Stretching lower back: exercises at home video

The lumbar spine is designed for movement and is in constant load. An effective remedy for pain is stretching of the lower back, which relieves tension in muscles, eliminates restriction of movement. Exercises for stretching the lower back will keep the spine healthy. Most importantly, hold the stretch without jerking, so as not to injure tissue and muscles.

Rastyazhka poyasnicy

Before starting stretching exercises is important to consult with your doctor. For acute pain treatment in the first place focused on relaxation and relieving muscle tension. After removing the aggravation of the lumbar spine can be stretched. Simultaneously with the stretching strengthens muscle corset. Remember that you can't jump in and overdo it with excessive tension. Each exercise is fixed for 10-30 seconds.

How to stretch the lower back?

  • It is important to stretch the spine without any sudden movements, pre-flexing muscles. Otherwise, you can injure muscles not warmed up, shifting the vertebra or creating muscle clamps.
  • You can't just go to a complex and lengthy exercises. Start to stretch the patient is recommended with simple exercises, by completing 2-3 sets, watching the reaction of the body and progressing from simple to complex.
  • Clothing for class should be comfortable and convenient. Avoid extreme twisting of the body. All the exercises for stretching the lumbar spine are done slowly.
  • Surface for exercise should not be slippery, and the space is freed up for greater range of motion from furniture and things.
  • Is recommended to perform exercises regularly and daily. On average, you need to perform five or six approaches.
  • If back pain or neck, consult a doctor. He will recommend to unsubscribe from a particular property or to continue its execution.

Exercise "greeting to the sun"

One of the most effective exercises, which aims to stretch the lower back consider the complex of yoga "Surya Namaskar" ("greeting to the sun"). This complex is simple, runs in the morning, is done in a slow rhythm.

  1. The patient gets up, puts a foot on width of shoulders. The back should be kept straight, but not straining. The man picks up the belly, the shoulders are pushed back, stretches the top of the head to the ceiling and the tailbone pointing towards the ground.
  2. Both hands are up, palms towards the other.
  3. Head raised up, neck relaxed. While the head does not tilt, the shoulders do not raise.
  4. The body gradually descends, first head, then neck, then body. The body must hang under its own weight, while the legs do not bend.
  5. Perform the same steps in reverse order. Remember: you can't do dashes and tense and displaced vertebrae straighten.
  6. Is from 6 to 12 approaches.

"Greeting to the sun" is easy, but efficiently working on the neck, glutes, lower back, back of her legs. The spine becomes flexible. Additionally, the complex can be complicated: falling, touching the floor with your fingers, then reach out to him palms. The slope should press the belly to knees, slowly and gradually add up.

Stretching at home

Exercises for stretching the lumbar spine in a standing position:

  1. "Cat". This position is the perfect answer to the question of how to stretch the back and spine. Stand on the knees, put the hands on the floor so that her hands "looked" in the opposite hull side. Relax your neck, dropping your head down, bend back, arching slightly stretch forward. While an injured neck is necessary to consult a doctor. If the cervical spine has pain, try not to put your chin to chest rounding the back. If upper back does not bend as needed, then ask someone from the household to put in the time round the back of the hand in the area between the shoulder blades.
  2. Go from cat to dog. Pose exercise "Cat", then align the back, look up, fix the position for 5-7 seconds and return to the "cat" pose. Such actions will relieve muscle tension, pain, and the lumbar spine is flexible.
  3. "Crocodile". Starting position: lie on stomach, bend elbows, place palms on the floor. The palm located at the level of the armpits. Raise the chest with a force palm and body. Such actions not only have a positive effect on the spine, but also reduces stress and anxiety.
  4. The "hero". Sit on the floor, bending yourthe knees and ankles. The soles of the feet "look" up, and the fingers should be close to the body. Put palms on the knees. A similar exercise is aged for a long time. It is easy to combine with listening to music or watching TV.

Exercises for toning

uprazhneniya dlya rastyagivaniya poyasnicy

  • Lie on your back, bending your right leg at the knee, moving to the left. Laid hands on the floor. The view is directed in the opposite direction from the twisting direction or pointing up. Twist the body alternately left and right, fix the rotations for 10-15 seconds. Straining press.
  • The complex runs on the ball for fitness. Remove the spine and the press, drawing the belly and buttocks on the ball. Hands put on the back of the head, raise the head, slowly stretching the entire body. The ball ensures the correct curvature of the spine.
  • Stretch in the rear position. Lie on back, join legs. Knees should be at 90 degree angle to the floor and the Shin of the patient should be parallel to the surface. To increase the intensity of your workout, it is recommended to press your knees to your chest. Performed alternately turns the legs in the left and right side. Remember that hips pressed to the floor.
  • Sit down, stretch the legs forward. Stretch the body, making turns in different directions. Bend both legs, bringing one after another, are based in the kneecap with his elbow and turn the body.
  • Exercise increases flexibility, but it cannot be done with the back injuries. Sit on the floor, bend your knees. Raise bent leg up. Combine the drumsticks, but thighs is free space. Neatly into the hole between the thighs put the forearm, lower leg thus connected together. Ankle covered hands. The pose is fixed at 20 seconds.
  • Do move back, placing his hands on her hips. Bend at the waist, fix the position for 10 seconds. The body should feel tension in the lumbar. Return to the starting position, do 3 sets.
  • From a position on all fours running swings his knees forward, backwards, sideways. Look down. The number of repetitions for each leg: 20.

Exercises during working hours

prisedaniya dlya rastyagivaniya poyasnicy

  • Warm up from your workplace. Performed turns the body in different directions. In the lateral abdominal muscles should feel tension. Turns should perform whole body (abdomen, shoulders, back). Fixed position for 20 seconds. Rotations are performed smoothly and slowly when turning should not cause pain. For greater efficiency, hands placed on the opposite knee, operated by twisting.
  • This exercise is performed at home, in the car, at work. Scrolled shoulders forward about 15 times, rest, do the same thing in the opposite direction. Do 5 sets, looking straight and relax the neck muscles.
  • Wrap the body in the chest, as if hugging herself, fix for 10 seconds. Breathe evenly.
  • Sit on the edge of a chair, the chair (without wheels). Feet are on the floor, leaning over to him, laying his chest on the Shin. Relax hands, hug their legs. The pose is fixed at 10 seconds, do 2 repeat.
  • Produced by the slopes of the body to the feet, gently stretching all parts of the spine. The fingers touch the soles of the feet. Alternative exercise: bend both legs, hold the feet with the palms, gradually raspyleniem knees without palms. Fix the position for 10 seconds, repeat 5-6 times.
  • Stretch the shoulders. Sitting on a chair, drop the shoulder, put your hand on the opposite side of the housing. The hand is placed as close as possible to the body to stretch the body. Held the body for 15 seconds at a time.
  • Squat by placing your feet shoulder width apart. With the back kept straight, and knees bent at a right angle.