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Exercises sciatica the sciatic nerve, video, photo

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can be a cause of pain in the spine. One of the causes of sciatica is a long body position in an uncomfortable position in which there is excessive pressure on the nerve. In consequence, a strong pain. To eliminate pain syndrome prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Physiotherapy sciatica is part of the procedures that are prescribed by your doctor.

Uprazhneniya pri ishiase sedalishnogo nerva

Signs of inflammation

When inflammation of the sciatic nerve manifested the following characteristics:

  • There is a sharp pain if you lean forward;
  • Neuralgia in the buttocks, which could increase;
  • Discomfort in the lower back and buttocks, which manifests itself as discomfort;
  • During the movement may appear unexpected sharp soreness;


If you experience these symptoms you must immediately consult a doctor. Otherwise, the sciatic nerve is inflamed even more and the pain only gets worse. Sciatica recommended to follow these rules. Every two hours do the workout, if you spend much time sitting. To put feet exactly when you are. Back to try to keep straight. Slouching only adds to the pressure on the nerve. Sleep better on his side with knees bent. During sleep, try to lie only on one side, the legs were bent. Eat more foods that contain vitamin B. Wear comfortable shoes, excluding heels.


For the treatment or prevention of recurrence should do special exercises. Gymnastics center not only helps relieve pain, but also relaxes the muscles and strengthens the spine.

To cure sciatica, exercises are performed with a specialist physical therapy that will help you perform them correctly.

Further movement can be mastered independently. Exercises sciatica lying down. First, lie down on your back and pull the bent leg toward your chest. Hand grasping the buttocks. In this position are half a minute. Then straight legs are placed on the floor, and arms stretched out along the body. Do 10 approaches.

Lie on your side and start to pull the bent leg to itself, then return to the starting position. Socks should be tight. Do 10 reps without stopping. Take a position lying on his stomach. Place palms at chest level. Then do the push and lift the pelvis up, hands straight. After 20 seconds drops down. To do 10 approaches.

Exercises in the sitting position. To perform the movements it is recommended to take the chair with durable legs, which stands firmly on a hard surface. To sit on the chair. One leg to put on top of the other. Hands placed behind your head. Make sure that posture was straight. Now do tilts right, then left. All you need to do 10 tilts. After a short break, change legs, repeat tilting to the side. Sit on the floor and straighten the legs. The arms extended at shoulder level. Now try as far as possible to get his hands back. Hands move smoothly and slowly. A number of approaches - 5.

Lie on your back, legs straight, hands behind his head. Now slowly raise the legs to the maximum possible. When the movement of the legs of the blade must lie strictly on the floor. On my knees, raise up your hands and connect the fingers. Now slowly lean forward until hands touch the floor. Next, return to the starting position. To sit on a flat surface and straighten the legs. Now begin to move forward with the buttocks. Then use the glutes to move back. Be on all fours. When you inhale to do the camber back up, when you exhale and down.

Exercises for inflammation in the standing position. Feet and shoulders are on one line. From this position make inclinations in the parties. Leaning to the left, rising right hand and the left goes down along the body. Leaning to the right, rises the left hand and right hand goes down. Do 10 tilts. Stand straight with feet spaced slightly apart and hands on hips. Inhale and push the hips forward. When you exhale return your pelvis to the starting position.

There are additional exercises that will help during the treatment of sciatica. Such exercises include aerobics. But before the start of classes should consult with your doctor. Water aerobics is ideal for people who have limitations in movement and theycontraindicated strong load on the spine. Water exercises reduce the load on the body and increase mobility. Also, if you find it hard to perform gymnastics at home alone, then Aqua aerobics is for you. Another alternative physical therapy is training with a ball for gymnastics. Most movements with the ball to strengthen the lower back and back.

Yoga for sciatica

Instead of therapeutic exercises can be performed yoga. It also is a great alternative to gymnastics. Yoga strengthens the muscles and makes the spine more flexible and movable. With the pinching of the sciatic nerve following the movements of yoga.

Joga pri ishiase

Sit on the floor, straighten your legs. Right leg bent at the knee, right foot entered behind the left leg, is on a line with the left knee. The torso turns to the right. Left hand be over the right knee, and touches the floor. In this pose are one minute. Then change the location of the arms and legs and turn the other way.

Become exactly. To take a step forward with the right foot. To make the slope of the hull, keeping your back straight, left hand touch right foot, right hand goes up, the body turns to the right. A few seconds freeze in this pose. Further, the body turns to the left, hands change places. Then the body straightens up. Instead of the right leg exposed left leg and repeated the motion. Therapeutic exercises or yoga daily again. Every movement is done smoothly and slowly. During the day the gym you can do 2 or 3 times. Physiotherapy is contraindicated:

  • When strong pain in the area of the nerve.
  • If there is high temperature.
  • There is pus.
  • Worsening chronic problems.

You must also remember that exercise relief, relieve pain, relax muscles and strengthen them, improve your posture, all contribute to the recovery and prevention of the disease. But for complete cure it is not enough. Necessary to carry out the whole complex of measures, which consists of medical treatment, physiotherapy and the correct mode of the day.

Procedury fizioterapii


Your doctor may prescribe the following treatments for pain relief and healing:

  • The application of laser. This procedure promotes a decrease in pain symptom and improves blood circulation and metabolism;
  • The use of magnetic fields in inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This procedure also relieves pain, improves blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Electrophoresis. This is the event the infusion of medication directly into the area of inflammation. In this case, use drugs that anesthetize and clean the inflammation.

Before assigning procedures of physical therapy the doctor will check whether you have contraindications to them.

Massage for inflammation of the nerve

If you have a disease, it is recommended to do massage. It is as follows: gently begin to knead or caress the lower back, buttocks, thighs on the rear surface of the leg and foot. This massage helps to reduce painful symptoms. In addition, massage can be applied even when reducing the pain. It will also help improve condition.

It is not recommended to do massage, if you have hypertension 3rd stage or hypertensive crisis, epilepsy, skin or allergic problems, cancer, tuberculosis or blood diseases. If these diseases you are absent, you may be doing yourself a massage to relieve pain in sciatica.