yoga with a herniated lumbar-sacral spine, video

Yoga, hernia of the lumbosacral spine is a panacea for all problems, or just another placebo, which helps to delay the surgery? It's hard to say for one reason. Perhaps the real masters of this doctrine and can boast of a perfect control of the body, which helps to bend the spine and to remove the hernia, but in Europe is not sufficiently developed yogis who are capable of it.

Joga pri gryzhe krestcovogo otdela pozvonochnika


Sorry to say that yoga is a herniated sacral spine helps 100%, impossible. First, the swelling of the intervertebral discs not treated in any way other than surgery, since this kind of tumor and the presence of normal tissue in an unusual place. As a result, it requires removal.

Able yoga prevents hair loss, hernias, helps in the preoperative and after the rehabilitation period.

It is important to understand that yoga can help with proper execution of all the asanas. Otherwise, this doctrine will cause more harm to the body than good. Practice asanas only under the supervision of the master, and then you not only will be no problems with the hernia of the spine, but also improves overall health.

In fact, yoga in the European sense is a set of exercises, not philosophy. This package allows you to quickly and efficiently change the state of the organism beyond recognition. Which in turn helps fight many diseases. Yoga is used for treatment of a herniated disc, depending on the styles, and the location of the prolapse of a hernia. So for example ,if it is not the spine, this Vedic medical and sports doctrine is fully capable of managing inguinal hernia without surgery, just forcing to get involved the prolapsed tissue.

In the case of the spine, particularly the sacrum Department much more difficult. After all, any pinched nerve, or a change in position of the vertebrae is very dangerous for the body. And damage caused by non-standard postures and the lack of flexibility can and does end in complete paralysis.

Asanas for spinal

It can be:

  • Tadasana. To reduce pressure on the main nerve ganglia of the lumbosacral, which reduces pain and allows for some time to restore mobility.
  • Vrikshasana. Changes the position of the vertebrae, allows you to shift the hernia in less than a movable seat, easing the symptoms
  • baddha of konasana. Enhances the muscular corset, protecting the hernia from further loss
  • Adho Mukha of svanasana. Allows you to get rid of a hernia in 10% of cases.
  • utthita trikonasana. Reduces pressure on nerves.
  • urdhva Mukha of svanasana. To reduce pressure on the main nerve ganglia of the lumbosacral, which reduces pain and allows for some time to restore mobility.
  • Savasana is used to offset the position of problem areas
  • Virabhadrasana. Podvijnost the vertebrae increases, allowing you to avoid pinched nerves.
  • Orthotamine. To prevent further curvature of the vertebrae caused by the hernia.

Note in this case, it is recommended to use a more gentle options to complete these exercises, because it is necessary to minimize the load on the spine, and relax the nerves of the lumbar spine.

Tips for beginners

Yoga and exercise with a herniated lumbar-sacral spine is not always useful. So, the sacrum is the large nerve bundle and therefore, the influence of yoga can greatly change a patient's condition.

However, it is understood that the herniated disc –et is a serious pathology which requires surgical intervention. Do not use yoga as a means of dealing with the hernia. So you will only aggravate the situation, and an inability can cause damage to the spine itself.

Much better to use yoga in the rehabilitation period for a speedy return of muscle tone a natural corset, and also to prevent and prevent recurrence.

It is important to understand that when herniated sacral, and shifting the location of the vertebra, repair of hernia, the vertebra will remain in shifted condition, and correct it can neither physical therapy nor the Vedic medical and sports doctrine. Yoga with a herniated spine is not a panacea, though it helps to start regenerative processes. Remember of sanity, and never use yoga for treatment of critical illnesses. It's not evenmedicine, and a range of exercises to improve the body.

If you do decide to get rid of the consequences of problem spine with the help of yoga, find a good master who knows not only how to correctly perform one or the other of asana, but will also help.

polezna li joga pri gryzhe poyasnichnogo otdela

Modern medicine treats yoga as a therapeutic medicine, but completely exclude its magical and curative action in the treatment of pathologies requiring surgical intervention with a scalpel. Most often, if you practice yoga for the treatment of sacral spine, you only exacerbate the situation, thus making things worse on the operating table, that threatens with additional problems and side effects during rehabilitation and later life.