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Exercise with posture disorders: in children, video of teenagers

As far as we know, a healthy spine contributes to maximum mobility. The role of posture is very important, because thanks to her Central nervous system liaises with internal organs. If any of the nerve affected vertebrae, the other organs will not be able to function properly due to poor blood supply. In this regard, they will not develop, and eventually refuse to work. Such unfortunate consequences can be caused by a frivolous attitude toward his spine. For example, a person may slouch; to carry a heavy package with one hand; sit to lying in the wrong position.

Kakie nuzhny uprazhneniya pri narushenii osanki?

All of these factors specifically to harm your health. Practical damage is expressed in a bad posture, difficult breathing and a violation in the psychological sense. Your health is gradually losing ground. You start more likely to get sick and get old before. If you want to prevent such damaging effects, that will not otrazhaetsya on your health and appearance, it is recommended to perform regular exercises for posture at home.

Looks like the correct posture

When we moved from place to place, our body receives the shocks. It does not bring us physical harm, the spine has a bend in the neck and lower back (forward) and chest (back). Exercises for correct posture, not all do, so often we can see a man passing with a flat-back, sunken chest, and a stooped posture, with drooping shoulders. For men, this appearance is not very attractive.

Women have a completely different body structure. So their back can be round or convex. If a woman does not exercise for rectifying posture, back problems can be considered in the following order:

  • The spine bends back at the chest and at the waist there are any deflections. In this regard, the balance is lost. To save need a little leg bent at the knee;
  • Concave-round back resembles a question mark. Legs apart and slightly bent. The chin descends, and the stomach sags;

If you want to personally learn about your current physical shortcomings, you can perform a quick test at home.

Test No. 1.Need to be exactly in the normal position and measure between the seventh vertebra to the lower of the two blades. In the absence of any signs of curvature, the length measurement will be the same.

kak vyglyadit pravilnaya osanka

Test No. 2. Remember where you vaccinated against smallpox? Just from the place you need to start a new dimension. That is, you start to measure from one point on shoulder to the other from the chest and back. A positive result should show 90% of the distance from the chest. In this case, the distance should be more than back or at least the same to him. In the case of reverse indices you have a slouch, so definitely need to do exercises for spine straightening.

Test No. 3.The head should be in line with the spinal column. A good posture means the chest raised and the abdomen drawn in. Muscle tone and rhythmic breathing.

Why broken posture.

When a person has weak muscles, it cannot cope with the load when walking. Also, the reason for this may be improper position of the body. For example, the bent form for a long time causes back pain. It is worth noting that most people deliberately slouch. If you take the students age, they especially do not want to differ from the majority of peers. Therefore, the transition to adulthood some stimulates growth rate, which also leads to not the best consequences.

To avoid this, just young the necessary exercises to improve posture. Another reason for the curvature of the spine are chronic diseases. Their prevention is carried out with the help of special shoes. Orthopedic shoes helps to distribute the load on your feet. In General, the exercises for good posture are the way to strengthen back and abdominal. Practicing regularly you gain more elastic muscles that will allow you to fix your figure flaws.

The complex of exercises

Exercises the wall

  • The front wall will allow you to check whether you havesome curvature of the spine or a stooped posture. To become backwards to the wall, but do not wear any shoes. If postural defects do not exist, neck, shoulders, tips of the thighs and calves touch the wall. The shoulders can stay down and the stomach drawn in. This method is excellent in the initial stage of growth of the child. Both adults and especially children are encouraged to carry out this activity up to half an hour daily. This exercise leaves a mark, which will help to lock in the correct posture for further maturation of the child.
  • If walking want to fix the correct posture, you need exercises for straightening the back. You need to be by the wall with his back. So lifting the chin that the wall touched the back of his head. Then you need to spread your chest, relax your shoulders and pull the stomach. In exactly the same position to come off the wall and start walking with a certain time interval. Keep your hands free. Initially you can start with ten minutes and increasing the time to half an hour.
  • Particularly effective Turkish squat with a flat back. You have enough to run it up to 10 times.
  • You can find a low bench and climb it, then descend. To perform this type of exercise up to 25 times.
  • Also, you can help the gymnastic stick. It must be placed behind the back and hold the elbows. The stick should be perpendicular to your back. The occupation must last for half an hour. I would like to note that this method is good for developing good posture.

What exercises are suitable for children

Often, parents can see how their child gets slouch, despite all the fixes of parents in the process of his walk.

