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Exercises with cervical osteochondrosis at home video

Exercises for the neck osteochondrosis — the most simple and available for every method is not only prevention, but also some treatment of this disease. Low back pain, and sciatica, but also arthritis and arthrosis, seriously limit the mobility of articulations, including the intervertebral discs. This contributes to associated complications such as hernias, disorders of metabolic processes in the body, drop in the immune system, and ultimately reduce the overall level of health.

LFK pri osteohondroze shejnogo otdela

Cervical spine plays a special role — it is the first link, through which are transmitted signals in the Central nervous system. From its physiological state depends on the ability of the thoracic and lumbar. Therapeutic exercise neck (physical therapy) is the best way to maintain the functionality of the entire spine and improve vitality in General.

Indications for physical therapy

The first indications for physical therapy serve as neuralgic pains in the head, chest, hands and feet. They are the result of degenerative disc disease organic changes in the spine:

  • The salt deposits in the intervertebral space;
  • Dehydration and reducing the elasticity of the damping disk;
  • Pinched between vertebrae radicular nerves that regulate the function of internal organs and extremities.

If you leave it unattended, pathological symptoms will continue to grow. To resist these destructive processes and the intended therapeutic exercises with cervical osteochondrosis. For the procedure does not require a medical hospital, a sports hall, simulators and outsourced masseurs. Each available charging with cervical osteochondrosis in the home.

What is required for classes

Before exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis it is necessary:

  • Consult with your doctor, arrange the schedule and exercises medical complex;
  • Ventilate the room for gymnastics;
  • Mat for exercise in the lying position;
  • Wear comfortable (sports better) suit.

When performing exercises for the neck in osteochondrosis should:

  • Do not overextend in the first session. Each subsequent load should increase as adaptation to the previous one;
  • Constantly monitor the pulse;
  • Alternate the exercises in the cervical spine with exercises, healing breath;
  • At the slightest chest pain or a sudden change in the cardiac rhythm immediately stop strength training or to replace them with lighter exercises.

Sharp pain in the heart are contraindicated for physical therapy. Continuation of lessons possible with full rehabilitation of the cardiac activity only with the permission of the attending physician.

The most common technique

A set of exercises with cervical osteochondrosis consists of a set of dynamic and static procedures aimed at clinical development of the cervical spine. They all complement each other and optimize the end result. Dynamic gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the cervical is based on alternating the activation of muscle shortening and relaxing groups. Exercises are performed in a strict sequence. Every one of them must be repeated at least 5 — 15 times. Starting position — the body is upright, legs together, hands at the seams.

The sequence of exercises:

  • Hands on a slow inhale, rise up;
  • Stretch on your toes;
  • Look at the fingertips;
  • Hands to slow the exhale down;
  • Original position.

SP No. 1.

  • Right hand on a slow breath hung to the side while turning the torso;
  • The gaze is directed to the fingertips;
  • Return to the starting position.

The same exercise is repeated with the left hand.

SP No. 1.

  • Head slowly turns, first right then left until it stops;
  • Chin lifted up as far as possible up, then drops to the chest.

SP # 2 — standing position, feet together, elbows at shoulder level.

  • To take elbows on the inhale back to the shoulder blades;
  • On the exhale return to the SP No. 1.

SP # 3 — body is upright, legs spaced slightly apart, arms extended forward at shoulder level.

  • Simultaneous circular motion with your hands in convergent and divergent direction.

SP No. 1.

  • The body on inhale sharply tilted to the right (head to turn left);
  • On the exhale, right hand raised over head return to the starting point.

In the samesequence exercise is done with a slope to the left.

Hip is not activated.

Yip, same here.

On the inhale:

  • Pull on toes (arms up, bend backward, look at the fingers);
  • Hands to the side, then on his knees;
  • Sharply to sit down.

On the exhale:

  • Pressed to the knees the head.

SP No. 3.

  • Both outstretched arms to turn to the left, look at this, focus on your toes;
  • Right foot to put back;
  • Left leg to start.
  • To produce circular momentum hands clockwise, and then in the opposite direction.
  • To return to the SP No. 3.

The same order to perform this exercise, when you turn the hands to the right. Hip joint movements is not involved.

SP No. 4 — is lying on her stomach, legs closed together, hands stretched forward.

  • In the process of breathing hands are raised up to the limit together with look;
  • The reset occurs on the exhale.

SP No. 1

  • The right leg swung to the side, head turn to the right;
  • Jump on the left leg.
  • Then keep the left foot, to turn your head left and bounce on the right foot.
  • Exercise to finish walking in place with a gradual slowdown to a full stop.

Starting position — the same.

  • Arms extended forward at shoulder level, palm to expand in the direction towards each other;
  • On a breath dissolve hands in the parties;
  • Exhalation is accompanied by their settling back and closing her palms.

Therapeutic exercise in cervical osteochondrosis is based on the mobilisation of the muscles of the neck, back, abdomen, extremities. All physiological energy of a body concentrated in one point and increases the therapeutic effect.

