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Exercises for scoliosis in adults and children: physical therapy, yoga, children's gymnastics

Scoliosis is the most common disease of the spine in children and adults. The disease is most prone young children and teenagers, it is also called curvature of the spine. To cure scoliosis possible at the initial stage gymnastics from scoliosis, the most effective way of dealing with the pathology. All about physiotherapy in scoliosis for adults and children (with exercises) will be discussed in this article. With the help of individually selected exercises, their constant use and consultation of a specialist, your spine will return to normal.

Gimnastika pri skolioze u vzroslyh i detej

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine arc in the lateral plane, which may offset some of the vertebrae at a certain degree, the body changes are visible in the shoulder and hip belt. In the spine pinch the nerves, disrupted their work, because of the movement of the vertebrae, shifting the muscles that leads to pressure on the internal organs.

The types of scoliosis

Scoliosis is divided into acquired and congenital. See congenital intrauterine on ultrasound. A prerequisite for the appearance of scoliosis before birth, is a chromosomal abnormality, a congenital disorder of connective tissue, unhealthy lifestyle of the pregnant woman (bad food, bad habits, lack of physical activity). The symptoms and discomfort congenital scoliosis begin to appear during adolescence. Acquired scoliosis in adults, occurs with the assistance of extraneous factors, these include experienced trauma, wrong posture, lack of movement and exercise. Experts have divided the acquired scoliosis to the next stages of development:

  • The changes are not visible to the naked eye. There is a small stoop and asymmetry in the shoulder girdle;
  • The manifestation of asymmetry in scapular region, pain in the back;
  • Changing posture invisible to others, the shape of his back changes, there is hard to bear the pain;
  • The most severe stage, is characterized by the appearance of a hump on the ribs, their hollowness or protrusion;
  • According to the degree of difficulty, the disease is classified into simple, complex and total;
  • S-shaped, or simple, is a curvature of the spine to the right or to the left;
  • S-shaped, or complex. By name, is characterized by a bending in the form of the letter S;
  • E-shaped, or total, the most severe of forms, changes occur in all areas of the spine, having a different configuration.


Scoliosis is of several types the nature and site of lesion disease:

  • Cervical-thoracic. Changes in the 4th, 5th vertebrae and asymmetry of the shoulder girdle;
  • Breast. Changes in the 7th, 9th vertebrae. Respiratory failure and deformation of the breast;
  • Lumbar-thoracic. Changes in the 10th, the 12th vertebrae. Impaired breathing and blood flow;
  • Lumbar. Changes in the 1st, the 2nd lumbar vertebrae. The onset of pain in the lower back;
  • Combined, he is S-shaped. Changes in the 1st, the 2nd lumbar vertebrae and the 8 th, 9 th thoracic.


Specific causes of pathology there. But there are a variety of reasons leading to its appearance:

  • Weakness and lethargy muscle strength in the sedentary lifestyle;
  • Constant wrong posture, incorrect posture;
  • Various injuries;
  • Tuberculosis, or syphilis;
  • Osteochondrosis, radiculitis;
  • Diseases of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Heredity;
  • Herniated;
  • Occupational disease, due to the use of one side of the body (tennis, badminton);
  • Vitamin D deficiency, metabolic disorders, calcium deficiency;
  • Different length of extremities;
  • Great exercise.

Diagnosis and treatment

There are only 2 types of diagnosis of scoliosis, it is a standard examination by a podiatrist or instrumental, with the help of rays.Standard inspection specialist includes the measurement of the level of the shoulders, ribs and the symmetry of the pelvis, observed behavior of the spine in motion, tested the strength of the muscles and reflexes. Instrumental method is carried out using special equipment:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a deep evaluation method that shows how serious injury, up to the spinal cord;
  • X-ray of the spine is determined by the degree and severitypathology;
  • CT. Is performed to diagnose conditions of the nerve endings and soft tissues near the vertebrae;
  • Ultrasound examination (ultrasonography), prescribed for suspected kidney disease;
  • Rehabilitation for scoliosis depends on the severity of the disease, the nature of manifestations and the age of the patient. Experts, taking into account all the parameters, choose conservative or surgical method.

Under a conservative method to understand the complex of exercises for scoliosis, massage, swimming therapy and physiotherapy. Before starting any intervention is required to consult with your doctor for contraindications and detect hidden pathologies. Methods of treatment by stage of the disease.

Usilenie myshechnogo korseta

The initial stage requires the strengthening of a muscular corset to stabilize the spine. The maximum effect is achieved when scoliosis of the thoracic spine, using exercise to strengthen the muscles of the body, a relaxing massage, corrective posture swimming and several courses of physical therapy with the use of special equipment.

The second stage involves all procedures stated for the first stage, only individual corrective corset, which fixes the spine in the correct physiological position. It is used during the exercises in case of scoliosis of the spine in the home. The third stage requires all actions of the first two stages, but differs in the duration of treatment. In the fourth stage will not help exercises physical therapy for scoliosis. Treatment will be surgery.

The rules of the physical therapy sessions

Scoliosis exercises are used to strengthen the back muscles, decompression of the spine and lower back, relaxation, correcting curvature of the spine, strengthen the body as a whole. A set of exercises physical therapy for scoliosis has its indications and contraindications:

  • To warm up the ligaments and joints need to warm up before exercise;
  • Exercises you need to carry out smoothly, eliminate overwhelm, and the use of power-UPS (dumbbells, loads, etc.);
  • Exercises for scoliosis treatment necessarily performed after consultation with a specialist. It is not necessary to self-medicate, it may lead to irreparable consequences that will be difficult or impossible to fix.

