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Ointment for sciatica: a list of the best medicines, eye drops, dolobene

Ointment for sciatica help relieve the symptoms of an exacerbation. The main mechanisms of action of external forms of medicines aimed at the irritation of the skin with the aim of reflex reduce pain, anti-inflammatory, or combinations thereof.

mazi pri vospalenii sedalishnogo nerva

Currently, the pharmaceutical market offers a wide selection of homeopathic ointments for inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The effectiveness of this group of drugs has not been proven scientifically, but provide the effect associated with psychological effects or the placebo effect.


NSAIDs – the most extensive group of substances known in many branches of medicine, due to its high effectiveness, speed and ease of use. The active substance is applied on the skin in the projection of the affected portion of the nerve, penetrates deep into the tissues. There are bound mediators of inflammation that allows you to remove all of its components, to facilitate the patient's condition. The use of these drugs is recommended for 3 to 5 days in order to avoid occurrence of side reactions.

Use is contraindicated in persons with:

  • Diseases of the skin;
  • Individual intolerance of the drug;
  • Peptic ulcer disease stomach and/or duodenum;
  • Renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • Aspirinova asthma;
  • With type II diabetes;
  • Children's age;
  • Heart failure.

To the group of anti-inflammatory drugs include Diclofenac, Piroxicam, Nimesulide, Indomethacin, Ibuprofen.

They can be manufactured under the trade names: "Diklak", "Voltaren", Diklovit", Diclogen", "Ortofen", "Ketoprofen", "NIMULID", "first days without", "Piroxicam wörth", "Fastum-gel", "Bystrumgel'", "Wiesel", "Ketonal" and others.


These drugs are colorless or slightly yellowish, homogeneous, gel-like, do not contain inclusions, solid parts or bubbles. Due to the presence of excipients, isopropyl alcohol, possess a characteristic odor. The drug should be applied to clean skin evenly and massage in thoroughly until dry. The procedure is performed 2 – 3 times a day. By the end of it, you must wash your hands.

The duration of treatment to 14 days. The use of the drug over a specified period is not recommended.

With ibuprofen

The drug is white, gel-like, viscous, opaque. Has a specific odor. The ointment is applied to clean, dry skin strip length 5 – 10 cm the Drug should be rubbed for 10 to 15 minutes until dry.

The procedure is repeated 3 to 4 times a day. The course of treatment is 14 to 21 days.

With piroxicam

The gel has a slightly opalescent effect, light-yellow color. There is not a strong characteristic odor of the excipient is isopropyl alcohol.

protivovospalitelnye mazi

Features: not recommended for use in I and II trimestrah pregnancy and lactation. Contraindicated in children up to 14 years.

The skin over the affected area apply the gel, the volume of a walnut. Partially RUB it, then apply a poultice. The course of treatment – up to 3 weeks.


The gel is clear, has a yellow or light yellow color, and contains no foreign particles. Has a characteristic smell of isopropyl alcohol. Before applying the gel thoroughly wash and dry the skin. Squeeze a strip length of 3 cm at the area of maximum pain, and then distribute it evenly, but do not RUB.

The frequency of application – up to 4 times a day. Drug do not use more than 10 days.

With the irritant

The mechanism of action of drugs consists in the cases of the nerve endings of the branches of the sciatic nerve. This leads to an admission from them of nerve impulses, which "drowns" the pain impulses fromthe affected area.

Do not use these products on damaged skin, avoid contact with mucous membranes.

razdrazhaushie mazi

Not recommended in pregnant women and children. Contraindicated in people with skin diseases, allergic dermatitis, individual intolerance. In the application of irritating ointments to prepare a clean dry towel or cloth in case you need to take the drug to stop the irritation.

Ointments should be removed from the skin after 10 to 15 minutes.

This group of substances are: Camphor, Turpentine, tincture of Peppermint, tincture Pertseva, bee or snake venom. In the drugstores you can find a lot of products containing these drugs, under the following most popular names: "Capiscum", "has experienced an unexpected side effect", "We", "Finalgon", "Nikofleks", and others.

Tools with camphor

The substance is white, may be yellowish, opaque. There is the characteristic smell of camphor from turpentine. Features: before use, apply on intact skin small amount of ointment to determine the sensitivity. In case of severe burning, allergic reactions or other side effects ointment is better not to use.

On painful areas, apply up to 10 g of gel and RUB until dry. The procedure is performed 1 – 2 times a day. The course of treatment corresponds to the period of admission to basic drugs.

razdrazhaushie kamfornye mazi


Almost all of these ointments are composed of a combination of anti-inflammatory and irritant substances. The presence of the second in their composition contributes to the expansion of subcutaneous capillaries and accelerate penetration of anti-inflammatory agents inside a pathologic focus. In addition, the combination of drugs allows to achieve the maximum effect in the shortest possible time and pain – in the first 1 – 3 minutes.