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Radicular lumbar syndrome: symptoms, treatment, how to relieve severe pain

To provoke disability and temporary disability can neurological disease radicular syndrome lumbar. It is a complex of symptoms that occur when the compressed and inflamed spinal roots. Another disease is known as sciatica. The onset of symptoms suggests that the nerve bundles are inflamed.

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When was the nerves, the symptoms will begin to manifest in the near future. One of the common symptoms — the pain is radiating in nature, manifests itself suddenly after strenuous exercise or injury. The pain syndrome often accompanies the decreased sensitivity. This is the place where the pinched nerve.

As practice shows, radicular syndrome predominantly "dual" (both reduced sensitivity and level of irritation).

The main symptoms of radicular syndrome of the spine:

  • Pain. They are intense, aching in nature in the area of compression, which are distributed in the limb, in rare cases, the organs;
  • Reduced sensitivity. Can manifest as paresthesia (tingling, coolness of the skin);
  • Dysfunction of the muscles or movement. Development takes place in consequence of the death of the nerves responsible for a certain area. Develops muscle weakness and a violation of their health.


In the diagnosis of disease based on many factors. To start identifies the patient's complaints, because they serve as the basis for assumptions about the location of the pathology development. For more accurate information it is advisable to use palpation of the intended location of pain — in this case, there is a slight muscle tension. Also on palpation, the patient may lean over to the side of the lesion: it turns out to reduce pain.

Accurate diagnosis of the disease is considered an MRI of the lumbar region. It helps to identify the smallest infringement of the nerves and with the exact probability determines the location of the pathology. The main difficulty of such a diagnosis is the cost. Procedure imaging is not cheap, therefore, agree not all.


What to do when radicular syndrome of the lumbar spine manifests symptoms? Treatment can begin at home or should I get a doctor's appointment? Treatment radicular lumbar syndrome need to be addressed without delay, under the supervision of a physician. Like many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, radicular syndrome may include:

  • Non-surgical therapy;
  • Medication;
  • Surgery.

When symptoms do not affect the rhythm of life we can restrict the General methods: a balanced diet, restriction of physical activity, visit the massage sessions.

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To prevent the development of severe pathology, it is possible by following simple rules:

  • Do exercises in the morning: make sure to stretch your muscles, bring in a normal condition;
  • Try to keep control of the weight;
  • Possibly attend a massage;
  • Eat full. The disease often causes a lack of nutrients for the cartilage tissues;
  • Learn how to allocate work and leisure: you will not overwork and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

The disease can be attributed to such that is better to win in the initial stage than to the full treatment. By following simple rules of prevention — you can avoid the appearance of this unpleasant disease.