A set of exercises

The full complex will contain a warm-up, base and final. Exercises versus scoliosis are basic, can be supplemented by the specialist after a detailed consultation. Physical therapy for scoliosis includes a warm up and warm up muscles, joints and ligaments, prepare the respiratory system to the loads without heating on cold muscles can get injured. We stand, clinging to the vertical space (wall, fixed door), the walls touch the heels, calves and buttocks. Make a couple of steps forward, without changing the tilt of the back. Do 5-10 approaches.

His hands at his sides, feet shoulder width apart. Sit down on an invisible chair, back straight, focus on the breath, down –breath, up - breath. Don't try to sit fully at once. Do 5-10 approaches. Raise hands round and fall into misocky at the same time, then drop hands and stand up to the full stop. Perform shoulder rolls in a circle, back and forth. Stand straight, pull knee to belly, back straight, hold for 5 seconds, change the leg. Do 5-10 approaches. Useful to do in case of scoliosis of the first degree. Run on the spot. Exercise for 2-3 min.

The main part of exercise for scoliosis is aimed at correcting the abnormal curvature, the restoration of the functions of internal organs, by restoration of blood flow.

Exercise "scissors", fall back, raise legs and make skrashivaya motion (like scissors). The 1st approach exercise for 30 seconds. Exercises for scoliosis are performed regularly, at a slow pace, without undue burden. Standing on all fours and pushing his palms into the floor, sit on your heels. Make turns left and right, using hands. Exercise can be done for 5-10 times.

Exercise "the cat and the camel." Original position as in the 2nd exercise, Flex your back upward, then down. Do everything gently and smoothly, without sudden movements, watching the breath. Perform 5-10 approaches. Using gym or home cushion solid pillow, lay down on her stomach. Hands, fix the rear lock. Straining the abdominal muscles and lower back, try to climb up. Without jerks, slowly. Perform 5-10 approaches. Continue in the same position, one leg back, opposite arm forward. A bit of stretch. 5-10 approaches.

Back on the floor, arms extended, legs bent. Perform exercises twist: keep feet together, swinging left, then right, with the head directed to anotherside. Lie on your side. Support to put under the waist (you can use a soft pillow). The top leg bend at the knee, top hand behind your head. Relax. Change the position. Stand directly, feet on width of shoulders, hands along the body. These exercises thoracic scoliosis is reduced to the fact that using thoracic as well bred of the blade. Exercises should be carried out slowly and smoothly. Lie on your stomach, resting his hands, the maximum raise one and then the other leg. Lying back, extend your arms and legs. Lying belly portrayed swimmer breaststroke.

Complex physical therapy for scoliosis, is selected in such a way that they least impact on the modified spine, it reduces the likelihood of injury during the performance.

Exercises for scoliosis contain the final part, which will help to relieve tension and restore breathing. Sit on a soft surface. Bend your knees, wrap their hands. Committed swinging movement in the spine, rolling up the blades and back. Hands clasped behind back, back straight. Walking in heels. Standing straight, stretch the hands up and go to misochkah. Go to the place the hips as high as possible. Standing position, relax, inhale the arms up through the sides, down on the exhale. Charging by scoliosis of the spine is completed. At the conclusion of each unit of the complex it is necessary to make a break for 15-20 min. of Exercise in scoliosis should perform daily, depends on progress in treatment.

Joga pri skolioze

Yoga for scoliosis

Therapeutic exercises for scoliosis used in the form of yoga asanas. Position standing straight, hands on the body. Relax, imagine you are trying to reach the top of the head to the ceiling. Trikonasana. Legs maximally apart. Lean sideways and put your hand behind the leg, if you'll allow the stretch, put your palm on the floor, lift the head up with free hand. In case of serious distortion or use a prop (chair, table, window sill). Asana Cobra. Lying on his stomach, try to reach head to toe. In conclusion, exercises for scoliosis correction, take a few deep breaths-breaths while raising arms.

Children's gymnastics

The child, bones and vertebrae are more soft and pliable during this period, the options of deformations, it is possible to fully cure. Gymnastics for the spine in scoliosis is a very effective tool, subject to the recommendations and under the supervision of the attending physician, will help to solve minor back problems completely or partially. Curvature of the spine in children, incorrect posture, a very common diagnosis. High children's activity sometimes considered a hyperactivity, although inactive, sitting (front of computer) the way of life causes several other problems. In the initial stages of lumbar scoliosis experts will tell you what exercises are required and will prescribe additional medicines. Prevention of scoliosis in the home include:

  • Circular motion head motion back and forth and side to side;
  • Circular Mahi hands, back and forward;
  • Bending forward-backward, left-right;
  • Standing up, alternately pull your knees to your chest, then start the knee back;
  • Use gymnastics stick. At arm's length above the head keep the stick. Reach up, standing on his toes. Then make inclinations in the parties;
  • Sitting on the floor with a stick in his hand, reach forward, stretching the vertebrae;
  • With the use of the horizontal bar performed by relaxing and pulling vis;
  • Sit on a chair, legs at right angles. Clinging onto a seat, to submit to maximum forward.

When curvature of the spine exercises for kids to do at home before school or in their free time lessons. It is important to control the distribution of the load, to perform exercises correctly and with regularity. At the onset of discomfort or pain, the fitness should stop and show the doctor. Charging for the back in scoliosis, is not the only method of eliminating the disease, but the most effective.

In order not to seek treatment, and not to waste time and money, carry out preventive measures aimed at the cessation of disease progression. Better than exercises in the curvature of the spine, it will be swimming under the supervision of an instructor. These classes will help to strengthen and relax the spinal Department, improve coordination and overall health.