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Simulator for the back with their hands: drawings, photos, videos

For correction, to maintain, strengthen invented a simulator for the back and spine, the hands which produce quite simple. Deserves special attention, what is the distribution of pain may indicate the presence of serious pathology. Before using the various exercise equipment, expert advice is required.

Kak sdelat trenazher dlya spiny svoimi rukami?

In diseases of the vertebral Department, the doctors suggest either stretch it or relax. Tensile based on a method of stretching the spine, his fixation, immobilization, creation of immobility to the affected area. This type of manipulation is carried out in physiotherapy with the use of special equipment, but it is possible to make a simulator for the back of the spine with their hands.

The bar tensile

Among the devices for training are allocated by the crossbar, which is very easy to install at home. The other kind is a Board for stretching and relaxation, but it is not all are recommended. The easiest and most reliable simulator for the spine with their hands, easily installed in the house. To begin, you must calculate the coefficient of strength of such a bar, when purchasing, pay attention to the characteristics.

Installing such a projectile, the spacer, attach the front dowel 10*80, or 10*100 2 PCs on each side.

The classes consist of simple exercises, in the form of hanging for 20 seconds, up to 5 times a day. In good physical condition to perform the exercises with the legs in a circle or rotating your hips in different directions. Exercises help to stretch the spine and train the muscles of the lower back.

If you are performing exercises the painful sensation, you should immediately stop exercising and see a specialist.

Board Evminova

In order that you can make a trainer, should know in advance its completeness and the nature of the work. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Evminov, the doctor of medical physical training and sports, the author of unique methods of treatment of the spinal Department with the help of the developed simulator.

The simulator presented in the form of an inclined Board, the degree of inclination varies from 10 to 40 degrees. In this range, the back muscles relax and stretch. This unit is based on the nature of development of the spine, of the theory studied by Professor Ilizarov, which came to the conclusion that Sorrentine muscles of the spine starts processes of regeneration of bones and regeneration of blood vessels.

Board apply no more than 15 minutes per day, the recommended time to solve many of the problems associated with diseases of the spine.

Using the simulator for your back, straighten your posture, scoliosis, recover at the first stages of degenerative disc disease.

Positive action, which has a shell:

  1. Strengthening, improvement of the tissues near the spine.
  2. Fully relieves the load on the spine and helps to relax the muscles.
  3. Relieves pinched nerve roots.
  4. Increases the intervertebral distance.

ispolzovanie trenazherov

To make the apparatus for correcting problems of the spine Department, is not as difficult and does not require large financial effects. It can cope with problems such as disc herniation, curvature of the spine, posture and lower back pain.

The method of device not only from disease of the back. But with an integrated approach to treatment, combined with therapeutic treatments, massage, medical supervision, gives long-lasting effective results, improving a person's life. After the start of treatment do not fall back, show restraint and character and pain of the spine goes away.