the impact on biologically active points.

To rastertime and hot compresses should be treated carefully. They can't be used in gynecological diseases, diseases of the kidneys. In these cases, a doctor's consultation. Because kidney disease from warming compresses the patient feels discomfort, and women with gynecological diseases, there is a risk of bleeding.