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Physical therapy in osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, photos, videos

Spin sums, you hear a characteristic crackle, clicks – the first signs of sickness. It is time to start strengthening the lower back, to start to do gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. The disease is formed due to calcification around the spinal Department and makes unpleasant pain when turning or tilting. This suggests that the patient rarely or not engaged in physical activity. It's time to change something, begin to act to restore the health and mobility of the spine. Lumbar-sacral osteochondrosis do special exercise. Let us consider in detail this subject.

LFK pri osteohondroze poyasnichnogo otdela pozvonochnika

General requirements for physical therapy

Physiotherapy is an important part in the treatment process, as it strengthens the entire spinal area. Weak muscles affect the deformation of the discs of the spine. And strong muscles effectively holds the weight of the whole body. In addition, exercises with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine eliminates salt deposits, and training the muscles fill up a vacant emptiness.

Regular exercises, polished salt and pain are reduced. Treat lumbar osteochondrosis, doing lessons constantly, every 15-20 minutes. Never too late, but better to start at the onset of symptoms.

The first signs of disease:

  • Worried constant pain in the lumbar;
  • Increases with stress;
  • Given to the pelvic area;
  • The body is made of wood, the movement hurt.

To make sure to end be sure to go to the doctor who confirm the diagnosis and advise how to get rid of degenerative disc disease and cause complications during exercise. A healthy diet and exercises, get rid of unnecessary weight, restore mobility of the lower back. Start with easy and gradually classes complicate, increase the number of repetitions and range of motion.

Always ready with the cardiac system for the upcoming load, initially, make the workout. Excellent effect gives hovering on the bar, turns around. For the treatment of osteoarthritis follow the recommendations of that workout gave a good result.

Rules to perform physical therapy

Physiotherapy – eliminates discomfort and pain of lumbosacral. Know this: medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, starts with a preparatory exercise.

Initially exercises are done lying down, reducing tension in the lower back. Perform classes quietly, smoothly. If there is knee pain physical therapy on time, to mitigate lay a cushion. Make sacral spine exercises according to the following rules:

  • Go for a consultation at the hospital;
  • The physiotherapeutic procedures in osteochondrosis spend constantly and every day is the best time in the morning;
  • Work out in clothes made of natural fabrics;
  • There is pain – stop;
  • Exercises for lumbar do not abruptly, in order to prevent complications;
  • Doing physical exercises at home, train yourself to exhale, to avoid delay;
  • Doing, draw the belly and buttocks.

Gimnastika lfk

Gymnastics therapy helps with lumbar osteochondrosis, which prevents the destruction of the intervertebral discs. The vertebrae of the back are stretched, nerves are not compressed, lost muscle spasm and pain. If charging in osteochondrosis of the lumbar is not in the morning, ensure that at other times of the classes, with the meal an hour later. The positive dynamics of recovery for a lumbar appears after 2 months. The results of the activities will please you, will begin to carry

Physiotherapy in osteochondrosis, strengthen muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks. Remember, the spine begins with the fingers of the lower extremities, be sure to massage and care for them. From dancers, gymnasts and yogis flexible body, because it develops him from the tips of your toes to the top of the head. The flexibility of the back, a sign of youth for all ages.

Physical therapy in osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, healthy food, healthy way –effective prophylaxis. Disease of the sacrum ceases to progress.

Qualification exercises

Initially, do a little light exercise, prepare for the physical stress to the lumbar-sacral spine. Use exercises from the school roll the neck, shoulders, extend your hand, make a mill. Tilt the body in different directions, twist to the right and to the left after lift the bent knee out of the pelvis. Do so 10 times, heat up your entire body and start to exercise.

Therapeutic exercises for the back effectively helps with osteochondrosis of the lumbar. Doing physical therapy in three stages:

  1. Run light loads in the acute phase when severe pain;
  2. Less complicated exercise is made when the pain symptoms decreased;
  3. In the last stage of the exercises are performed after full recovery of prevention.

