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Injections for inflammation of the sciatic nerve: drug names, video

Initial stage of recovery from inflammation of the sciatic nerve is the passage of a certain number of sessions of manual therapy, where bone machine the patient will gain a great deal of flexibility and elasticity. Besides, it is very well distributed vacuum therapy where the patient is treated with the airless method. If it happens that neither the one nor the other method does not work, doctors resort to using drugs, having the form of injections. It comes to pills and medicines, these funds can not only failed to provide the promised benefits, but to increase during pathological processes. In addition, the possible occurrence of side effects affecting the heart, stomach, kidneys and gallbladder.

Kak delat ukoly pri vospalenii sedalishnogo nerva?

If you take medications such appointments are too long period of time, dramatically increases the likelihood that person will result in the deplorable state of the heart muscle. The most effective way of dealing with the symptoms of sciatica are considered to be specialized injections, which is responsible for the decrease in the intensity of the manifestations of pain syndrome. In addition, the use of such therapeutic manipulation is to negate the resulting inflammation. The use of such injections particularly relevant in a time when the patient feels a sharp deterioration of health.

Introduced various analgesics such means as an injection in the gluteal region, the introduction of the drug through a vein or as an injection directly into the space between the vertebrae. Stabbing taken a drug that provides a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory effect. The positive side is that these drugs have much smaller list of side effects than other pharmaceutical counterparts. You need to always remember that the injections are unable to fully eradicate the existing problem, they only slightly mitigate the symptoms and ease the patient's life. If there is a desire to lead a more active lifestyle without much propulsion taboo, it is necessary to resort to the regular practice of medical physical culture, and to use the services of a qualified massage therapist.

The use of drugs

Taking any medication, including nonsteroidal can not be done arbitrarily, without a specific schedule and control the attending doctor. The purpose of NSAIDs is to block pain and in the development of muscle excess moisture that has accumulated as a result of physical inactivity. These drugs inhibit production of an enzyme called prostaglandin, which is the main cause of the pain.

It so happens that all the above treatment methods do not have the expected effect. In this case, come to the aid of hormonal anti-inflammatory pills or injectable liquid. Such manipulations help treated patients to feel a surge of strength and energy, ease muscle and joints. The amplitude of movements is significantly expanded. To the action of the drug was the most long-lasting and fast, the introduction is carried out most slowly, further and further penetrating into the epidural space. This treatment brings patients relief that lasts for several months, after which it is desirable to conduct the introduction of the active substance again.

In order for the treatment was the most productive, you must first close existing inflammation. As soon as the train entered the blood went through his veins, the phase sharp relief

If you are hypersensitive NITV medical professionals practice the appointment of such a common drug, like aspirin. The role of this tool is to normalize the temperature of the body to fight inflammation and eliminate pain, haunting the patient for many years.

Glucocorticoids play a role of a substitute of the drugs listed above. It is noteworthy that the best-known representatives of this class of medicines is the usual prednisone or dexamethasone. When the epidural type of implementation such drugs have the most significant effect.

Novocaine is the perfect solution for the blockade of back pain, which is in some way "sealing" the nerve fibers and reducing nerve conduction, which facilitates the pain in the spine. In that case, if the patient is allergic to these options, it is necessary to replace on liadiny. As fornarcotic analgesics, such drugs are prescribed by a doctor when there is the presence of too strong pain syndrome.

Muscle relaxants are applied in the case that besides the pain the patient feels a strong tightening of muscles and spasms. These drugs are used not separately but in addition to NITV. In order to make the right choice of medication, be sure to consult with a neurologist.


In order to strengthen the body's defenses during treatment, doctors are assigned to vitamin complexes consisting of vitamins of groups B, E, D and C. Based on this, is to say that each body is appropriate to use different drugs. In addition, the choice of drugs and methods of therapy depends on the degree of neglect of illness.

A drug like artrozan appointed as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent that can alleviate pain and reduce body temperature. Method of production of the drug there are 2, namely the shots and pills. A significant reason for prescribing is the destruction of the hip joint, as well as recovery after the operation. If the pain has a huge concentration, it is necessary to put several injections into the muscle, then drink a course of tablets.

vitaminy pri vospalenii sedalishnogo nerva

Another very popular option remedy for sciatica voltaren is considered. The solution for injection is introduced into the intervertebral space during the first 3 days after development of inflammation.

