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How to strengthen your back at home, gymnastics, exercise

Strengthening back muscles at home is useful in order to carry out prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. So your back stays healthy and beautiful, you need to regularly (or even periodically) to do exercises, and it is better to arrange a full-fledged sports training several times a week. What exercises to strengthen the back muscles should be performed and how to do it right?

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General principles home gym

Strengthening the spine has a positive effect on overall health, stimulates metabolism, improves emotional state, increasing his self-esteem. Exercises to strengthen back muscles along with improving the aesthetics of the body is a pretty powerful weapon in the prevention and treatment of most diseases of the spine.

Before class physical therapy to strengthen the spine in the home read the contraindications and verify their absence:

  • Pronounced pain;
  • The presence of bleeding;
  • A heightened chronic disease;
  • Trauma of the spine;
  • Kidney disease or cardiovascular system;
  • Pregnancy.

At the inept performance of exercises to strengthen back at home, instead of relief of pain may occur contrary to their gain.

That is why it is important to follow the General principles of gymnastics for the spine:

  • Gradual: start quietly, do not rush to do the whole volume of exercise immediately, increase the intensity of the loads carefully.
  • Fluency: avoid streaking, high jumps, sharp lunges, crunches.
  • Sighting: ensure that has been involved is a weakened muscle and overly tense gradually relaxed on the contrary.
  • Exercise frequency: exercise 3-4 times a week for 2 sets with a break between them. Repeat each exercise slowly increase from 2 to 10 times.
  • Quality: try as clearly as possible to follow instructions to the contrary do not hurt yourself. Better to do less but better.
  • The right breath: all exercises are performed on the inhale and end exhale.
  • Consistency: enter the charge into the habit, because if it is done systematically, it will certainly relieve the pain and will help prevent their occurrence.
  • Control: in the amplification of painful sensations in the back or headaches, General weakness or nausea, should immediately stop exercise and consult a doctor.
  • Convenience and hygiene: the clothes should be from natural fabrics, light, comfortable, breathable and elastic, so as not to impede movements. The training rooms should be well ventilated and spacious.

Special exercises will eliminate painful spasms, strengthen the muscular system, will help reduce a vertebra or intervertebral disc, normalizes blood circulation and improves the condition of the whole organism.

How to strengthen your back muscles at home?

Exercise to strengthen the back it is better to do it under the supervision of a professional trainer in the gym and in case You are concerned about pain in the back, the more you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe individual exercises physical therapy to strengthen the muscles of the back. But the modern pace of life does not always allows to carve out the time, so sometimes it is easier to perform them at home.

Strengthening exercises for the spine usually affect only two of the seven major muscles of the back, namely a wide and diamond-shaped. This is enough, because the other big role in maintaining the vertical position of the body and, consequently, getting rid of lower back pain don't play.

Training training of the spinal musculature

Exercise for strengthening back muscles have to begin with warm-up. It will take 5 minutes, but the risk of stretching this way is markedly reduced. Stand straight with feet hip distance apart. Each item follow for about half a minute.

  1. Belly breathe the air through the mouth – hold the breath for a few seconds – exhale all the air through the nose;
  2. The rotational motion of the shoulders, first together, then alternately;
  3. Stretch your neck muscles by tilting the head up and down and from side to side;
  4. Alternately wave your hands up and back;
  5. Raise your hands up in the castle, bend to the right and left;
  6. Rotate hips (imagine thattwist the Hoop);
  7. Do leaned down, touching hands to feet, after straighten up, slightly arching his back back;
  8. Walk in place, raising the knees, help yourself with the hands;
  9. Running on the spot;
  10. In conclusion, deep inhale and full exhale.