Each stage trains the deep subcutaneous muscles of the back and abdomen. Find home or purchase a yoga Mat, to exercises painless and safe. Make a roll of towels, as some exercises will be used, helps to take the weight off the lower back. Additionally wear a special belt that supports the back, in the cool season is warm. Begin to practice physical therapy with lumbar osteochondrosis.

Effective therapy for each stage

Consider physical activity separately for each type of the disease.

The first stage is acute pain. Done on the back prone:

  • Bend your legs, under the Shin put roller. Start to bend the fingers on the hands and feet;
  • Spread your toes pass between the fingers and pull them. Relieves tension;
  • Bend the right leg and the left right. Slide the left heel on the Mat, slowly bend to the level of the right leg and straighten again. Do 8 times and switch legs;
  • Hands lay along the body. Take turns to pull them up over head; bend both legs. Right leg begin to pull to the side. Do 10 times and change to another;
  • Pull your stomach to the waist was held tightly and start to pull one leg to your chest;
  • Rotate the feet in a circle, and then in the opposite direction;
  • Lying on back with legs bent, alternately bring knees to the sides;
  • Breathe in the abdominal diaphragm, inhaling the bulging belly, exhaling to get involved.

Each session repeat 8-10 times. In the second stage of the swing abdominal muscles and the gluteus, using exercise with lumbar osteochondrosis:

LFK pri osteohondroze poyasnichnogo otdela pozvonochnika

  • Lying on back, bend legs at the knees, inhaling, raise the coccyx, exhale down;
  • IO same starting position (SP). Take a deep breath, exhaling lift the head slowly, the muscles press hold in tension, returning exhale;
  • Original position also, with straight legs, hands pull along the body. Tighten your buttocks, hold them, straining for 10 seconds, then relax and repeat;
  • Caving in the back raise your hands and legs, pressing her stomach to the surface;
  • Stand in the pose of a table, and begin to move your hands over the surface, sitting on your butt;
  • In the position of the table make a cat, dropping your chin to SAG in the back up, exhaling gigibytes in the lower back down.

Each session repeat 8-10 times. After recovery, training hard to start, strengthen the skeleton of the trunk:

  • Train the muscles of buttocks. Squat, buttocks allot ago make sure that the knees do not go beyond the foot;
  • Lying on his stomach, start to swim with your hands, lift right arm, left leg, then switch;
  • Train the lower back. Lying on your back, bend your knees and hard on every exhale and lift your tailbone up;
  • Stand in the bar, rise lying on her belly on straight arms and legs, strengthens the whole corset of muscle.

At the last stage, you actively engage in sports. Intensely to do the job, Jogging. Do the asanas of yoga, they not only strengthen your back but will also make the spine flexible. Use these exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis as prevention.

Asany iz jogi

Therapeutic exercises have limitations, consider them necessary. Do not engage in respiratory diseases, severe backache in the lower back and when not in the mood to not aggravate the painful condition.


Start to actively pull your back muscles, install home pull-up bar hang, twist. Performing physical activity, continually draw the belly. Download press, for the strong, strong abdominal muscles - the key to the health of the lower back, this part of the body holding her. Start to swim,tempers. After exercise improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, resulting in better supply of nutrients to the intervertebral discs and reduces stress on the spine.

Going to carry heavy objects must wear a special belt. Do not lift more than 10 kg. Pick a comfortable bed with orthopedic mattressso that the spine is kept straight position. Wear heels not more than 5 cm and give your feet a rest, and their condition significantly affects the health of the spine. Wear high-quality, breathable shoes.

Profilaktika osteohondroza

Walk to alternative treatments such as therapeutic massage in osteochondrosis, ultrasound, wraps, magnetic therapy, acupuncture. But before all treatment, consult your doctor. A flexible spine is the key to health. Take care of yourself.