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Exercise for your back with a cushion under the lower back: pictures, videos, contraindications

Japanese Dr. Fukuzumi studies problems of the spine and is treating him. Based on the experience and knowledge he developed a unique method of restoring the natural position of the spine. Over time, patients began to notice that the waist started to decrease. This doctor binds not only fat burning, but also the correct arrangement of the ribs and pelvic bones.

Uprazhnenie dlya spiny s valikom pod poyasnicu

Positive effect it

After observations of his patients and positive dynamics in their health the doctor decided to share my technique with all and published a book in which all described in detail. She made a resounding success. The book became very popular and were published in millions of copies in Japan, in Asia and in other States. About 20 years ago the Japanese doctor developed exercises for the back with a cushion under the lower back. When performing the exercise, the spinal column assumes its natural position, allowing you to achieve positive results, namely:

  • Straightening posture;
  • A small increase in the growth;
  • Reducing or completely getting rid of back pain;
  • The strengthening of a muscular corset;
  • Reduction of waist size.

Polozhitelnyj efekt

The main rule to achieve the result – holding classes every day. But, as in all of any techniques, these exercises have their contraindications. Enough to refrain people who have any injuries of the spine, with back pain, spinal hernia, elevated temperature, a variety of bleeding, high pressure and poor health.

Rules for the implementation

The roller is an important subject for charging. To make the cushion, it is desirable to take normal cotton towel and twist it. So it does not collapse under you must tie a rope or fasten a rubber band. Important point – the length of the twisted towels should preferably be the width of your back, and its height 10-15cm. If there are different diseases of the spine, the height of the towel correct to make a smaller size. Now you should choose the place where you'll perform the exercises.

Best suited hard surface. It would be better if you choose wide floor or the couch. For convenience and comfortable performance gymnastics don't forget to lay on a hard surface Mat for fitness and yoga.

Begin to perform gymnastic exercises. It must be remembered that it is required to observe a sequence of movements.

  • Sit on a firm surface, pull foot, place a rolled towel behind his back and slowly lay down on him. Properly to lay the cushion. He must lie strictly below the navel. To check whether the towel needs the index finger to direct the navel and hold it across the skin of the abdomen in a horizontal line to the sides of the abdomen. Your finger should touch the towel;
  • Position your feet at shoulder width and keep the spots as that they would touch each other only with your thumbs. Heels should be divorced. That would not constantly distracted by the correct location of the foot can thumbs to tie together with a string or rubber band;
  • Pull your arms up with your palms facing yourself. Little fingers pinch together and slowly lower your hands behind your head. The pose may seem awkward, but you should try to save her. In this position is required to lie at least 5 minutes. If not, then start with 2-3minutes. Then little by little the duration of exercise should be increased. In this position, the spine assumes its natural position and the pulling and straightening of the spinal column;
  • After the execution of gymnastics cannot be promptly and sharply to get up. Bones and joints of the spine are located in the natural location and with a sharp rise can be small movements of the bones that affect health. It is advisable to roll to the side and a little lie down. In this position your body will come to normal. When you awake, ready stand.

Once you get used to doing the exercises Dr. Fukuzumi, you can increase the size of the cushion. It should be done gradually and not rush. Recommended exercises once a day. Frequent execution can adversely affect your health.


If you want to obtain a slimming effect and a slim waist, a rolled towel be placed under ribs. To reduce the waist it is better to perform exercise combined with breathing exercises. When charging, the abdominal organs are in the correct natural position, their blood supply improves and accelerates the metabolism. To pull up the chest and strengthen her muscles cushion to put under his chest. This will allow it to rise and firm up. It is important to know about the complications that can arise when conducting charging:

  • When properly selected altitude towels may have pain in the lumbar region;
  • Tinnitus and headache;
  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea;
  • Perhaps the darkening of the eyes and temporary loss of consciousness;
  • Acute back pain;
  • Spasms of individual muscle groups.

Uprazhnenie dlya spiny s valikom pod poyasnicu

If you during exercise was observed by at least one of the above complications, you should consult a doctor and perhaps undergo an examination. If you want to see the fruits of your efforts of exercise, it is necessary to do it every day. The main thing is to do exercise in a good mood and listen to your body. If you find it difficult or you feel some discomfort, it is best to postpone the procedure and to choose for themselves something more appropriate. It should be remembered that the Japanese doctor developed a technique for improving the condition of the spine, and not for its treatment. If you have, any diseases of the spine, it is best to consult a doctor.