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Exercises for the thoracic spine: osteochondrosis, protrusion

There are various reasons to assign the exercises for the thoracic spine. This is usually associated with the development of major diseases of the spine, such as thoracic osteochondrosis. The doctor prescribes certain exercises to facilitate the recovery of the patient. The mobility of the thoracic spine increases and the patient feels better. His muscles relax and become less tight. Efficient charging in scoliosis. This type of therapy is considered to be one of the most important, because it allows to completely get rid of diseases of the spine.

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The total set of exercises

This complex is considered to be standard, it can be done at home by yourself. However, you should consult with your doctor. A set of exercises for the thoracic spine runs long. Recommended to perform gymnastics two times a day.

The use of the chair

Enhance the mobility of the spine is possible without leaving home and using improvised tools. One of them is a chair.

You should choose a chair with a straight back. Here are a few effective physical exercises:

  • Sit up straight, clasp your hands head. Vignettes ago, leaning on the back of a chair. Return to starting position.
  • Sit on the edge of your chair and do some bending back and forth. This exercise has a beneficial effect on the spine and the lungs, as breathing is accompanied by the following combination: if a person leans forward, and when you inhale – ago.
  • In the next exercise, the patient sits on a chair and puts his feet widely. He raises his hands up, and grabs with one hand the wrist of the second. This is followed by tilts in the opposite direction. Perform slow, using in turn your right and left hands, respectively, of the side.

Each exercise is performed at least 4 times. This should determine the number of sets and eventually to increase it. Charging should not bring uncomfortable feeling, on the contrary, they should improve the health and General condition of the patient.

Exercises with a towel

To restore the flexibility in the thoracic possible using a towel. A small set of exercises gymnastics:

  • With towel make a cushion and put it on the floor. Themselves lie on your back so that the cushion is located in the thoracic region of your body. Clasp your hands behind your head. Follow a few backbends and forward bends, while respecting the principles of respiration discussed earlier. Next, take a ride on roller forward and backward to feel the stretch the entire back.
  • In the next exercise, a towel is used for other purposes. They wrap his chest, leaving the ends in his hands. The purpose of the activity in the contraction of towels on the way out, and relaxing on the breath. This activity will improve lung function and improve mobility of the muscles.

Fitness ball for the spine

To restore the mobility of the vertebrae will help a big ball that you can buy in any store for physical therapy. For pain in the thoracic spine are used exercises with fitball is a special rubber ball, designed for physical training, gymnastics and aerobics. Charging with the ball increases the mobility of the thoracic segment and aligns posture.

Sit on top of the ball, legs slightly apart. Starting position: hands lie along the body. Raising arms up high, pull back. To descend to its original position. Perform gymnastics on the breath.

Down on his stomach on the ball, nurture hands and feet. Slowly roll forward and back, feeling the long relaxation of the whole spine. If you experience discomfort in the back to hold the position and pull back. The maximum relaxation to the muscles are stretched.

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These are the main exercises for back pain. Exercises for the thoracic spine should be aligned with other methods of treatment: medication, physical therapy, massage and others.

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The use of PE in the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the thoracic spine – a necessary measure for recovery. However, we must not forget that every case is unique and should take into account the individual characteristics of the patient when choosing the set of exercises and the frequency of classes.

A set of exercises for erect posture

Few key exercises forrectification of posture with pain in the thoracic spine:

  • Stand up straight, arms raised above the head on the way out. To backbend on the inhale. Repeat 10 times.
  • Get on all fours. Arch your back inward, hold your breath. Wait a few seconds and return to starting position.
  • Lie on stomach, raise above the floor at the same time, legs and head.
  • Charging is recommended to do twice a day, morning and evening.
  • Physiotherapy treatment for thoracic degenerative disc disease

Treatment of thoracic degenerative disc disease must be approached comprehensively. Late assisted can lead to complications in the segment of the spine. This may worsen the patient's condition, increase pain and affect internal organs. In this disease there are some limitations, for example, when performing stretching at physical therapy. Massage should be performed gently.

Consider a set of physical therapy, developed by experts in osteochondrosis of the thoracic. It can be done at home. The first step is to make bends in different directions, observing proper breathing. It is advisable not to do the deep bends of the body to prevent pain.

  1. Raise one shoulder tilt in his direction head. Do the same with the other shoulder. Do alternately several times.
  2. The exercise is done sitting on a hard surface. Squeeze your hands into the lock and put them back of the neck. Dilute elbows to the sides and stay in this position for a few seconds. Return to starting position.
  3. Be close to the wall back to align. To go down slowly without lifting your back from the wall. Then also slowly rise back up.

Before each exercise be sure to warm up your muscles with a massage.

Perform therapeutic exercises should be even with back pain to relax nerve and get rid of pinching. The vertebrae will stretch and health improve. Exercises should be carried out with moderate pain, it should help to restore muscle tone. If not, then the wrong procedure or diagnosis. At the first symptoms of acute pain charging should be terminated.

Twisting at the thoracic osteochondrosis

Perfectly stretches the back muscles and chest exercise, running, lying down, twisting. It performs as gymnastic exercises or during yoga classes. However, when breast osteochondrosis should take special caution on this stretch, because you can unknowingly pull the muscles and even damage the thoracic spine. To avoid this, the twist must be performed under the supervision of a specialist. It is strictly forbidden to use the technique during exacerbation of pain.

The twist, in General, gives a positive answer to the body and has beneficial effects on the condition of the patient with osteochondrosis. This is only true if the exercise is done correctly and carefully. You should not make a strong deflection and to prevent pain. It is best to use this type of physical exercise only in extreme cases, as an additional method of treatment.