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A set of basic exercises for scoliosis of 2 degrees

Scoliosis of 2 degrees, characterized by the deflection angle of the primary axis of the spine 11-25 degrees. When this occurs, the protrusion of the ribs, as a consequence of possible pathology in the respiratory system. At this stage, the disease is fed adjustments, exercises for scoliosis of 2 degrees is most effective for continuous use.

Uprazhneniya pri skolioze 2 stepeni

The main useful points in the application of exercise therapy in case of scoliosis of 2 degrees:

  • The maximum effect of the unloading of the spine as a whole.
  • Strengthening of skeletal muscle and ligaments.
  • The return of spinal obalsti in a physiologically correct position.
  • The normalization of the General condition of the whole organism.

Before applying any physical therapy for scoliosis, you want to consult with a specialist. Do not self-medicate, it can cause irreparable consequences.

A set of basic exercises

A basic set of exercises for scoliosis of 2 degrees, are designed to enhance skeletal muscle, ligaments and elimination of defects of posture.

Before using compound exercises, except for specialist advice and individual readings when you use charge, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules and requirements:

  • In exercises for getting rid of scoliosis of 2 degrees, are not used stretching and twisting.
  • The deletion of vis on the bar. Pulling to comply only with the help of additional hardware support.
  • If there is any discomfort, discontinue use of gymnastics and to go on the diagnosis to the doctor.
  • The exercises are repeated 5 to 15 times depending on the preparation.

Experts recommend to do exercise for scoliosis at home regularly, to achieve the best correction effect.

As with starting any physical activity, exercises for scoliosis, uses a warm-up and prepare the muscles, ligaments and joints to stress.

  • Closely behind, holding her steady. The running step on the spot.
  • Raised on misocky, and simultaneously lifted up joined hands. Reach up. Gently fall.
  • Fix the foot on the floor (like glue), continue to reach up.
  • Feet shoulder width apart. Hands on his shoulders. By elbows in a circular motion back and forth.
  • Now in the same position, take and hold the elbows, straining of the blade.
  • Lie back on the floor. Legs bent, arms bent. Drawn to each other elbow to the opposite knee.
  • Continue lying down, pull your hands to one knee, then the other. Stop doing to fix the stretching.
  • Lying, keeping hands for a floor, to fix the position. Raise, together, legs, and make a movement to the right and left, helping hands.
  • Don't get up, her knees drawn to her chest, while the knees do cotton or simply touch the palms.

The next bunch should be run every day, this classic complex for the treatment of scoliosis. Exercise "Bicycle", "swallow", "scissors", are repeated several times throughout the complex.

Exercise that improve posture. Lean on a wall or locked door. Down back on the wall, like sit, to the maximum feasible level, but not more than a right angle at the knees.

  • Lie on your stomach. Hands on the body. Raise only to shoulder girdle, face looking forward.
  • Hands linked behind his head. Also raise the shoulders.
  • Push with your palms to the floor, and again raise the shoulder girdle. Drawn.
  • Now don't change the situation, in turn, lift up, one and then the other leg.
  • The outstretched arms in front of him. Simultaneously lift arms and legs drawn up. Your body should resemble a boat.
  • Up on all fours. Next, all the exercises of the complex will begin with this position. Reach the left arm up and right leg back. Then change the position.

Exercise "the scared cat". Flex your lower back up. Then pose "camel", waist bends down. The abdominal muscles always tense, the breath is smooth.

  • Sit on your heels. Start to lean forward trying to touch the floor with forehead.
  • The final stage consists of relaxation exercises. Take turns on the heels, then misochkah. To perform 50 steps.
  • Stand exactly. Hands up, elbows bent at 90 degrees. Maximum reduce the blade.
  • Perform deep inhalation and exhalation, producing a circular movement of hands through the parties. Slowly, smoothly and paying attention to the breath.

Exercises fors-shaped scoliosis

If the projection of scoliosis represents the English letter s, then we are talking about s-shaped scoliosis, his second degree, it is also characterized by a deviation of 11-25 degrees in two planes. When this anomaly of the consequences of scoliosis are visible in the asymmetry of the blades.

It is best to diagnose the disease at an early stage, then it can be easily corrected using physical therapy, massage and physiotherapy. Do not allow the operation, watch your body.

All steps are repeated 5 to 10 times, it depends on physical condition. The load at the time of pick up, but exercises for S-shaped scoliosis is used in several approaches.

  • Lie on your stomach. Simultaneously raise right arm and left leg. Exercise hold slowly, without sudden movements. Then, changing limbs.
  • Perform the exercise "boat". Simultaneously lift arms and legs drawn up.
  • Pushups from knees, to begin incomplete.
  • Sit down, feet planted to the sides. Performed bends to each leg and then bending back with arms raised.
  • Use a stool. Sit on it. Hands behind your head, feet shoulder width apart. Running left and right.

Complex treatment to correct a s-shaped scoliosis includes exercises on the wall bars. It effectively elongates the spine and removes the dislocations. The complex consists of 3 exercises:

  1. Lock hands, slowly spreading our legs apart.
  2. Raise the legs bent at the knees.
  3. Raise straightened legs.

Pull-UPS can't do everything, but we must strive to strengthen muscles for performance.

Yoga therapy

After consultation with the doctor, you can turn to Eastern medicine and do the exercises (asanas) of yoga. To use a yoga can have up to 3 stages of scoliosis. Exercises are performed on only one side exposed to scoliosis.


  1. Lying on your back, interlock the hands behind the back, turn to the side. The loin tightly. To sustain the pose for 10 to 60 seconds.
  2. Stand exactly. Hands above the head, in the position palm to palm. Do lunge one leg back, polyprimitives. The face looks up.
  3. Unfold 90 degrees, straight arm to the sides. Hold the pose for 30 seconds.
  4. This exercise uses a belt or a scarf. Lie on the floor. Feet rested on the wall. Raise the right leg and foot throws the belt. Focus foot in the strap and pull the strap to itself.
  5. The situation of exercise 4. Now foot need to move sideways and upwards, holding the strap. The pelvic part is tightly pressed to the floor.

Therapeutic swimming

With all types of spinal disorders, therapeutic swimming recommended. It is the most effective way to relieve stress on the spine, to give relaxation to all the muscles of the body. Contraindication for such a useful lesson may be only severe trauma or instability of the vertebrae.

In the aquatic environment can be performed several sets of exercises. All classes in the pool are performed under the supervision of an instructor, you should not self-medicate and use equipment without the supervision of a specialist.

  • Lying on water in position "star".
  • Swimming technique breaststroke.
  • Swimming on back, hands are used as paddles.
  • Flips back and forth.
  • Breathing exercises (breath-hold).
  • Exercises with special equipment.

Lechebnoe plavanie

Also will be useful for water aerobics, exercises are performed individually, based on the exact diagnosis from your doctor.

Complete curative complex consists of gym, massage, swimming and physiotherapy. Since scoliosis of 2 degrees negative effect mainly on the respiratory function, to enhance therapeutic outcome, it is necessary to use breathing techniques. They also come in handy when performing gymnastics and yoga asanas. To do all the exercises shown in the complex and daily, only then you will reach the maximum effect of the treatment.