Exercises for sciatica lumbar spine

Exercises for sciatica lumbar spine is, perhaps, the most effective means to curb the disease, especially in the initial stage of its development. The principle here is simple: workout and strengthen muscles, which in turn pulls together the vertebrae, not allowing them to relieve pressure on intervertebral discs. Thus, the discs are deprived of the opportunity to move to the side and catch extending from the spinal cord, the lateral branches Innervate the lower limb.

Uprazhneniya pri radikulite poyasnichnogo otdela

These branches (roots) in Latin are called radix'AMI. Hence the name sciatica. "It" is the suffix, which in medicine to denote inflammation. That is exactly what happens in the injury of the roots of the adjoined vertebrae.


Exercises for sciatica allows not only to stop the development of the inflammatory process, but also to strike it down with all the symptoms. It normalizes impaired blood circulation and stimulates the exchange of minerals, vitamins and other substances necessary for nutrition of the lumbar region. What, in the end, saves from the most annoying companion of sciatica – constant, excruciating pain.

The successful application of physical therapy for sciatica requires that you follow certain rules. They include some fundamental points:

  1. The entire set of exercises should be agreed with the doctor. With them should be consulted in case of any difficulties in the process of the treatment course.
  2. If you have a severe pain in the lower back for classes to start. Analgesics in the first stage is also not desirable. You need to focus only on their own capabilities.
  3. Start your workout with slow movements. Sharpness and an increase in load is permissible only with sufficient training. This mode is the most physiologic for the spine.
  4. All manifestations of the pain syndrome should alert: you must either slow down the pace of classes or contact the doctor if pain does not subside. It can change the configuration of the exercises.
  5. The number of repetitions of each exercise should be increased according to physical features with orientation to the maximum at the end of the physiotherapy course.
  6. Workout regularly and purposefully: preferably several times a day, focusing all of the load on the lumbar region. Only systematic studies will lead to the desired goal.
  7. A room for gymnastics with sciatica should be constantly ventilated garment to be roomy, not restrictive.

LFK pri radikulite

And the most important condition for success – positive attitude.

Training physical therapy course

The main task of this complex is the strengthening of the muscular frame of the lumbar spine. This is achieved indirectly: all exercises are performed with tension of the abdominal muscles, which pulls up to his waist.

Each exercise should be repeated 5 to 15 times. At the initial stage of training is preferable to stick to the bottom bracket.

  1. The first exercise is performed on the back, in the lying position. Arms stretched along the hips, drawing on the heel of the foot both feet to pull back, to put on the belly, palms of both hands. On the inhale stretch press with a short breath-hold at maximum (while the loins should be slightly bend). In case of pain, you can perform a lightweight version, without bending the knees.
  2. The source position is the same: legs slightly bent at the knees with support on the foot. You need to pull from the floor to the shoulders, the blades transfer the main load on the press at maximum lock position for a few seconds. Return to the starting point, relax. Repeat the exercise 5 to 15 times, according to the above rules. A more complicated version of the arms while performing the movements inherent for a head.
  3. Exercise is performed based on back, arms extended on the floor parallel to the hips. Bend in the knee left leg to lift over a floor, fix position for 2-3 seconds. Straighten the leg, thereby increasing muscle tone of the abdomen. To make the usual number of repetitions and duplicate the same exercise with your right foot, then with both feet together. At the initial stage it is enough 5 — 10 repetitions on each problem.
  4. Reliance on a back, hands along the thighs, knees prosohnut. To lift above the floor and extend your left hand palm rests on the right knee. Bend the right knee with voltage press it closer to your chest (left hand to counteract this). The "struggle" to not continueless than 10 seconds. Duplicate the exercise on the left leg.
  5. Is done on the floor in the position "lying on back". Legs and arms extended parallel to each other. Lift the leg, severing them from the floor of centimetres to 30-th, to fix posture. Slowly, leaning on a press, legs to lower to its original place. To complicate the task, you can lay your hands behind your head.
  6. Starting position same as above, for the balance to rest at the floor of the palm of two hands and pull your knees to your stomach. Simulating the legs Cycling: how would pedaling ("twist" should be 10-15 times in the areas of "myself" and "yourself"). Continue for 1-3 minutes according to the capabilities of the press.
  7. The load on the lumbar spine is of "lying". Need to Balk at the floor with his hands, tear off the floor legs extended for about 25-30 inches, in the second lock position. Dilute to the side, and then cross one leg over one in the horizontal plane, performing a kind of "scissors". To increase the load on the lower back exercise should be performed with the hands behind the head.
  8. Performed on the floor. Lie on your back, arms extended parallel to legs. From this position slightly bend your knees, relying on the heel of both feet and the area of the blades to tear off the lower back off the floor and try to reach a "bridge" (the arc should be the maximum possible). Fix the achieved position for at least 5 seconds. To return to the starting position, rest and repeat the task at least 10 times.
  9. Out, similar to the previous bend short feet together, arms at sides, palms to rest for the balance of the floor. To throw legs first right then left from the projection of the body with tension on abs and lower back. The number of iterations of the standard.
  10. Lie on your stomach to get the back of both hands under his chin. To lift up alternately right and left foot with a delay of maximum lift for about 10 seconds. 10-15 repetitions.
  11. Running is also on the belly. Should lie on the floor, stretch your arms wide to the side until you feel tension in the lumbar region, "throw" your arms forward as if swimming "breaststroke", to bring the brush to the shoulders, then to stretch your hands. The number of repeats normal.
  12. Lecluyse back on the floor, pulling both hands straight forward. Then with tension on the lumbar raise right arm and left leg for a few seconds to hold your position. Relax and perform the same task with the opposite limb. Only 5-15 times.
  13. Without changing body position in the previous job to get his hands behind his back, clasping his method "the castle", lifting the shoulders, to bring them to the shoulder blades, to relax. Mode – up to 15 repetitions.
  14. Strengthening the side muscles of the waist. From the same position "on the back" legs bend, knees to clasp his hands, his fingers, pulling up his legs to his chest, to tilt the body alternately to one side in different directions from 5 to 15 times.
  15. A modification of the previous exercises: upper body pre-loaded with the knees lifted up, then returns to its place. Thus, stronger front and back muscles of the lumbar and sacral spine.

A systematic approach

In conclusion, we should repeat that exercise therapy for sciatica lumbar spine gives a strong encouraging results only with regular training. The greatest therapeutic effect achieved with the combination of exercise additional procedures, such as:

  • Chiropractic and physical therapy;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Water aerobics;
  • Special massage;
  • Forced stretching of the lower back on the treadmill.


Well stimulates blood circulation hirudotherapy: leeches to relieve swelling, stagnant blood is aspirated. Useful walk in the fresh air and diet with a predominance of mineral salts and vitamins. All this, taken in the complex, it is able to stop the disease and return the patient to a normal, healthy life.