Physical therapy in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine allows you to stimulate the metabolic processes in the cervical region, to regenerate weakened nervous tissue, improve the elasticity of the intervertebral discs to regain neck flexibility and mobility. In a static embodiment, the complex exercise therapy in cervical osteochondrosis is complementary to dynamic gymnastics. This technique has a number of characteristic functional features:

  • The main power load of remedial gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the cervical produced by their own efforts;
  • Exercises can be performed with the use of additional weights or volitional muscle tension;
  • The force on the muscle fibers increases gradually;
  • The whole energy of the body in physical exercises with cervical osteochondrosis focused only on the cervical spine;
  • The rate of head movements is minimal;
  • Tension of the neck muscles should be limit;
  • Achieved the position deviation from the origin is kept as long as enough patience.

Types of static exercises against degenerative disc disease of the neck:

SP No. 5 — sitting on a chair.

  • All exercises are performed on the inhale. Each head position is fixed for at least five seconds. On the exhale the muscles are relaxed.
  • Tighten your neck muscles, turn your head to the right, look to drop the shoulder down;
  • To return to the starting position and relax.
  • Repeat the exercise with the left turn.

The cycle frequency is 5 to 10 turns to the right and to the left.

SP No. 5.

  • Strain neck muscles, his head tilted to the left with the approach of the ear to the shoulder;
  • Original position, relaxing, head tilt to the right.
  • 5-10.

Yip, same here.

  • Tilting your head back with the touch of head to the back;
  • The starting point, relaxation of the muscles, tilt the head forward, touching chin to chest.

5-10 repetitions.

SP # 1 — standing position, arms extended forward at shoulder level, legs together.

  • Legs spread to the sides;
  • Push the palms up, bend at the elbow, stretch the biceps;
  • Ultimately shoulder blades.

Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

Yip, same thing.

  • Raise outstretched arms up a bit to dissolve in the parties;
  • To get up to "tiptoe" in, bend back, look to focus on the fingers;
  • Slightly to sit down, put palms on the knees to touch chest with chin.

The frequency is the same as in the previous exercise.

SP No. 1

  • To close the palm, applying them to the left cheek;
  • On the inhale press down hard with his head on his palm, straining the lateral neck muscles (the head should not move);
  • On the exhale return to the starting position and relax.
  • To move the palm to the right cheek, to produce the same power onslaught.

Only 5-10 times.

  • Starting position is the same as in exercise 6.
  • Hands clench, fists to jam up the forehead;
  • Pressure head on his fists for a few seconds, straining the back muscles of the neck.

The military operation is repeated 5-10 times.

SP No. 1

  • Tightly clasp the neck and head from behind the palms;
  • To stretch the front neck muscles and press down hard on the palm of back of the head 5-10 times;
  • Relaxing massage of the neck, neck, temples, forehead, jaws. Done sittingon the chair.

kak vypolnyat uprazhneniya dlya shei

Move the hands:

  • Stroking muscles,
  • Easy Pat,
  • The circular rubbing.

Lying on belly:

  • Tightly press your chin to your chest,
  • To fix the back of the head with palms behind
  • Try to lift the head, breaking a strong resistance of the hands.

Starting position — the same. Hands are also fixed the back of the head. The head is raised off the floor.

  • Using the tension of the front neck muscles back of his head to put pressure on the palm of your hand.

Exercises 10 and 11 are performed at least three seconds 5-10 times in a row.

SP No. 7 lying on the right and left side.

  • To turn on your right side, left palm to put on the front wall of the abdomen;
  • Gradually gaining in light air, to inflate the stomach, overcoming the resistance of the hand;

On the exhale to relax and repeat the exercise on the left side.

SP No. 4 (lying on the rug belly down).

  • Right hand prop flexed arm chin;
  • Left hand back to push his head down.

kak vypolnyat uprazhneniya dlya shei

Then change the position of hands and repeat the pressure at least 5 times.

The original position of the old one (with Mat)

  • Turn head to right, touching the floor;
  • Without looking up force side of the neck muscles try to tear his ear from the Mat.
  • Straighten the head, relax.

Repeat the exercise with your head turning to the left.

Results physical therapy

Exercises against degenerative disc disease of the neck with regular exercises they give quite a pronounced and prolonged therapeutic effect:

  • Bystrytsia the processes of blood circulation and metabolism in the cervical spine;
  • Eliminated pain;
  • Restored innervation of the surrounding tissues;
  • Increased muscle layer;
  • Increases the elasticity of the intervertebral discs and the mobility of the neck.

The end result considerably accelerates the application of physiotherapy in cervical osteochondrosis. Local UHF-irradiation promotes cleavage of the salt deposits. This is also sent using special compresses for the drugs. These procedures should be used only by the patient's doctor to avoid potential allergies.

Contraindications for gymnastics cervical degenerative disc disease in women could include pregnancy. Strong tension of the muscles of the pelvis and abdomen can lead to premature birth or miscarriage.

Neck pain and its low mobility is not a final sentence that belies a healthy life. A lot can fix physiotherapy. It is only important to know how to treat degenerative disc disease exercises. Something can fix regular fitness classes. But the optimal result is only possible with the use of therapeutic charging in osteochondrosis of the cervical. Here it should not be delayed in any case.