However, if the problem has already appeared, with her need to fight. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to good exercises for correcting posture:

  • The child needs to place the feet shoulder width apart in a direct form. Then let him lift up my hands and bend the elbows. Then you need to put your hands on his shoulders and when he pushes the hands need to be shoulder blades;
  • Following exercises to develop correct posture you can perform either standing or sitting on a chair. The right hand with the intention rises up to her brush was higher from the shoulder blades of the back. With the left hand the same thing happens, only in the opposite direction. It is necessary that the left hand was below the shoulder blades. Then you will need a small object, let it be a tennis ball. You need to pass it from one hand to the other. The position of the hands can be changed and do this exercise 10 times;
  • Again exactly need to be at the wall to the back of the head with the back touched her. Start to squat in such a position that your back and the back broke away from the wall (hands at this point to stay at the breast or straightened);
  • The same position against the wall, but now will work the legs. You need to lift your right foot and bend it at the knee. Then press it against the thigh, abdomen and chest. Clasp your hands, but keep the back smooth. The same is done with the left foot.

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What made us Amosov

Academician surgeon is our most effective method, which addresses the exercise in violation of posture. Also, the technique is effective when vertebral fractures or if there are any problems in the joints. But the emphasis was on achieving a beautiful and correct posture. Exercises for correct posture at home imply a specific set of physical activities. You can choose up to six exercises, each of which will execute 20 times. Further this norm should be raised to 100 times.

razvitie myshc spiny dlya pravilnoj osanki

But, to achieve this, you need the regularity and proper technique.

  • Lying on the floor lift your legs and move them behind your head to the floor. They must touch it with their toes. Of course, the legs in the closed position. If you are a beginner and you find it difficult to exercise this kind of, place your head near the wall. Now your socks have a goal to touch the wall. This exercise helps to develop good abdominal muscles, which is important for posture;
  • The next exercise is done standing up. You stand against the wall with your back and gradually lean forward. Until that moment, until I touch the palms of the hands a floor. This is not to bend legs in the knees. Of course, if you are just beginning to exercise and you find it hard to get to the end of the night, unable to give myself a little by bending his knees. But in the future it is better to perform the exercise strictly according to the rules;
  • For the development of maximum flexibility and mobility follow a special exercise. Stand right up and place your feet shoulder width apart. Hands right to the left and right side. Then you will need to lean inthe same hand that one lowered hand slid on a knee, and the other is directed towards the armpits;
  • The spine also requires a certain load. Try rotating the hands back and forth in the shoulder joints;
  • Again, you need to put your hands up, but after a bend in such a position that they touch the shoulder blades back. In progress need a chin lower down;
  • Here you need to the knees alternately caught up the abdomen and chest. Exercise performs in standing;
  • An explicit construction of the legs correspond to the shoulder breadth. Brush interlock and push to the torso in the same position, where the chest. Only works on trunk, it needs to be rotating clockwise. At this time, neither the legs nor the pelvis do not move;
  • Sit on a chair and straighten the torso. Then slowly prohibite the spine in the rear side;
  • Regular squat also plays an important role as a set of exercises for the formation of correct posture. When the most difficult to sit down and stand up can hold something. Of course, without this percentage effectiveness bude more;
  • Another standard and the most effective exercises for correct posture is push-UPS from the floor. In the process of pushups you need to the elbows maximally leaned against the trunk. Push-UPS is the best exercise which helps to get rid of slouching.

Exercises subject the muscles of the back

For good posture you need committed to the development of the muscles on the back. The greater flexibility is to own your back, the less risk for injury, and especially of slouching and poor posture. Pay attention to preventative exercises:

  • You should lie on your back, bend your legs, but the feet do not tear off the floor. On one of the legs throw with some kind of fabric. Then follow the straightening of the legs. The foot remains parallel to the floor. Pull a blanket which you pulled to create a small voltage. The body itself should be relaxed and you need to maintain proper breathing. The buttocks should not come off the floor. The process of exercise last up to half a minute;
  • Get on your knees and your left or right foot move toward the rear. Hands should be linked from the bottom of the torso. Continue to bend at the spine and do not forget to lock the position. Do the same on the other leg. Repeat at least 10 times;
  • Hop on the knees, but only so that the buttocks touching the heels. Hands place in front of the knees on the floor. Gradually move them forward to touch forehead to the floor. The buttocks should not sit up or slide off the heels. The process of shifting you can hold for a few seconds and inhale with the exhale. Thus rock and roll forward and back to stretch your spine. When finished, get some rest after lying;
  • You need to lie on a gym Mat with your belly. Then you need to straighten your arms forward. Under the forehead, preferably something to put to it not to RUB. Tighten your buttocks and abdominals. Raise your right hand up, hold for a few seconds. Also right and left to lift it. Repeat the exercise 12 times;