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Ointment osteoarthritis: warming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory

In combating osteoarthritis requires a comprehensive impact on the centers, including preparations external use: cream, ointment or gel. These drugs have different effects, but the main point is symptomatic distraction therapy helps to forget the pain.

Maz ot osteohondroza

Types of ointments

One only ointments for treatment of degenerative disc disease are few, but they relieve inflammation, pain and destruction of cartilage. Before purchasing the tool yourself, expert advice is required. All medicines are divided into groups:

  • To relieve pain;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Restore;
  • Comprehensive drugs;
  • Homeopathic;
  • Massage.

Eliminate inflammation

Non-steroidal drugs, anti-inflammatory, include creams and gels for the back, help to fight against osteoarthritis complex methods. Decreased pain in the area of injury, subsides the inflammation process. Anti-inflammatory creams, eliminating the symptoms, address the causes, inhibiting pathological processes. Ointment of osteochondrosis, relieve swelling, reduce pain caused by pinched nerve fibers. Ointment for degenerative disc disease the inflammation relieves muscle stiffness, returning the activity and performance of the patient.

protivovospalitelnye mazi

Ointment for the treatment of degenerative disc disease with the effect of getting rid of inflammation, which prefer:

  • Of indometacin ointment;
  • The Nurofen;
  • Ibuprofenbuy ointments;
  • Kathalu;
  • Voltaren;
  • Nayz-gel;
  • Finally;
  • Fastum-gel;
  • Bistrum-gel.

Elimination of pain

Warming ointment osteochondrosis improves blood flow in the area of pathology, relax muscles, nourish the tissues. Pain ointment osteochondrosis improve metabolism in the area of pathology, the skin reddens, the temperature increases, which produces a positive effect.

Doctors recommend from osteoarthritis ointment and gel to use in the daytime, their effect has a tonic effect on the nervous system. The drug is applied on the area of the surface in a circular motion, gradually rubbing composition, excluded the strong rubbing. The remission of the disease-producing characteristic aching pain, is successfully treated by a combination of warming ointments with massage movements.

mazi protiv boli pri osteohondroze

Effective ointments for osteoarthritis, relieving affliction, are those that are time-tested, doctors give them preference, namely:

  • Capsicum;
  • Nikofleks;
  • Finalgon;
  • Turpentine ointment;
  • Will apizatron;
  • Menovazin.

The best ointment, effective for all options to treat degenerative disc disease in a domestic environment, it is Voltaren. Form release and price threshold are different, dependent on the state, which produces the tool. Analgesics, local anesthetics used in spinal osteochondrosis, neck and other. Reduce inflammation and eliminate pain. For the spine it is better to take Menovazin. The product has the property of expansion of the subcutaneous vessels, bezbolevaya area. The patient experiences a slight tingling sensation, a chill and a slight burning sensation. Base alcohol drug requires careful use so that the tool helped to cure and not harm the body.

Best ointment for degenerative disc disease defined as those that contain a part of the bee venom. However, Finalgon and eye drops are not suitable for the neck, if you smear them, you may get burned.

Slowing degenerative processes

The attending physician assigns chondroprotectors, compounds that slow down the negative effects and restore a fabric of a cartilage. The connecting structure receives power, getting stronger and recovering. Components preparations eliminate and prevent inflammation, improve and accelerate the production of fluid of the joints, reduce painful sensations. Bone tissue is recovered, decreases leaching of calciumjoint capsule, the surfaces of the fabrics come in the same form.

To say that the cream is better than gel or ointment, definitely not. Help many drugs, but most often are:

  • Chondrosarcoma;
  • Chondroitin;
  • The symptoms.

Ointments for massage

Massage is an integral part of the healing process in osteochondrosis, therefore, used various ointments that is different from therapeutic drugs composition, but which have an analgesic, antidegradation and anti-inflammatory effect. For medical use as a massage cream, and other types of funds:

  • A series of preparations "Balm Valentina dikulya";
  • Artrotin gel;
  • Sophia;
  • Shungite;
  • The comfrey.

The difference between gels, creams and ointments lies in the composition. Gel is water, quickly absorbed, rendering the action in a short time. Cream and ointment osteochondrosis of spine, cervical or thoracic, the Foundation of which consists of fats, oils, reach the source of the disease longer, but are longer.

Complex means

To say exactly what cream is better is difficult, but many people prefer to use complex preparations having the properties:

  • Antimicrobial;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Analgesic;
  • Antithrombotic;
  • Regenerating.

Components quickly penetrate into the skin reaching the site, relieving inflammation, pain, improving the regeneration and blood flow. Joints have former mobility, freedom of action. The natural composition of drugs activates the immune system, heal damaged skin.

  • Ricobene;
  • Dolobene;
  • The Purpose Of The T;
  • Scars;
  • Bischofite;
  • Larkspur.

Homeopathic remedies

In the composition of the medicinal materials comprise vegetable, mineral substances, relieves pain, eliminates inflammation, providing a regenerative effect. Side effects from ingestion are rare, with rare occurrences of allergic reactions. Some of the trains used for massage.

  • Potentilla;
  • Traumeel;
  • Shungite;
  • The Purpose Of The T;
  • Golden Mustache.

gomeopaticheskie mazi pri osteohondroze

Popular recipes

Time-tested drugs used by grandmothers, will help strengthen the therapeutic effect and speed up the healing process. Before you begin using, you need to consult a doctor. Ointment traditional medicine, like other drugs, do not apply on inflamed or damaged skin, do not use, if body temperature is above 37 degrees in the presence of an allergic reaction, if you have a sunburn. When getting component in the mucosal eye area, rinse well with clean water, seek medical help.

A warming composition

  • Sunflower oil (1 tbsp);
  • Honey (1 tbsp);
  • Mustard powder (1 tbsp).

The components are mixed, heated in a water bath, the resulting mixture is rubbed into the painful area, wrap yourself with a blanket or a scarf.

Onion remedy for pain

  • Bulbs of medium size (5 PCs.);
  • Vegetable oil (7 tbsp);
  • Beeswax (teaspoon).

Lou crush, mix with other components to roast for 35-40 minutes until light brown. Press the ground, wait until they cool down. The drug is rubbed into the affected area, relieves pain in the back.

narodnye recepty prigotovleniya mazej

Herbal blend

  • 6 pieces of Bay leaves;
  • 1 part juniper needles;
  • 12 pieces of butter.

Suggest to read: the treatment of degenerative disc disease Bay leaf.

Grind to a powder, mix with oil to use, spreading diseased parts, wrapping the scarf.

St. John's wort and yarrow

  • 1 share of common St. John's wort;
  • 2 shares of the yarrow;
  • 2 proportion of petrolatum;
  • 1 proportion of tincture of hellebore.

Grind the herbs in a separate container melt the vaseline. Integrate the components, add the tincture and mix well. Use the product twice a day, spreading the affected area.

Potato poultice

Potatoes rubbed on a fine grater, mix with honey 1:1. Apply on the affected area zamatyvala cotton headband, a wool scarf on top of it. The operation is repeated daily for two weeks.