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Physical therapy and physical therapy with lumbar osteochondrosis, in home video

Many people know that physical therapy in osteochondrosis is quite an effective tool in the fight against disease, physiotherapy, osteochondrosis help to rid of the pain for a short period of time. It was always thought that low back pain is inherent in the people of the older generation. But lately, everything changed. More often, the disease has become among young people. When the diagnosis of osteochondrosis, physiotherapy acts used a stick wand that can help us get back the rhythm of life, reducing the recovery period.

Kakie vypolnyat uprazhneniya pri poyasnichnom osteohondroze?


Physical therapy in osteochondrosis safe and has a minimal list of contraindications. Treatment can be performed with the use of medicines, and without them. The choice of which medication to use is determined by the physical therapist. In the case of appointment procedures with medication the likelihood of side effects and allergies are minimal. Due to point of impact of the drug on the inflamed area.

During the physiotherapy osteochondrosis, various devices, the impact of which is aimed at pain relief, reduction of inflammation, relaxation of spastic muscles, improvement of microcirculation of the inflamed area.

If in addition to physiotherapy you are not assigned a treatment and you do not have specific contraindications, it is desirable to add to your lifestyle preventive measures. They must both be present during treatment and everyday life. These include gymnastics, swimming, massage.

Therapeutic exercise is good to strengthen the muscles. Because of this, we can reduce the load on the spine. Run time in the home from 15 to 25 minutes. All movements should be smooth, they should not cause pain.

Swimming with osteohondroze has always been a great method of treatment of the spine, as the water helps to reduce muscle tension and contributes to their strengthening. If possible, the pool should be regular, one to two times a week.

Massage can be carried out in the period of treatment and during remission. It is recommended to undergo two treatments per year. Be sure to inform the specialist about existing problems with the spine.

Before you start physiotherapy, you need to familiarize yourself with existing contra-indications. Fortunately, this list is not great. The main contraindications in the treatment are:

  • The presence of dermatitisa diseases in the place of localization of the inflammation;
  • The presence of cancer;
  • During pregnancy, regardless of trimester;
  • The presence of blood diseases;
  • When abnormalities of the heart, liver and kidneys;
  • People with mental disorders;
  • People in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

If you have no contraindications to perform the procedure, the doctor, the physical therapist can prescribe specific treatments taking into account individual peculiarities of the disease, level of pain and location of inflammation. The greatest result of this method of treatment is achieved in the complex treatment.


When using UV irradiation in the skin and stimulates the making of vitamin D, which improves calcium absorption. This method has bactericidal effect, helps to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation.

Using this procedure, you need to consider the human sensitivity to UV radiation. Start with minimal doses, gradually increasing from procedure to procedure.

If, during the appointment procedure the patient takes medication, he should inform the doctor. Since the ultraviolet light may enhance the effect of the applied drug.

Ultrasound therapy

The basis of this method is the impact of high frequency sounds, which cause vibrations that are aimed at the sick area of the body. This method can be used in combination with drugs, as the vibrating effect contributes to a better penetration of the drug in the eyes of inflammation. Thanks to these actions you can achieve quick relief of pain syndrome.


The impact of the current frequency from 50 to 100 Hz. Popularly known aselectrophoresis. It can be easily introduced to the affected area recommended medicines, it also copes well with the task of relieving muscle spasm.


This method involves the use of static magnetic fields on the affected area of the body. Magnetic field of different frequencies is removed the pain, eliminating inflammation. This procedure allowed in the house, using a portable compact mobile devices designed for home use.

uprazhneniya dlya ustraneniya boli

Shock wave therapy

This method is relatively new, the essence is the impact on the affected area of the body shock waves of supersonic frequency. A powerful pulse of energy shows a positive result in the treatment of painful areas, relieving inflammation and reducing pain.

Detenzor therapy

In the process of this method occurs traction of the spine using a special Mat. This Mat has sloping edges, they change their position under the weight of the patient. Whereby the removal of muscle tone and relaxation.


While using this method, is a rhythmic change in the frequency of the current that contributes to the emergence of vibrations in the site of the lesion. This procedure applies during the period of acute pain, no more than fifteen minutes.


Under this method means the use of therapeutic mud and mineral waters. These may be tubs, pools or showers. Minerals contained in the mud or mineral water during the procedure, enter the body through the skin, providing a beneficial influence on receptors and nerve center. One type of this procedure is to peloidotherapy - use mud with its temperature and chemical composition. This method stimulates the exchange of substances improving blood circulation in the affected area. Method of balneotherapy is often used during the rehabilitation period, to consolidate the previously conducted treatments.

Summarizing it should be noted, despite the fact that physiotherapy in osteochondrosis is not the primary method, it is one of the most important places in the complex treatment approach. It is impossible to ignore the benefits provided on the body physiotherapy. At the time of application of a method:

  • Improves the General condition of the patient;
  • Aktiviziruyutsya functions of the immune system.
  • There is activation of neurohumoral functions;
  • Relieved pain;
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation;
  • Lower limits of motor function of the affected area.

Be sure to remember that not all types of physical therapy approved for use in the period of exacerbation of the disease.