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Exercise crocodile backbone: video, contra-indications, benefits

Exercise Crocodile spine is ideal for a person at an early age and more Mature ages. There are no restrictions, since no one is immune from the diseases of the spine. To perform this exercise you need and those suffering from the disease, and those who are healthy, but wants to strengthen his back with such useful physical activity. In the process of collapse is studied each short muscle that lies near the vertebrae. A positive result of such charging is improved blood circulation in this region of the body, and the intervertebral discs will be restored.

Kak vypolnyat uprazhnenie krokodil dlya pozvonochnika?

What this set of exercises

Discussed in this article a set of exercises has gained popularity for its effectiveness and practicality of treatment. Indeed, the tool conducts substantial prevention and therapy of the spine. Where there is such a method? One Australian therapist spotting crocodiles and found out that their regular movements help to keep the spine in great shape. Accordingly, a new technique, which has appropriated the name of "Crocodile".

Exercises a crocodile spine involves twisting it into a spiral. In the process of implementation need to breathe correctly and to follow the sensations when you move. To some extent, this may resemble yoga. The rotation of the spiral begins with the breath, then the body is fixed in the final position. And then it returns back to initial stage. In fact, exercises are not difficult and available to everyone.

Especially the performance

Exercises for the spine, the crocodile is not limited to a specific time, it can be done anytime. To start physical training before a meal, or after it (you need to wait a few hours). It is advisable not to perform in a fast pace, but to work slowly and calmly. If it brings you pleasure, you shouldn't scoff at his body making many times, then there was pain. Each body needs an individual approach. You should totally focus on how you feel in the back. When the approaches of exercises successfully completed, you should give yourself a rest for a few minutes.

People who have spine disease regularly experience back pain. Therefore, it is especially important for them every day or at least every other day to do home exercises. Only the regularity will help to give quality therapy to fight the disease. With time the pain will subside and will not appear as often as it could be earlier. Complex crocodile is not the only method for prevention of the spine. In consequence of this, many used to alternate this type of charging with extraneous techniques. But do not forget that excessive load is not conducive to health. So not for one day it is important to focus on one thing. You can train three times a week, thereby breaking up each set of exercises for three days.

The effectiveness from the exercises

If you want to prevent damage to the intervertebral disk and to prevent herniation, "Crocodile" will help to eliminate and even not to reach such disastrous results for your health. It is especially important not to run classes in osteochondrosis or other chronic diseases of the back. Cervical radiculitis is treated the same method. When you have a damaged intervertebral discs, the main thing for them is to establish a blood supply and nutrition to the soft tissue. But if the disease is specifically worsened, not worth the risk with such exercises.

Rules you need to know about

Therapy has nine exercises. Momentum spiral is performed in the supine position on the floor. The process of twisting is very simple. The spiral itself implies twisting. That is, head left, legs turn to the right. But when performing this procedure, be aware of the following rules:

Breathing plays an important role in the process of twisting. At the initial stage of exhale, and when you turn around the spiral breath.

In total to do the exercise 8 times. Gets 4 times you turn left and right. When it came to the extreme positions of the body, hold for a few seconds. To get the maximum benefit from the exercises, do everything in a clear sequence.

Pose "Fish" needed for temporary relaxation. It is executed in the following order. Take a breath and in this momentbend your knees without lifting your foot from the floor. I mean, they must be in the same position, but the brush should be kept relaxed. Last one set of exercises for about 20 seconds. On the exhale, you need to calmly straighten the limbs for the final relaxation.

And again, you can start to exercise. All done without pain and quite smoothly. Importantly, you do not worry. Try to reach the maximal condition in the turns. In other words, athletes on all cylinders.

When you have home physical exercise watch your health. As you stretch and twist the muscles with the tendons, you need to be very careful.

Daily exercise will make your body more supple and strong. In addition to external indicators of internal is also improved. For example, your organs exposed to light massage that significantly improves circulation. Further improving the regeneration process between the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs. The risk to get hold of intervertebral hernia is becoming less. Effects on the nervous system also goes in favor of your body. Want to be healthy? Exercise Crocodile regularly and correctly!