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Capsicum plaster for back pain: where to glue, how to keep

Capsicum plaster is used to eliminate back pain and lumbago lower back. Has analgesic effect, warms, speeds up the regeneration of damaged cartilage. Before use, check that there is no individual intolerance of the components in the pepper patch.

Percovyj plastyr pri boli v spine

How does the patch

Capsicum plaster is effective for back pain, if you need to warm up or to relieve pain from the affected region. Used in osteochondrosis, radiculitis, lumbago and neuralgia of the back, myositis.

Capsicum plaster is a means of diversionary therapy, has a short-lived analgesic and warming effect, relieves minor inflammation.

Pepper sharply irritating to the skin, whereby the body begins to catch up with the blood in this area. Cartilage will get more food, be able to quickly regenerate. The patch consists of essences of red pepper, belladonna, petrolatum and pine rosin. Essence of belladonna contained in the composition, will help to calm muscle spasms.

Such a regenerating effect on the tissues of the back due to acceleration of blood flow is indicated for the hernia. You can keep the pepper patch hernia at the back to four days, if no expression of discomfort. Not allowed to glue directly on the spine. If the pain is localized in the ridge, put the pepper next to the back muscles.

How to use the patch

Use, mindful of the rules of operation of the first patch for pain in the back:

  • Before using capsicum plaster, wipe with alcohol or any liquid containing alcohol, the affected area to degrease the skin;
  • Remove the pepper patch with protective film, apply evenly to the affected area;
  • If it hurts the whole lumbar of the back, you can cut the patch and apply it in small pieces on the area of the lower back pain;
  • Make sure that you do not have Allergy or individual intolerance substances. You can start gluing on your wrist and see whether there is severe discomfort;
  • It is unacceptable to stick on moles, lesions, dermatologic disorders;
  • The skin of small children is very delicate, do not use pepper patch for the treatment of children;
  • Keep the patch on the back of more than two days. Then it loses its therapeutic effect, or too much skin. If the discomfort was strong earlier, it is better to remove the patch.
  • If the first label is removed from the back, there is skin irritation and the need to continue therapy, attach new in a day. Before that, let the skin cover the back rest, slather it moisturizer;
  • If pepper patch held throughout the week, and the elimination of back pain does not occur, contact your doctor to learn more effective and modern therapeutic methods.

How to remove adhesive from the back without pain

To capsicum plaster evenly and tightly kept at the manufacturing stage, its members include powerful adhesive. Therefore, to remove the band-aid is painful and uncomfortable. One cannot suddenly pluck a sticker, leather and so is irritable. To avoid damage to the skin, you need to act smoothly.

To soften the plaster by using water or oil. A good option is to soak in hot water, and then remove the sticker.

After capsicum plaster carefully removed, brush the skin with olive oil or soothing ointment impact. At this stage it is better to use natural remedies.

Kak snyat plastyr

Use during pregnancy

Pregnant women are often plagued by back pain due to unusual loads and changing the position of the spine. If pregnancy occurs consult your physician if you can use a capsicum plaster for pain in the back.

Theoretically, if before pregnancy have already been the experience of using a pepper patch, it is possible with care to use such means to ease back pain.

In General, pregnancy and feeding – not the best time to try something radically new. If you are not sure that pepper patch safely acts – do not fall asleep with himto feel the discomfort and eliminate the irritant from the back.


You cannot use the capsicum plaster for pain in the back in the following cases:

  • Infectious diseases. The blood circulation which will speed up the process will quickly spread the infection throughout the body;
  • Cancer education. You can't improve circulation in the area of the tumor. In the future this may accelerate the development of metastases;
  • Skin diseases. Often, the impact is unpredictable. Or if there are skin sores, they can worse than to heal;
  • Fever and high body temperature. Warming up the body, even locally, you increase the heat;
  • Overly sensitive skin can't bear the scorching pepper, there will be irritation;
  • The children's age. Children skin is far more sensitive than the adult;
  • Hematological disease. Especially dangerous here will be a patch, if reduced blood clotting;
  • Catarrhal period of time, again, decreases the stability of the body respiratory pathogens;
  • Individual intolerance and allergic. Carefully read the composition and make sure there's no allergic reaction.