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First aid for fracture of the spine: how to behave video

Spinal injury is one of the most serious and dangerous damage to the human body. A large percentage of the victims takes a long period of rehabilitation, are disabled, and even die. That is why it is very important that at the right moment someone has had correct first aid. Because this injury can get in any place and under any circumstances, not necessarily to support had a medical education. Keep calm, it is necessary to follow elementary rules.

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Quality first aid for fracture of the spine will save the life of a victim and greatly increase the chances of preserving mobility in the future. Therefore it is very important to act correctly and immediately. Unskilled assistance may only lead to the critical state.

The causes of fracture

Damage to the vertebrae and the dorsal channel can have very serious and irreversible consequences. To provide first aid in case of fracture of the spine was the most useful, you must know the mechanism of injury. In everyday life we seldom have injuries of the spine, but the circumstances of injury is commonplace and we can expect at every step. Factors of damage or fracture of this body can become a circumstances. Not to enumerate a lot of possible options, it is logical to combine them into groups:

  • Active rest, extreme sports. Ski resort or jump into the water in the wrong places. When hitting head or other body part on the bottom could damage the vertebrae of the cervical;
  • Accident. During a sudden stop or the obstacle to the vehicle;
  • Construction or repair works;
  • When znachitelno the blow on the back have damage to the various vertebral processes;
  • A fall from a great or small height, sometimes even their own growth;
  • The lack of calcium, osteoporosis, common in older people, leads to brittle bones.

The types of spinal injuries

Fractures of the spine are divided over the degree of injury: uncomplicated and complicated. Uncomplicated fracture called injury if the spinal cord is not affected. The second type in complicated fractures is marked by the presence of such injuries, especially when the spine was affected in a horizontal position. All fractures of the spine are divided into several types.

Compression. Due to the strong compression in a vertical impact, the vertebrae are pressed and their heights decrease. This occurs during an accident, severe blow to the head, landing on his feet from a great height. In older people the spine can break from the slightest impact. The vertebra can "spresovuyetsya" when a strong axial load with flexion movements. Often at risk young people, lovers of the traumatic experience of the jumps and drops.

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The most unfavorable are explosive and comminuted. Marked by an explosive fractures in several locations. In the case of the threat of comminuted fracture of the broken fragments of the spine can affect the spinal cord. Explosive and comminuted arise from the huge impact or explosion accompanied by a shock.

Symptoms of a fracture

It is often impossible to determine the level of concussion of the spine due to numerous injuries, abrasions, scratches. The patient may behave properly and even try to sit down or to cock on my feet, which is strictly forbidden to do. There are cases when the victim is in a weird unnatural position, there is a loss of consciousness.

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The fracture is always accompanied by severe pain. If the person can't move their limbs, this indicates that there was a gap in the spinal cord, with a negative sign. Observed cessation of breathing or heart, immobility of the upper and lower extremities. If the fracture was affected by nervous tissue or spinal cord, such injury becomes the cause of quick death.

Fractures in the thoracic and lumbar soputstvuet uncontrolled makefilename and disorders of the bowel, pain in the abdomen, paralysis of legs and breathing. In any case, to determine the exact extent of damage is only possible with the help of x-rays, and the doctorgive a final conclusion.

First aid

Immediately call an ambulance. If this is not possible, the victim should be delivered to the experts as soon as possible. Even with a small injury and no spine fracture, first aid is provided in case of a serious fracture. Eliminate any movement of the body.

Head turns can cause very serious unwanted effects. So the neck fix with bandages and a piece of carton that is wrapped with a bandage or tape around the neck. you must bind the victim to a solid base you can do this with anything in human growth: boards, plywood, doors. Need at best five people to shift the victim on a hard surface.

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Remember that the limb is also firmly fix to exclude the slightest of mobility during transportation. Under a waist place the roller. A spinal fracture is accompanied with severe pain, so you need to inject any anesthetic, analgin is also nice. In frequent cases it is necessary to alternate artificial respiration with direct cardiac massage.

Make sure no vomit in the mouth. During artificial breathing close the nose and sharply exhale the air in your mouth, then release the nose.

To avoid damage to the sternum and ribs, cardiac massage is done through the blanket. Transportation on the abdomen may be done on a soft surface, without the use of rollers, but in this position it is hard to trace the breath and the condition of the patient.