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Exercises herniated cervical: Bubnovsky, dikulya, video

To the pain ceased to bother, and it was possible to lead a comfortable life, you must daily do an exercise with a herniated cervical spine. Therapeutic gymnastics in the midst of the disease, when the pain is very sharp, focus largely on relaxation, so the load on the spine is minimal. It is worth remembering that sharp turns of the head can intensify the pain. In order not to injure the cervical it's better to fix it with a special corset.

Kak vypolnyautsya uprazhneniya pri gryzhe shejnogo otdela pozvonochnika?

Hernia: to detect and neutralize

Our neck is experiencing tremendous overload. In our age people are in constant tension, spend all day behind the monitor, did not let go of the phone, the muscles weakened and spazmirovannah. Pain complains every second, more and more young people complain of low back pain and swelling in the back. Pproishodit this is due to the fact that the neck distance from vertebra to vertebra is extremely small. Under heavy loads there is a partial ceasing of the intervertebral disc, injured nerves, disrupted internal organs, and as a consequence severe pain.

With age, the risk of hernia increases significantly. Spinal injury, sometimes old, also had a detrimental effect on our cervical vertebrae. Weak tone and reduced physical activity are also a cause of pain. When the hernia have complaints:

  • Acute pain in the region of the blades, which in the rest position moving in the aching;
  • Dizziness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Tremor of the extremities, weakness in the fingers;
  • Broken concentration.

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The appearance of these symptoms should see a specialist, most often with these symptoms apply to a neurologist and get a complete medical examination, which includes ultrasound examination of the vessels, as well as an MRI showing the exact location and dimensions.

Treatment: when charging better operation

Herniation of the cervical spine cause a hell of myalgia, which is impossible to tolerate. It is possible to stop the intake of medicines that also relieve and swelling. When not helping either folk medicine or traditional medicine are assigned to hormonal pain. For instant relief of myalgia the drug is administered in the affected area. After the relief prescribed medication to help with hernias is to restore the intervertebral distance. Such drugs are called chondroprotectors.

To improve the mobility of the spine herniated can traction. It increases the intervertebral distance, aligning the mobility and flexibility of the back in General. If the proper procedure, acute pain goes away immediately. The exhaust does not carry out at home, it runs a first-class massage therapist who are highly qualified. Otherwise, you can, instead of relief to even more problems.

In critical situations, when not helped by conservative methods of treatment recommended surgical intervention. It is shown, when no other treatments are not effective.

Physiotherapy is the best way to forget about the pain and relapses. Renowned doctors and specialists develop and modify exercises for the cervical spine, which help to forget about problems with the vertebrae. Famous doctor Sergey Bubnovsky has developed a program for treating problem backs. Physiotherapy strengthens the vertebrae and ligaments. Gymnastics herniation of the cervical spine created by Valentin Dikul, restores mobility of the vertebrae.

Sports training and recovery

Properly chosen physical activity will help you to forget about the aching, leading to exhaustion of the pain, reduce the size of the tumor, to restore flexibility and improve overall health. Exercise with a herniated cervical spine significantly enhance the effect of conventional treatment with medication and physiotherapy.

  • effekt uprazhnenij ot boli pri gryzhah v shejnom otdele pozvonochnika

Regular performance of physical therapy a herniated cervical spine - a guarantee of good condition of the patient. Gymnastics improves blood circulation, eliminates pain and improves muscle tone, spasm the muscles relax, the spine becomes more flexible andmobile. Disappear secondary signs of back problems, such as impaired mobility of the arms, blurred vision, and tinnitus.

Depending on the stage of the disease gymnastics takes place in different modes:

  • Gentle;
  • Recovery;
  • Training.

When the inflammation is in the acute stage, exercises can be gentle with compliance with doctor's recommendations. It is best to take medical rehabilitation physical therapy with a specialist, as incorrect exercises can aggravate the situation and lead to pinching of nerve roots.

The effect of therapeutic exercises will be the case for regular training. You should not train at full strength. You should start with 5-10 minutes and gradually increase the time to 40 minutes. The ideal time to practice is early in the morning. In the evening it is better to perform exercises aimed at relaxation and extension.

Herniation of the cervical spine is contraindicated running, twisting of the spine and exercises with sharp amplitude. The exercises should not bring pain and discomfort, the appearance of discomfort can be an indication that they are not performed correctly. The increase in load is gradual, technically difficult exercises should only be performed after the spine will get used to stress and become more flexible.

How to stop an acute pain

We offer to your attention a set of exercises aimed at relaxation and stretching of the spine:

  • Run one of the yoga asanas. Practices know that relaxation is the key to good health. Lie on your back, legs and arms relaxed, eyes closed. In this situation is 5 minutes. During this time, it is necessary to relax the whole body.
  • Lie on back, body is a flat horizontal line. Strongly pulled the socks on himself/herself. Perform 5-10 times.
  • Take turns to pull on itself the toe of one or the other foot. Repeat at least 10 times.
  • Located on the Mat so that the body was a flat horizontal line, hands bred to the sides at an angle of about 45 degrees, palms facing up. Intense bend and straighten arms 10 times.
  • Smoothly, without lifting the heels from the surface of the Mat, bend legs and pull them to your chest, extend your chin to the knees. It is important not to make any sudden movements, the main task is to gently stretch the spine.
  • Without getting up from the Mat, his arms, clenched his fists. Quickly but without any sudden movements, fists reach the shoulders. To execute 10 times.

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Gymnastics in remission

In the period of remission, when there is no pain, you can increase the load on the spine, the intensity of training increases, but the sudden movements and lifting heavy objects is strictly prohibited.

A special system of occupation in the recovery period might look as follows:

  • I. p.: standing, arms along the body. Pull the head to the chest, then tilting first right, then left. Involved only the head, shoulders for this exercise, do not participate.
  • Alternating smooth turns of the head. The exercise is aimed at stretching the muscles of the neck.
  • After taking a comfortable position on the Mat, straightening his shoulders, raise your head for 5-10 seconds.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the neck and back in a circular swing. Performed intensely, but without any sudden movements.

Take up the dumbbell. The optimum weight of 2 kg, if not, you can use bottles filled with water. His hands raised to shoulder level pause 5 seconds and slowly lower hands.

  • In the supine position by lifting the head and pull up one leg. Hold the leg in the air for 15 seconds. Perform 8-10 times on each leg.
  • Twisting one of the most useful exercise for our backs. How to perform? Legs bent at the knees, the feet do not come off from the floor, bend your hand, gently twisting the body.
  • Standing on all fours, vygeboom back up the arc, then do the deflection. Exercise 4-8 times.
  • Water aerobics shows good results in case of hernia of any localization. In the water the load on the vertebrae is reduced, is the discomfort and a feeling of tightness. Regular exercises reduce the risk of exacerbations to zero. Improves posture, straighten his shoulders, is feeling of heaviness in the shoulders.

Moderate workout sessions will help to strengthen the shoulders, neck and to avoid relapse. Pushups not only increase endurance but also strengthen the back muscles. Classes on the bar well impact not only the neck muscles but also the entire spine. The complex exercise with a herniated cervical spine and included a variety of push-UPS that have a positive effect musclecorset.