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Gymnastics for the spine: herniation, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis video

Back training is needed to create a trained muscle corset. Strong abdominal muscles and back muscles that support the spine. So they retain the correct position of the chest organs, abdominal cavity: lungs, heart, stomach, liver, etc. Strengthened the muscles of the back, lumbosacral region and press, the pain will not leave the slightest chance. Health exercises for the spine needed every day, not only in the phase of acute pain.

But what if you still caught up with back pain? If you hurt your back suddenly, abruptly, it's because you did not pay earlier to it attention. To prevent disease is easier than to wait exacerbations. There are therapeutic exercises for the spine. The result will be only with the systematic execution of complex therapeutic exercises for the back. Do it daily, then the effect will intensify with each passing day. The first results will appear not earlier than in three weeks field start of classes.

Polezna li gimnastika dlya pozvonochnika?

The benefits of physical therapy

Useful exercises for the spine can be performed at any time of the day. Most optimum start in the morning with a few exercises, then take a short break, and then continue execution of the complex. Atabout the time of the day is to make the simple complex of exercises for muscles of neck, shoulders and back. Such breaks and exercises therapeutic exercises, relieve muscle tension. Increase attention, stress.

Pick up a set of exercises for pain in the back, it is worth considering the shape of the person. You should start with small, gradually increasing the load step by step, slowly and slowly. The first stage of the exercise in the period of exacerbation. The acute phase usually lasts 3-4 days. Then begins a period of rehabilitation lasting up to 30 days. And only after that begins the phase of treatment period. Exercise at this time, are preventive in nature.

Sets of exercises can accomplish the following tasks:

  • To eliminate back pain;
  • To reduce pressure on the vertebral discs;
  • To make the muscles strong;
  • To accelerate the growth and regeneration of bone tissue cells;
  • Enhance blood circulation.

A set of exercises standing

It is not necessary to do the exercises in the acute phase with abrupt amplitude. Try to do smoothly, without greatly increasing the load on the spine. You should start with a slow walk that can replace walking on the ground. Watch out for when walking posture. Keep your back straight.

The shoulders should relax, be omitted. For best results, raise the knees high, keep your head straight. The duration of such a walk does not have to be tedious, 3-5 minutes. As soon as you feel the heat, and that the blood is dispersed, proceed to the next.

The following exercise: standing still try to get up on tiptoes. On the top of the lift, hold for a few seconds. After slowly descend. Lifting, hands gently pull the top. Raising his hands, take a deep breath. Falling, slowly exhale. Do 5-15 repetitions depending on your athletic training.

Remember: exercise is an important methodology and sequencing, it is not necessary to run the maximum load itself.

Further, as straight, hands put the top up, simultaneously throwing back your head. Follow the breath. Raising his hands inhale when lowering, do exhale. The feet on the whole foot evenly. At the end of the gymnastics against the wall, relax, calm wind.

kak ustranit bol v spine uprazhneniyami

Exercises to avoid back pain

This easy charge, of eleven exercises can help relieve pain, discomfort in the back. Just do the exercises calmly, without fanaticism.

  • Starting position: lie face-up, feet set, bend your knees. Feet fully pressed to the floor, the leg muscles relaxed. Put your arms around first one leg under the knee with one hand, just above the knee, and then lift it up. Feel the tension. Hold this position for about 30 seconds. Lower your leg, 15 seconds rest. Repeat with the next foot.
  • Take the initial position specified for exercise number one. Pull your stomach, at the same time slightly lifting the pelvis, trying to squeeze the lower back. Pressing it as tightly as possible, hold for 15 seconds, fixing the position andgo back to the beginning. Repeat ten times between repetitions take a break - 10 seconds.
  • Bend your legs lying on the back, as in the first two exercises. Hands grasp the back of the head, or cross them on your chest - it depends on your athletic training. Try to make it convenient to start and as you improve your fitness, gradually increase the load. Press the lower back toward the floor, lift your head while raising the shoulders. Lock for 10 seconds position. After slowly descend. Do 10 times.
  • The exercise is called cat: get on your hands and knees, back parallel to the floor, arms straight. Back vignette the top like a cat, hold for a few seconds. Return slowly to its original state. Do 5-10 repetitions.
  • Lie on your stomach, face down, place under thighs stability ball or pillow. A straight right hand pull forward, simultaneously straighten and pull back your left foot, tense the muscles of the back. Lock, within 2 seconds position, slowly lower. Repeat, changing arms and legs. Make the full 10 repetitions.
  • Original as the first two, hands slightly to the side. Exhaling, raise your buttocks, lifting from the floor. Let the shoulders remain stationary, do polymastic, after gradually return to the starting position. Do 15 repetitions.
  • Lie on stomach, arms close to the body along the body. Ignites slowly back, removing his hands up, but avoiding pain. A measured return to its original position. Repeat 5-7 times.
  • Lying on a stomach, bend feet in knees, hands clasped behind his back, grasp the foot and stay in this position for about half a minute. Then rest for approximately 1 minute, calm wind. Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Get on all fours, as in the exercise "cat". Knees bent legs, lift the top, and turn the body alternately to the side, leaning on his knees and hands. Repeat at least 15 times.
  • The most simple and effective exercise for the muscles of the neck - tilt your head down and seemed to roll in a clockwise direction, pressing them alternately to the shoulders, back, chest. Then just roll your head counter-clockwise. Repeat at least 20 times in both directions. This exercise can be done even at work during a break.

This is a simple way to remove the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the back, it is possible to do on the bar. Just hold on holding hands. Do not have to be tightened quite normal visa. So the distance between the vertebrae increases, relieve tension and pressure. It relieves pain and discomfort.

Complete complex with a small exercise for relaxation, stand in a free position, lower your arms relaxed along the body, don't put the legs wide enough for the width of shoulders. Lean gently forward, touching the floor with your fingers. Return to the starting position, breathe deeply, steadily. Do 3-5 repetitions.

Exercises to prevent pain

Once the complex described above, it will become easy for you, you should expand the load. The increase must be step-by-step, you can just increase the number of repetitions of exercises. Do not stop there, we need to continue to train the muscles in order that in the future not to fall back into the acute phase. You can pick up together with your doctor, complexes of gymnastic exercises training all the abdominal muscles and back. It is worth considering also, on this well-known complex as yoga.

Yoga classes bring good results, because the whole system is built on the exercises to stretch. These types of exercises can ease the pain and to give the necessary flexibility to the vertebrae. It is important to remember before starting, you should find a good coach. If you have is the phase of acute pain - generally not worth the risk, self-starting classes without the recommendation of the attending physician. As there is a danger of damaging the spine.

In General, all procedures related to power loads on the spine should ideally be agreed with the doctor of physical therapy, a neurologist. Not superfluous will consult directly with your physician. Self-medication often leads to negative consequences. You can only do exercises in the morning, picking up a set of exercises. If you are in the phase of acute exacerbation.

Good to start to engage in any kind of sport 2-3 times a week. It's great impact as an addition to morning physical exercises. If possible, start Jogging, or Nordic walking. Start to be engaged on simulators, if there is no time for exercise in the fresh air. Follow daily routine and his diet. Excessive weight puts pressure on the spine and increases risk of infection. Watch your health, walk more, move and don't overdo it. A healthy lifestyle plus daily physical activity, improve the quality of your life anyway