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How to strengthen lower back: exercises for strengthening muscles at home

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower back will help you to maintain good posture, to achieve sports or dance success. But most importantly – they will keep the spine healthy. Correctly loading of the lumbar muscles, you remove the load from the spine. And this is the best prevention of many diseases of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. To strengthen the lower back will help you lifts, lunges, hyperextension, classic exercises like pumps or the now popular "position of snake." But if you are recovering from acute diseases of the spine, it is proposed a complex of simple exercises.

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General rules

Performing exercises to strengthen the lumbar spine, you should always listen to your body. Do not overexert, avoid discomfort during exercise – your goal is not to achieve sporting records and to maintain your health. Remember, there are different pain. The pain of fatigue, which indicates that you are making progress in strengthening the lower back. And there is the threat of pain, the cause of which, in diseases of the spine or internal organs. They are easy to distinguish – the "tired" pain giving comfort, nice relaxing. Threat pain attack during class will not allow you to continue the exercise, the exercise will become painful and should immediately stop it.

You need to engage regularly, otherwise the body gets used to stress and firming effect will not occur. Over time, gently increase the load.

If you feel cramping and pain during exercise, immediately stop the session. Some of the exercises may seem easy, but don't overdo it. Even if the movement itself is very easy to manage, it may be that too many repetitions and of no benefit to strengthen the back.

Do the exercises with the proper technique, listen to the recommendations of the instructor or coach. Wrong method of training will not benefit you and most likely will worsen your condition. Doing at home, it is also necessary to listen to your body. If there is pathology of the spine, find out the opinion of a doctor about the exercises that you've selected. You should not do suggested exercises for the waist in case of pregnancy, soon after fractures of the spine during the acute illness.


Before you begin the exercises, a workout. Joints and ligaments need to be warmed up before exercise.

  1. Lie on your back, bend your legs. Wait for the moment that the spine will feel complete relaxation.
  2. From the comfort of the position, press the lumbar region to the floor and hold for a few seconds. Once again relax. Perform a dozen reps.
  3. Remaining in the same position, lift the buttocks off the floor so that the body remains straight. Hold for a few seconds, relax, complete same number of reps.


Well-developed musculature of the lumbar spine is the best defense against degenerative disc disease, curvature of the spine and hernia. Strong muscles will take the weight off the spine and maintain it. In the result of cartilage spinal discs are in good shape. If some of these problems have already been observed, consult with your doctor about whether to do exercises to strengthen lower back.

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Lying on his stomach and stretching out his hands, lift your head, feet and hands. Stay in this position until you get tired. Over time, increase the load. You can also perform the exercise in this version: hands pull at the body line, lift your head and legs for a couple of seconds. Complete 15 repetitions.


Sitting on the floor, bend your legs at the knee joints. Grasp the femur and tibia, and then lower your head as much as possible to the chest. Relax smoothly, follow a few times.

Leg lifts

Lie on stomach, lift legs off the Mat at a time. After thisworkout again lift the legs, but now linger at the top for about four seconds. Raising the legs to lift them at the same time then, again in turn, and so on.

Reverse camber

Lie on your back, lift the pelvis, abdomen and chest from the floor. Pay attention to the body and legs lying in a straight line. Breathe easy, inhale when lifting. Exercise stretches the hip and spinal musculature.

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Attacks with hands and feet

Get on all fours, put your hands slightly wider than shoulders. Do lunges at the same time the right leg and left hand, and then Vice versa. The back should be flat and not be in the position of the wheels. Exercise helps to stabilize muscles of the spine.

Side plank

Lie on your side, emphasize elbow. Raise your hips off the floor and hold in this position for ten seconds initially, and over time –about thirty. The body should stay straight, in a straight line. In the most severely stressed point of each REP hold for 2 seconds, the approach included a dozen repetitions. So you will get stronger and strengthen the lower back.

Reverse scissors

Lie down on your stomach, hands under his head. Lift lower limbs, dissolve and cross them. The legs have to stay straight. It will be enough for three sets of 8 repetitions.


To run you will need a special shell or a fitness ball. Abut on the shell or ball basin, looking down. Fix the legs, put your palms on the back of the head. Perform sit-UPS with a straight back without reaching the top point. The best would be to do four sets of a dozen repetitions.

Snake pose

Lie down on your stomach, press your hands into the floor and the maximum rotten back ago. It is a popular exercise comes from yoga.


Standing on all fours, bend and unbend his back. Thus, when the lower back at the bottom, the head must be raised, and when the top is lowered. The smooth movement.

Child's pose

Sitting on the heels, bend a little, pulling his hands forward. Keep this position for a few seconds, gradually increase the load.


Swimming regular freestyle, you strengthen the back muscles, stretch the vertebrae of the lumbosacral. At first it will be enough to swim for half an hour. Then you have to gradually increase the load, listening to my body.

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Therapeutic exercises

How to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar osteochondrosis or arthritis? If you are such diseases, useful gentle firming complex. It will also help to stretch the spine that will release the intervertebral discs, relieves inflammation and release pinched nerve tissue. Such exercises will ease chronic muscular pain in the lumbar vertebrae:

  • Lie back, grasp the legs and hold on as much until I came to the feeling of discomfort. Relax. Run about 6 repetitions;
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees and stretches legs to the left and head right, and then Vice versa. So you will be able to smoothly loading the lower back. 9 repetitions will be enough;
  • Lying on your back, place your feet at shoulder width apart, bending them at the knee joint. Breathe in deeply, so deeply that the buttocks were pressed into the surface. Then exhale, lifting the chest high already. Do 10 repetitions.