Exercises on the bar: for women and men videos

Very often you can see the classes on the crossbar in the list of exercises in athletes and bodybuilders. Thanks to the bar can be a good to build muscle on arms and back. The result of daily activities will be a strong muscular corset and beautiful body. In addition to appearance, also is taken into account a direct impact on your spine. For example, regular exercise can help prevent possible diseases of the back. At low mobility, the space between the vertebrae decreases significantly, which causes diseases of the back. As prevention it is necessary to do stretching. The bar will be particularly useful for the spine, if you have any problems with it. But before you start to exercise, there are rules that you want to see.

Kak vypolnyat uprazhneniya dlya spiny na turnike?

The advantages of the crossbar

To effectively treat your back have to perform various exercises on the bar. These classes help strengthen muscles, straighten your posture and improve blood circulation. Pay attention to factors that improve health in consequence of the exercise:

  • The discs of the spine are not so heavily loaded;
  • The horizontal bar helps eliminate poor health;
  • The back becomes more flexible;
  • The level of muscle tone becomes higher, and the people who don't move at all, he constantly falls;
  • Normalizes the blood flow and supply to the soft tissue;
  • With regular training the body is extended, and thus growth, you get higher;

What cures a horizontal bar?

If you have any disease related with musculoskeletal disorders, or you just want to strengthen the muscles on the back, the horizontal bar will be the best means to achieve these goals. Also, it helps to avoid herniation and degenerative disc disease.

However, if the back disease has started to progress and well-being to deteriorate, playing on the bar ensures the following improvements in health:

  • Unloading effect to the spine and its stretching;
  • To avoid kyphosis, you need to catch up, but not reverse grip;
  • Lordosis to be treated via the usual hovering on the bar. For greater effect, you can pull your knees to your stomach;
  • With reduced blood flow to the intervertebral discs also need to just hang on the bar;
  • The degenerative disc disease in the neck treated by careful exercise. Just hanging is not recommended.


If you already have a particular disease of the back, it is important to consult a doctor before you start practicing on the bar. Not all exercises can be good, and some even do harm. In the case of herniated discs is strictly forbidden to give stress on the back. In the case of degenerative disc disease exercises are selected individually by a physician.

Important! At any degree of scoliosis cannot be allowed enhanced load on the spine. In this case, the classes on the horizontal bars can contribute to lateral bend. Lordosis and kyphosis does not tolerate deflection in the direction of curvature.

It is better to avoid the press bar, if you have poor health.


Of course, under present conditions of practice is particularly important not to develop the already existing diseases to a greater extent. But even if the back trouble is no, still we cannot neglect the plan of precaution.

If you don't want to hurt yourself once again, use the following guidelines:

  • At the slightest unwell, you must consult a doctor;
  • You can't practice without a warm-up;
  • One should not jump to the horizontal bar and jump off it;
  • Do not swing and do not make any sudden jerks;
  • In the process of lifting keep your back straight;
  • Lose weight;
  • Raise only your weight;
  • Sessions should pass without pain;

Effective exercises

The standard basic exercise is pulling up. This is a great prevention of scoliosis and forms the correct posture. The result was visible on the face, exercises should be performed slowly and with correct breathing. In this way considerably strengthens the back muscles. The grip should be strong and your elbows facing each other.

If you want to prevent your spine, try hanging on the bar to a minute three times a day. Back muscles in this point must be maximally relaxed. Stretching helps to put everything into place, starting and ending with the vertebrae disks. Also, if you just hang on the bar, you will align your posture and reduce the load on the spine. At lowrocking improves blood circulation process.

In the case of active pathology can be made more challenging exercises. For example, during a normal visa should work the legs and torso: rocking, imitation of walking, twisting and circular motion. In any case, definitely need to consult a doctor.

When you suffer from low back pain, legs during exercise, it is better to cross. So you block rocking. If pain in the lower back, better legs bent at the knees and lift up. When osteochondrosis is seen in the cervical region, the prevention of vis is head down (hands at this point near the torso).

How to ease exercises on the horizontal bar.

  1. When the muscle is not elastic, any load will be given with difficulty. Therefore, it is desirable to devote time to stretching, and then perform the bench press on the bar;
  2. During a workout, always drink water, as it is a direct source of energy and promotes proper functioning of the body;
  3. With proper nutrition you can lose those extra pounds and show best results when tightening;
  4. Try to move more, lead an active way of life. Because exercises will be given better;
  5. Control sugar levels in the body. The more it is used, the greater the risk to gain excess weight. But his absence is bad for the brain;

According to some dissidents, people like physical load on the bar is considered a bit dangerous. Such conclusions they do based on what he saw in his backyard where the neighborhood kids perform various tasks. Of course, each person has a different health and physical performance. But beautiful and everybody wants to be healthy.

vypolnenie uprazhnenij na turnike

Disease of the spine can be inherited from birth or acquired at any particular age. One way or another if the health problem is, she definitely needs to begin to fight, and do it as quickly as possible. Naturally, you must immediately go to the survey. After the doctor put an accurate diagnosis, he will recommend you to go to the gym and massage. Special emphasis should be placed on strengthening the back muscles. If you want to improve your condition classes on the bar, you should get advice from your doctor in order to avoid premature injury and a General deterioration of health.

Exercises on the horizontal bar are the most modern and free method of therapeutic prevention in case of occurrence of diseases in the back. You don't need to spend money on expensive medications that does not guarantee you an accurate result. If you follow all the required above listed rules, you will definitely be healthy!