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Gymnastics and exercises to correct posture children, video, photo

The key to the health of an adult is his correct posture in children. And to these words is to listen, because a curved spine can cause damage to internal organs, which is fraught with failures for the entire body. To this end, the doctor advised to practice exercises for posture children from an early age. Since 2-3 months, you should apply the most common massage and gymnastics for children, it is always better to prevent disease rather than try to eliminate it.

Kakie byvaut uprazhneniya dlya osanki detyam?

Physical therapy in violation of posture

Physical therapy for the spine is a series of physical exercises when violations of posture in children. With the help of medical physical culture can:

  • To correct the incorrect curvature of the spine;
  • To tone the muscles of the child;
  • To instill in your child a habit from childhood right to hold back in whatever position was the body.

Typically, physiotherapy for children of school and preschool age is assigned 3-4 times a week for 2-3 months with a possible break for 1.5-2 months. During the course, the child needs to perform 4 such "approach". To quickly achieve the necessary results doctors constantly suggest to complicate a set of exercises approximately every three weeks. If the recommendation is not to pay attention, the muscles will soon get used to the same exercise, in connection with which the fruitfulness of your lessons will fall significantly.


Exercise physical therapy for childrenwho have problems with posture, have contraindications. To classes physical therapy may not be admitted:

  • Children with severe muscle tension, formed an incorrect position of the spine;
  • Children who have been pinching the nerve root;
  • Children with a large number of vertebral and cerebral vessels;
  • Guys having low pain limit.

Therapeutic exercises for students

This type of gymnastics plays an important role in the formation of a normal posture of the child. This problem is often faced by most ordinary students sitting in a bent and half-bent position in the classroom. Them for quite a long time have to sit in one position, and then back muscles begin to feel tired, and, as a consequence, hurt. Children in this regard, we have much to bend the spine back or lean to the side to get muscles incredible tension.

If you notice that your kid attending school, have formed incorrect posture, you must immediately seek assistance from a doctor and not try to solve the problem on their own, as do many parents. Indeed, in the case of individual exercises may inadvertently stretch or overstrain of the back muscles, which will attract even more problems.

Remember that only the doctor can answer the question about which set of exercises your child will be able to develop a normal posture. Having considered the individual characteristics of the student, it will select the measures to correct his back.

The complex of exercises for prevention

Now, there are many activities that can help the child in formation of correct posture. And exercises to correct posture in children and fit adults, faced with this problem.

For acquiring smooth and stately posture you must perform the following easy set of exercises:

  • Back on my feet and held them wider than shoulders. Put hands on a belt. When you inhale raise the elbows until, until the shoulder blades are pinched. While exhaling come to the starting point. Repeat the exercise five times.
  • Perform rotational hand movements. To do this, they have on the sides, and then rotate back and forth. Breathe when one of the elements of the charge can be free.
  • Position your feet as wide as possible, hands press tightly to the shoulders. Exhale when you are bending forward on the inhale should take the initial position. Remember that when performing exercises your back keep straight. Such slopes must be carried out not less than seven.
  • Then gently joined his hands behind his back. In this positionrunning tilt. Back and forth, left and right. And so six times.
  • Take up bodybar, and pull it in front of him. Completing the exhalation, do the squat. When you exhale return to the starting point. Keep your backs as straight as possible. Make five or six such approaches.
  • Bodybar hold in the hands. When performing a breath drawn forward and upward. On the exhale come back and do repeat exercise.

The following exercise is performed lying down. Hands should be positioned along the body and legs alternately up and down. Four repetitions will be enough.

  • Again lie on the stomach. On the inhale slowly raises the body, when you exhale – it goes. Make four passes.
  • Put hands on hips and jump up. Jumping should be alternated with walking around the room.
  • Finally, do the exercise standing, spreading his arms. On the exhale, the hands are getting a divorce, on the breath is reduced.

Exercise if the curvature is

If the posture of your baby is broken, and you said this doctor, we recommend to use in violation of posture in children a special purpose.

The first exercise

The essence of the exercise is that the patient needs to stand near the wall or any other smooth surface so that you could lean on it the rear part of the body. After divorce hands raised at shoulder level, with palms facing away from the surface. Next, slowly slide along the wall with your hands, without changing the position of the back. All the parts of the body that touched the wall should not change its position. As perform the job your muscles of the back and arms should be tense. This type of exercise is done 7-8 times.

The second exercise

The following exercise involves the use of mirrors. According to him you should stand in front of that reflecting object and cling to the wall as it was described in the first exercise. Next, try to move away from the wall so that the back does not change its position relative to a wall. From the side it should look like you still "hold" for the wall. Move away from her very slowly, and don't forget to cast a glance at the mirror. Whether you hold your posture? This exercise is carried out in three approaches.

The third exercise

Again stand near the wall. Have your elbows so that they touch the chosen level surface. Slip along the wall with his hands, buttocks, nape and shoulder blades and slowly sit down. Then in the same low temperature rise. It is important at this point to look closely at the mirror. For your children a kind of reflection, it is you. Five of these squats, you can do the rest, and to repeat this exercise a couple more times.

uprazhneniya dlya normalnoj osanki

The physical activities and training for correct posture

Normal posture is the key to a good blood supply to organs, normal functioning of the pulmonary system and good mood. Stooping children and teenagers often feel depressed, and this fact is scientifically proven specialists. Try to convey this fact to his kid, and he surely will hear you.

A simple exercise to create a good posture is the pacing on toes with the subject on the head. As a subject, for example, you can use the book. Try to arrange the tournament – who will miss the first book from the head, and he lost. Useful for back exercise into a game, and you will be able for some time to entice the baby.

Also a wonderful exercise – "Cat". For this you need to stand on all fours and lower your head down. To turn a difficult job in the game uttered the phrase – "the Cat sees a mouse!", in which the child should be arch your back bridge. While with head lowered. Then say the phrase – "the Cat sees a mother!" after which the child must lift up our heads and to bend back the other way. And by the way this exercise is good for adults, so don't hesitate to do it together with your child in a playful way. This is in addition to good posture will make you stronger.

That posture was correct, not hurt, pushups and so-called strap. To facilitate the push-UPS you can start on your knees. Don't be lazy you are. You can, for example, every day to do push-UPS with a child, and at the end of the month to arrange a competition who is better and will press more.

In the course of the strap body in the sky, the back must be kept straight while holding on elbows and toes, while the stomach should be tense. A child's view while facing forward. As soon as the child will wash a long time to stand in this position with the elbows go on the extended hands.

Do not forget when building the gymnastic minute that preschoolers are very active, but tire quickly and this is connected with their cardiovascular system. Circulation in children six to seven yearsmuch faster than an adult, hence the disruption of the heart. Never overload the child and better take in the day or morning hours. With increasing age, the intensity and duration of the load should increase.

Want your child said to you in the future thanks? Then start to engage with him from the first months of his life. Only in this case, your child will have good health and good physical preparation. And remember, it's never too late to correct your posture, the important thing is to want it.