The complex of exercises for strengthening back muscles

  1. Standing, pull on socks, pull up hands and strongly pull your stomach. Now slowly bend forward, grasp hands, ankles, trying tighter "fold". After slowly unbend, taking its original position.
  2. Stand straight, feet together, fold your arms across your chest (hands on shoulders). Make a tilt forward, stretched well, then again straighten up. After stretch arms forward, the lower bend forward and slowly viprasys, then again crosswise fold hands on his shoulders.
  3. Feet shoulder width apart, position "standing", back smooth as possible, keep the body straight, hands free "at the seams". Do a squat, back to the original. Then lean forward, produce wide swings arms back, take a deep trough and extend your arms in front of him. After take initial position.
  4. Widely spread legs, the lower bend forward, hands down. Produce a Mach with your hands so they are getting them further behind. Next you need to stretch your hands forward and make a slope so that touch the floor as far as possible in front of him.
  5. Get on your knees, hands pull ahead. Perform tilt forward and down until you hit the hands on the floor. Jerk spread your hands by running them swing in different directions, and return to the starting position by pushing the hands from the floor.
  6. "Walk" hands: being on all fours, not moving feet, moving hands left and back. To the right is the same.
  7. Lie on your stomach and pull straight arms forward. Rising, SAG back, bringing his palm over the back of the head. When you return to starting position stretch your arms forward.
  8. Lying on his stomach, link bent and hands under the forehead. Forearms to the max bend. Pull the "socks" and slowly lift feet off the floor, do alternating swings up and down and slowly lower back to the floor.
  9. Roll onto your back and bend your knees, spread them across the width of the thighs and tightly clutching the foot to the floor. Hands are relaxed at your sides. High lifting your pelvis off the floor, lift the hips up, fix this position for a few seconds and slowly lower yourself back to the floor.
  10. Sit on Mat and bring legs together. Bending the right leg knee closer to her stomach and pushing hand up and back, perform a translational motion, without changing the position of the bent leg. After a deep bend forward, try to reach out your hands to the left sock. Mirror repeat. At the end of class, repeat the workout.

Exercises to strengthen the spine better to do in the morning or in the evening before bed.

Disease prevention

Along with exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine it is advisable to follow the helpful tips to be able to avoid their injury. Develop the habit to always keep your back straight, it will support muscle tone.

Correct posture

If you work a lot sitting down, try every hour, take breaks. Do mini exercises for spine: poprisedayte, do some bending, if possible, a little walk. Do not pay attention, if You will oblique glances, think about what is important to You: the opinion of colleagues or healthy back?

If you have to stand in long relative immobility, to reduce the load on the spine, place one foot on a low step or some kind of stand and in turn change legs. When lifting heavy objects slightly podhisita legs, the back remains straight. Thus will decrease the load on the lumbar.

To sleep on your side or stomach is not recommended because it loads the lower back. Lying down to sleep on your back to relieve tension in the lumbar place them under the knee cushion or small pillow.

Exercises for pregnant women

During pregnancy because of the growing abdomen increases the curve in the lumbar spine, and there is a slouch in the thoracic spine. However, the above exercises to strengthen the back in the home, women are in the position not suitable. How to strengthen the spine in this case?

For pregnant women are simple exercisesthat you can do at home, only two of them:

  1. To lie face down with hips on the chair, with the abdomen hanging (the other person needs to hold the woman by the heels, lowering them slightly). To lower upper body about 45 degrees,first, leaning his arms on the floor, then without support. Then to rise slightly above parallel with the floor. When lifting do a strong exhale "ha", it will reduce intra-abdominal pressure.
  2. Squat, holding on to a fixed support, legs wide apart, toes out. When standing up to do exhale "ha".

Do 10-15 times for 2-3 sets. The chair (or other support) should be soft and the higher it is, the greater the amplitude can be achieved, and therefore, the muscles of the thighs and back will strengthen progressive.


Overweight in combination with poor abdominal muscles is one of the causes of back pain, as the load on the intervertebral discs becomes uneven. Therefore, if you have significant fat accumulations in the abdomen all the forces try to normalize body weight and regularly to strengthen the back muscles.

Emotions have a mark on our body, it is a known fact. Clips of the muscles of the thoracic spine and neck are directly linked to constant stress. Unfortunately, this is a characteristic feature of modern city life rhythm. To reduce or avoid negative emotions, try:

  • Spend more time outdoors: gardens, parks, forest;
  • Preferable to listen to calm and relaxing music, ideally, nature sounds and classical music;
  • Breathe properly: inhale deeply with your nose, slowly filling the air the torso from the bottom up – from the stomach to the lungs, after you exhale, also nose, and better for as long as possible;
  • To smile and laugh: it's not only the best remedy for irritation and fatigue, but also significantly increases life expectancy and quality.

profilaktika boleznej spiny

Putting into practice these simple guidelines for strengthening the muscles of the back and spine, you would be able to maintain good posture and back health.