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Exercises for pregnant women to back: 2 trimester, 3 trimester, home, video, fitball, 1 trimester

To eliminate discomfort and back pain help exercises for pregnant women back. The waiting period, your miracle, full of worries and concerns, but the growing organism inside you, requires more and more space, pushing the organs and pinch nerves. Such movements lead to periodic pain in the back. The use of medications during pregnancy, it is desirable to exclude, if not the testimony of the expert to receive them. So to help cope with pain will help your back exercises during pregnancy.

Kakie ispolzuut uprazhneniya dlya beremennyh dlya spiny?

The occurrence of pain in most cases indicates a strong load on the lumbar region, but it is worth the attention to ask for the advice of your doctor for additional testing. Experience shows that whatever the reason, if you have back pain, hospitalitynet woman to the hospital for further causes.

The causes of pain

If back pain, for the selection eliminate pain is determined by the reason for its appearance, or a combination of them. If this is not the beginning of labor, it's possible:

  • Change the size of the uterus, due to the increasing size of the fetus is compressed nerve endings and intersecting some of the blood vessels around the spine.
  • Sudden weight gain during pregnancy, the usual shifts center of gravity forward, increasing the constant stress on all the muscles, ligaments, joints. Maximum working circulatory system. At some point there is pain syndrome.
  • Feeling of constant fatigue, muscle weakness, sedentary lifestyle for the last weeks of pregnancy leads to a change in the lumbar spine, and posture, which in turn leads to aching pain in the lower back.
  • Changes in hormonal pregnant woman.
  • Renal colic radiating to the lower back. Diagnosing what is ill, can only be a specialist.

In case of occurrence, in combination with back pain during pregnancy, discharge of blood, visible swelling, numbness of the buttocks and feet or manifestations of problems with the urinary system, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Ways to prevent pain

For pregnant women, it is important to take care of themselves and cares about their health and the health of the unborn child.

Therefore, to avoid negative emotions caused by pain in the lower back, we recommend the following simple rules:

  • To prefer shoes with very low heels or without (your waist and it is loaded).
  • Often change position, not long to stand, not sit, not lie down.
  • Choose a convenient and comfortable place to sleep.
  • To use the pillow for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • To wear a brace that helps to fix the spine and relieve him of the additional load.
  • Watch your diet, weight and what you drink.

And most importantly, pay close attention to the signals your body, if any discomfort, it is best to consult your doctor. Do not self-medicate!

Exercises for expectant mothers

In the absence of medical contraindications and a doctor's appointment, after consultation, you can start strengthening and stretching the lower back and spine and to get rid of back pain.

All the exercises for lower back during pregnancy should be performed in a quiet pace slowly and smoothly, without sudden movements and heavy loads.

Early in the morning, until you got out of bed, you can do the following exercise. One hand and the toe of the feet on the same side, are drawn to each other gradually, then switch to the opposite position, then do stretches both hands and legs.

kak pravilno vypolnyat uprazhneniya

All day, breaking the exercise into parts, you can perform the following:

  • Go in place for 30 seconds.
  • Gradual squats, not deep, knees to the sides, arms extended in front of him. When performing exercises follow your body, if there is any discomfort, the classes immediately to cease.
  • Steps (lunges) forward one foot, then the other. Run slowly, jumping and jumping is prohibited.
  • Stand straight, hands on waist. Gradually turn the body to the left hand leads back parallel to the ground.
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees. Slowly raising and lowering the pelvic area. This exercise will help to relieve lower back and relieve pain.
  • Position on all fours. Exercise "the cat and the camel." Vygeboom back up and down. This exercise not only relieves pain in the lumbar zone, but also reduces the tone of the uterus, the posture the original position hangs the uterus, enabling her to relax.
  • Interlock hands in front of him, drawn in allsides take turns, then and done with the hitch in the back.
  • In the pose on his knees, hands on floor, sit on one heel, then the other.

Eastern traditional medicine very well studied structure of the human body and pregnant women in particular. In their exercises – yoga, a sufficient number of exercises that help alleviate lower back pain and the removal of various hotbeds of tension.

The complex of exercises of yoga are invited to apply the points, one exercise follows from the other.

  • Position, standing, feet together (toes together, heels slightly apart). Bend the knees, the abdominal muscles. Shoulder blades together, shoulders back. Hands on the body. Reach up, slowly, gently. Listen to your breath.
  • Feet shoulder width apart, sit down into an imaginary chair. Raise hands up, palm to palm. The face looking up at the ceiling. 10-20 seconds hold the position, don't overextend.
  • From a standing position, lean forward, look in front of me, trying to put your hands on your knees or if you have experience in stretching, to get to the floor. Pay special attention to the situation of the stomach, should not be crushing or any discomfort.
  • From the previous position, then pull the head to her knees. It is recommended to perform only prepared women.
  • Sit on the floor. The back is straight. Hands rest palms on the floor. Imagine the top of the head reach for the ceiling, slightly bulging belly. 10-20 seconds hold the pose.
  • From the previous position, bend knee and pull foot to inner thigh. The toe of the other leg stretch the hands, and tilts his head, trying to get the chin to the knee. Then change the position.
  • Sit on the floor, holding onto the toes. Keep track of the position of the stomach. The shoulders drop, the blades bring together.
  • From the previous position. Bend one leg at the knee, an expandable body in her hand, slid a hand behind his back, the other hand clutching the raised knee. Hold 10-20 seconds and change direction.
  • Stand on knees, feet planted, bend back gently, trying to seize the heel. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds.
  • Standing on all fours, put her hands on the floor. Vygeboom back up, then down.
  • From previous position, pull one arm forward and opposite leg back. Keep your balance and stretch out.
  • Continue in the same initial position, stretch the hands forward so that chest was on the floor, and pelvic area upstairs.

This complex will help to improve the elasticity of the muscles of the back and waist, to make prevention of uterine tone, reduce the load on the spine, stretch the vertebrae, paravertebral saturate tissues with oxygen, produces a gentle massage to the internal organs.

There are many exercises for pregnant women, but it is important to use only after consultation with your doctor, making sure that for such loads you have no contraindications.