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Spinal traction at home: exercise apparatus for traction

Spinal traction at home (traction) positive effect on injury with displacement. This method to treat scoliosis, hernia and hondros. By stretching the distance between the discs becomes greater, which relieves pinched nerves and eliminate pain. Method, pulling the spine skeptically perceived by physicians, despite the fact that the extraction equipment used in the Arsenal of hospitals. How effective is exercise for drawing in the quality of care? More than that, but traction can be used in all diseases of the spine, and in some cases the extrusion of a spine at home is contraindicated.

Kak vytyanut pozvonochnik v domashnih usloviyah?

When you need a set of stretching exercises?

  • Offset sprains and fractures. It fixes the vertebrae in a certain position, not allowing them to move.
  • Scoliosis is not necessary to produce a long course of stretching for the spine not to get complications. Otherwise it is likely to injure the spine. Treatment of scoliosis requires a comprehensive approach (course of massage, special exercises, support collars and corsets).
  • Some doctors do not recommend to use this method of treatment for degenerative disc disease, so as not to injure the diseased discs and vertebrae.
  • Hernia traction is a good way to do without surgery, but exhaust efforts have their limits. Otherwise you can aggravate the patient's condition.

Vytyazhenie pozvonochnika

Contraindications for traction

Stretching the spine may not always be useful. You cannot perform exercises for stretching the spine at home if it is arthritis or osteoporosis. Do not in diseases of the vascular system, heart disease and high blood pressure. It is undesirable to spend for thrombosis, critical days. You cannot do the stretching for pregnant women to avoid damaging the fruit. Do not spend for colds, viral illnesses, especially when accompanied by high temperature.

When stretching the spine do not strain, if the patient feels weakness, it is better to abandon this method.

The types of stretching

Traction of the spine is divided into 2 types:

  • Underwater traction. For underwater traction is required pool and special equipment. It is made in hospitals. Water helps to eliminate pain.
  • Dry traction of the spine with their hands held in the clinics and on my own. Doctors use usually special tables (couches) is for vertical and horizontal hoods.

There are a large number of compact exercise equipment that is easy to install in the apartment. But when using the equipment for the traction is necessary to consult with your doctor.

How to do spine stretching?

To pull the spine in the home should use a series of exercises:

  • Thoracic: the patient is required to stand, feet are shoulder width apart. The patient lowers his head, caving in the thoracic spine, the lower back remains flat and does not bend. The man reaches up at the same time relaxing his tense muscles. Such a provision is recorded for 10 seconds.
  • The patient leans forward, setting his feet shoulder width apart. When bending the body forward hands touching the floor, relax the legs and back, and the burden falls on the muscles of the spine.
  • The patient stands in its original position, touches the forehead of the feet and bends the legs. Over time people will become more flexible and easily able to perform this exercise.
  • The patient is standing, then leans over, exposing one leg forward. The leg needs to stretch his forehead. Fix the position for 30 seconds without holding the breath.
  • Collect their hands in the "lock", taking them for a spin. The patient sits or stands, and his hands wound behind his back: one on top, and second from the bottom. Fix the position for forty seconds.
  • The patient sits on the floor and pulls his legs. Then he takes the hands over the feet, without bending his knees, and reaches out to him forehead. The body is fixed in this position for 20 seconds. Quite easy performed traction of the spine on your own so you can improve the condition of the patient.
  • Hovering on the bar (the wall) can also be used as exercises for stretching the spine at rest, at home.

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Traction lumbar

Exercises for stretching the lumbar:

  1. The patient lies on his back, pressing his shoulders to the floor. Hands should be outstretched. Bendable legs, first puts them right from the body, return to starting position, then laid the feet to the left of the corps. Repeat the exercise 4 times in each direction.
  2. The man lies on his back, puts his foot on the floor and the other leg flexes and tightens to his chest. The position is fixed at 30 seconds, ideally the patient should reach the forehead to the knee. Then the leg straightens and returns to its original position. The same manipulation is done with the other leg.
  3. Lie on your stomach bend in the knee right leg. Hands fix on the foot of the bent leg, and the heel pressed against the buttocks. Remain in this position for fifteen minutes. Straighten the leg, do the same thing with the left foot.
  4. Getting on all fours, slowly relaxing the abdominal muscles, bend in the lumbar. The lower back needs to bend without pressure and effort just under the body weight of the patient. After that, pull the belly SAG and the back up. The back should be similar to the arc.
  5. Lay back, put feet on the floor. It is necessary to bend the legs in knees. Then, pressing the buttocks to the floor, bend the waist up, fix the position for 15 seconds. And then carry out the bending of the lumbar down. Repeat the exercise is done up to 8 times. Rule: doing exercises without sudden movements and at a slow pace.

The apparatus for traction

Not to make traction in the hospital, you can build a special table for traction at home. This is an excellent tool to use when the patient is not able to produce the vis on the bar.

Do it like this:

  • Take a wide Board, which is wrapped with cloth in several layers. So the body will not slide on the table.
  • One side of the Board is fixed at the height of 130 cm from the floor above, at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • High on the edge of the Board are attached to the straps. Strap length is about half a meter.

How to do on this simulator? You need to lie down, relax every muscle on hand to put on straps. This table not only harm the spine, but also make a better posture, stretch all parts of the spine, relieve muscle fatigue.

The simulator can be done from bed with a firm mattress. To do this, it make harnesses. Harnesses width of 7-8 cm and a length of about 150 cm. they are Made of thick fabric, and the bed itself rises at an angle of 40-45 degrees (at the head). Harnesses mounted in the region of the head, they pass under the arms to hold the body.

Apparat dlya trakcii


  • To pain did not appear enough to watch your posture, don't lift heavy, comfortable sleep.
  • Not to hurt your neck, you must avoid sitting on soft surfaces, and the legs must stand firmly on the floor, back is recommended to keep straight. Not worth the extra time to bend, and if the work involves long periods of sitting should be made from time to time the warm-up. It is impossible to sit "foot to foot".
  • After exhaust do not overload the spine, and gravity only rise from a seated position. When carrying bags or other heavy objects in his hands their weight is distributed evenly, to avoid any curvature of the spine.
  • Need to sleep on the bed with a semi-rigid base with a thin mattress. It is better to use a mattress and pillow of rectangular shape. Head to relax the muscles should lie parallel to the base of the bed. The muscles can't relax if a person sleeps less than 9 hours.

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If these rules are implemented, the probability of diseases of the spine is reduced.