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Exercise in breast osteochondrosis: on Board device, the bar

Physical therapy in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine is the most simple but quite effective method of modern conservative therapy. First of all, it improves blood circulation. The main advantage of physical therapy is the possibility of exercise in breast osteochondrosis in house conditions. Workouts without necessarily visiting medical institutions, fitness clubs and gyms. Ample common room in the apartment and open the window for fresh air.

Uprazhneniya pri grudnom osteohondroze

Where to start

The first step to health when you exercise in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine should be consult with a specialist. The doctor will determine the necessary complex of medical gymnastics, the optimal mode of training, the rate of increase physical activity and adjust plan diet. Exercise therapy in breast osteochondrosis, also requires compliance with certain prerequisites:

  • During a medical examination to verify in the absence of associated diagnoses that cause exactly the same pain between the shoulder blades, as low back pain. The most common are angina and a gallstone. The presence of these pathologies excludes any physical strain.
  • The load on the spine increased gradually, not torturing yourself with workouts.
  • Constantly monitor your feelings. The appearance of pain, nausea, dizziness when performing any exercise is a signal that you overdid it. You need to slow down, to temporarily exclude these exercises from the complex and again to consult a doctor.
  • Sharp movements are contraindicated, especially in the beginning of training. Tasks must be performed in slow motion. It is synchronized to the respiratory rhythm.
  • The total duration of the treatment course on average fit in two or three weeks. The specific term is consistent with the doctor.
  • With this charging in osteochondrosis of the thoracic must be performed every day. Any "shirking" can disrupt the positive developments and to tighten the General course.

Effective exercises

Medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine can more than replace the usual morning exercises. It aims to develop the spinal muscles and removing pain in the spine. These tasks are as follows:

  1. Stand straight with palms of both hands to rest on the side, locking your lower back stationary. Then produce a rotational motion of the shoulder, respectively, the elbows clockwise, then — against it. The order of rotation: right shoulder and elbow, the same left, then both shoulders move together. Each position is assigned from 8 to 12 exercises.
  2. In the position "standing" to get his hands behind his back and fixed her with his fists on either side of the middle of the spine. Next you need to bend back against the force of the hands for 10 to 15 seconds. Then bend forward with head down tilt and cross-body hug (the tension of the thoracic spine). To take the starting stance, then repeat the exercise at least five times.
  3. To sit on a chair, straighten the back. Hands down straight down. Movement: the breath covered the back of his head with his hands, bend back the back to lock the shoulder blades in the upper edge of the back of the chair. Back to the original position to produce on the exhale. Only 5-10 exercises.
  4. To rest the fingers of your left and right hands, respectively, in their shoulders. Then bow forward and down the left shoulder, then the right with the stress on the thoracic spine. 10-15 repetitions is enough.

Charging when breast osteochondrosis may be performed in cooperation with a partner. This complex exercise therapy is more complex than the previous one. To start it is possible only with adequate training muscles, achieved.

  1. Lie on stomach, extend hands along the hips. Partner sits on top. The patient: bringing in the breath Pat. Opposition partner: dilute the blades of the ward. The efforts of both participants are extremely high. After relaxation of muscles on the exhale attempt is duplicated five to ten times.
  2. The initial position is identical to the previous one. The patient tries to breathe as deeply. Partner squeezes palms to his chest, preventing it to expand. So is running 5 — 10 attempts.
  3. The initial position of both participants is the same. Patient's effort aimed at the implementation of deep breaths. Partner abuts the edges of the palms to the spine on opposite sides of his "crest", constraining movement of the patient's chest. This confrontation is repeated 5 to 15 times.

uprazhneniya pri osteohondroze

When runningforms of the disease, has already spawned the partial restraint of the respiratory movements shown special gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine. Her main positions are the following:

  1. The exercise is performed in a sitting position: to fit chest with a towel in the back, the front ends of the towel to bring forward the left end to take in the right hand, the right to the left. On the exhale, squeeze the towel as you lower the chest on the inhale gradually release the tension on the towels. Repeat the task at least five times.
  2. Stand slightly to spread his legs out to the sides. Continue to lift up both hands, brush right one and wrap it around the brush left at its base. Gradually tilting to the right torso, pulling him left hand. To fix the pose for three to five seconds (the sensation of gravity of the lateral intercostal muscles). Relax in the original position, switch the exercise on the other side of the body. In total must be at least 5 overlapping slopes.
  3. The exercise is performed through the gymnastic cushion. As an alternative you can use an ordinary piece of wood, covered with a soft cloth (length — 30, with a diameter of 15 cm). The order of implementation of tasks: to lie down, cushion to slip under both blades perpendicular to the spine, palms put on the back of the head, pulling the body with support on the heels and shoulders, inhale, simultaneously bend your back and rest it on the floor. On the exhale pull the shoulders from gymnastics cushion, tilt your chin to your chest by pulling the hands forward. And so about 5 times.
  4. You need to get up on all fours, inhale to lift up the chin up, bend at the waist back back with the load transfer in the thoracic spine, exhale back to forward bend, to bow. Only 5-10 exercises.

gimnastika pri osteohondroze

All the above training facilities physical therapy in breast osteochondrosis may be implemented in various combinations, for example, alternating between more challenging exercises with light or Vice versa. It is important to remember, however, that the desired therapeutic effect is achieved only with regular classes.

Auxiliary therapy

Physiotherapy in thoracic osteochondrosis is the main but not the only means to overcome this disease. Before the start of classes, and often in their continued need to eliminate pain in the spine. For this purpose analgesics. Among them Analgin, Panadol, Denon , Ibuprofen, Movalis, Voltaren, and others.

"Restraint" intercostal muscles and muscles of the thoracic spine, restrict movement, reduce muscle relaxants, for example, Mydocalm. A good tool for the smooth exercise in breast osteochondrosis may be procedures such as:

  • Chiropractic;
  • Reflexology;
  • The full warming up of the chest.


Contributes to the positive results of exercises for the thoracic spine as well as comprehensive outpatient approach that combines fluids treatment of low back pain with physical therapy. The latter is especially effective for the elimination of the inflammatory manifestations of intervertebral discs.

The effect of gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the thoracic increases and alternative therapies:

Exercises during breast osteochondrosis should start already when the first symptoms of the disease until it has not led to irreversible changes not only in the backbone but also the internal organs located inside the chest and below. The only way to cure the disease completely.