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The horizontal bar in scoliosis: 1 degree, 2 degrees, 3 degrees, in children, in adults

Scoliosis – a spine disease, which is manifested in its deformation occurs mainly in the period of active growth of the organism at puberty. Only one fifth of cases, scoliosis is congenital disorders or is related to a failed surgery. The initial stage of spinal curvature are corrected with physical therapy, more serious cases are corrected only by surgery.

Mozhno li viset na turnike pri skolioze?

Sports in scoliosis: the basic rules

The main goal of physical training – strengthening the muscles that support the spine in an anatomically correct position. In order to determine the choice of therapeutic exercises, you first need to get the advice of a podiatrist. However, there are certain rules that need to be considered when choosing a type of exercise.

  • During sports activities the patient should not experience severe physical pain. If you experience such symptoms you should immediately stop working. A little pain is acceptable, but they should cease after a few days of training.
  • Strength exercises to overload the spine or is deformity correction can achieve further deterioration.
  • It is impossible to include in the training task to increase the elasticity of the muscles.
  • The frequency and intensity of medical tasks is determined solely by the doctor, not the patient.
  • To do physical therapy patient with scoliosis should be under the supervision of a specialized instructor or health professional.

Types of physiotherapy: what is possible and what is not

A clear answer as to what sports you can do in case of scoliosis, no, due to the fact that the disease can manifest itself in different ways. Recommendations depend on the degree and type of functional disorders, the patient's age and physical capabilities. However, some types of tasks, the doctors recommend strongly to reject the disease scoliosis.

Is contraindicated in the following types of training:

  • Jogging at a fast pace;
  • Training associated with power loads on the spine in a vertical position;
  • The types of training that are performed standing on one leg;
  • "The Lotus position", "banner";
  • Somersaults through the head;
  • All types of dancing;
  • Rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Sport games: basketball, football, badminton, tennis etc.

However, certain tasks possible and even necessary. What sports techniques are used to treat curvature of the spine? Posture correction and muscle strengthening using various types of training. Medicine allows Jogging and gymnastics, swimming, some exercises of bodybuilding. For some types of sports and exercise physicians disagree. The ambiguous relationship of medicine to pull-UPS on the horizontal bar.

The horizontal bar and scoliosis: "for" or "against"?

The horizontal bar is one of the most affordable sports equipment that is in any yard, but if necessary it can be placed easily in the home. Whether it is allowed to work on this device when disease of the spine?

Many doctors claim that to catch up only for the prevention of disease. However, German doctors have done a great job in this area, I assure you that pulling is not only useful for strengthening of muscles and prevention of disease, but also used as a form of physical therapy to overcome the disease the first stage and even for the correction of more severe curvatures of the spine under the supervision of a medical professional.

Working with horizontal bar: the benefits and possible contraindications

The horizontal bar in scoliosis is effective, convenient and profitable. This simple simulator does not occupy a large area in the house, it is inexpensive and easy to install. And exercises on the shell – lifting, hovering and other – aimed at stretching and unloading of the back, have a positive impact on the body:

  • Strengthen your back muscles;
  • Stimulate the correct position of the discs of the vertebrae;
  • Develop the muscles of the arms from the shoulders to the triceps;
  • Strengthen the press;
  • Improve health and increase vitality.

However, there are contraindications for classes of this type. Asymmetric muscle tension is dangerous when the deformity of the vertebrae with an angle above 25 degrees, that is, with severe forms of scoliosis 3 and 4 stages.In some cases, this technique is used only with the supervision of a specialist-a podiatrist. In any case, sessions with a crossbar can be implemented only after consulting with your doctor.

How to engage on the bar

Of course, there are limitations and rules you need to follow strictly to classes on the bar benefit. All tasks are performed carefully, sudden movements should be avoided. Deciding for yourself whether you can hang on the bar in case of scoliosis, you should know the main points to work correctly with the shell:

  • A permanent control of the breath will allow to avoid unnecessary stress, stimulate blood circulation;
  • The crossbar firmly cover the bottom with your thumb for secure grip;
  • The exercise intensity and load is increased in stages;
  • The tilting or lowering the head is not allowed to prevent damage to the vertebrae of the cervical;
  • Circular, oscillating, jerky and irregular movements are eliminated;
  • When the pain is classes urgent stop;
  • After training, it is forbidden to abruptly let go of the bar: the possible trauma that would entail a complication of the disease.

pravilnye zanyatiya na turnike pri skolioze

The height of the projectile should be too large to not have to get a rail in the jump: the best option – a horizontal bar that can be touched, standing on tiptoe.

Exercises on the bar

The most common movement that is allowed on the bar – a common vis. This exercise is suitable for everyone, including for children, the elderly and do not have sports training. With his help, strengthen back muscles, muscles of the hands, improving blood circulation, stretches the spine, reduces back pain. Make vis and after prolonged exertion as a relaxing stage. It is done like this: grasping the bar with the suspended loops or legs bent at the knees, working in hangs upside down in a free position. Hands can be pulled out to the sides parallel to the floor.

Complicated, but more effective exercise requires an assistant and the additional weight of 5-7 kg. In this case, the hanging, the man takes the extended hand load and hangs, trying to keep the spine formed a straight line.

Effective preventive medicinal purposes and pull in different widths grip. They involve in work all kinds of muscles responsible for supporting the backbone and good posture.

  • Pullups with a grip distance of the hands up to 30 cm – narrow well – develop upper shoulder girdle.
  • Average – with the arms at shoulder width when the bar is gripped with the palm facing yourself. Working in a gradual raising of the body with the shoulders.
  • Wide grip – the type of exercise the most difficult, for a prepared people. But its efficiency is the highest. When tightening the man's chest touches the bar and trying to stay in this position for a few seconds. Starting to work wide grip, it is better to draw lessons as an assistant who will hold the legs engaged.

When a person with curvature of the spine will easily perform pull-UPS 10-12 reps, you can complicate the load by wearing a special belt with additional weight. The important thing when working is to soberly assess their strength, to strive to achieve the maximum effect in the fight for good posture and strict adherence to doctor's recommendations and of the instructor.