Is contraindicated the introduction of the needle with the drug in sciatica in the event that if you buttocks while very sick or damaged. The fact that it is the inflammation of the buttocks the situation is not getting better, but getting worse.


Regarding the situation in the fight for the health of the patient take a variety of gels and ointments to eliminate pain in the spine. Of injectable drugs is very commonly ketorol, which tends to lower the body temperature of the patient and to fight any inflammation arising in the body. Of the advantages of the drug most notably that the substance do not cause addiction and dependence, and also decrease the production of prostaglandins, which hinder the absorption process. The maximum duration of treatment is 5 days, and the dosage depends on age and body mass index of the patient.

Neostigmine – ampoule substance that is prescribed only to patients who went to the hospital with unbearable pain. When administered intramuscularly method 1 milliliter is divided into 2 parts and injected twice daily with 0.5 milliliters at a time.

Diclofenac is used to quickly get rid of the pain syndrome and the removal of concomitant diseases, a great impact on the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, but has a bad effect on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys.

Physical therapy

In the presence of sciatica is not only useful in various shots, but also physiological procedures like electrophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetic and laser therapy. The average duration of treatment with the help of physiological procedures should range from 10 to 15 days.

When doing a medical physical culture should not rush, and do the exercises to perform better under the supervision of a professional.

In case of detection of an extreme stage of the disease it makes sense to turn to a specialist who correctly prescribe treatment and determine the root cause of disease. During surgical decompression of the nerve bundle of the symptoms of the disease not just subside and disappear without the slightest reminder. However, this method is applicable only when other methods are obsolete.

With the pinching of the sciatic nerve pain has no specific place of origin, and transferred to the Shin, the thigh, the Falcon, back and other places. A pinched sciatic nerve and sciatica, though not completely identical, however, have many similar characteristics.

When sciatica pain appeared in the lower back, can move through the leg and into the buttocks and even to be characterized by partial or complete numbness of the hands. The disease tends to gain strength when walking ( step pace is not important here) , as well as a strong dry cough. In ordinary life, the disease with symptoms similar to a disease, such as lumbago. It should say that sciatica is a disease, which can be the main trouble of the person, and only the "tip of the iceberg" becauseand the examination should take place not just superficial, and detailed.

The causes of this pathological phenomenon can be a different hernia, the temperature drops, cancer and other adverse moments, that list can be very long and tedious. In order to deny their own fears and prejudices, you should definitely go through the procedure simple x-ray, which will be very useful in formulating the final diagnosis. At a specific need a doctor can be assigned to the passage of magnetic resonance or a simple cat scan, which will show the status of the skeleton in more detail.

A good result can show ultrasound examination of the surface of the joints, which will show to what extent is the development of this disease. This is done with absolutely no anesthesia, as pain is no. Quite effective in this matter the procedure of the MRI-study, which does not cause any harm to the health of applicants, but it shows stunning accuracy. Moreover, this method allows us to consider the bone in the body in layers, which gives the opportunity to make a more detailed clinical picture of the patient's condition. Another one, perhaps one of the most important advantages lies in the fact that to see with the help of this method it is possible any, even the most minor changes in the bones of those who applied.

Traditional medicine

As for traditional medicine, pinched nerve quite successfully treated with the healing baths of steamed pine needles, diets rich in foods fortified with calcium and also with a special massage and therapeutic physical activity.

The use in food of broth from legumes helps to excrete excess water and also to reduce inflammation and relax muscle spasms. Foods an excellent option for the treatment of entrapment is properly marinated or pickled cabbage, which contains a lot of potassium and calcium for the health of the nervous system.

At the first symptoms of the pathology of the sciatic nerve it is necessary to consult a doctor. After a thorough examination and a comprehensive examination the doctor will prescribe you adequate treatment. Do not tighten with treatment, otherwise it may be complete paralysis of the limbs!