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Exercises for the spine on the Board Evminova, photos, videos

Board device (also called a dispensary Evminova) allows you to smoothly stretch the spine and increase muscle tone. The simulator can be used for rehabilitation after traumatic and surgical effects.

doska evminova uprazhneniya dlya pozvonochnika

What it is

Board of device is usually made from pine wood. She has a certain flexibility and is well suited for a specific therapeutic stretching of the back. Commonly it involves the ability to adjust the height of the person. In addition, there secured eight handles, all with different destinations. Sometimes additionally set feet tall, with an eyelet for special movements and a Mat. You can adjust the angle of the Board to make the stretch stronger or smoother.

Establish usually the prophylactic at the wall or the wall. Make sure the Board is firmly fixed and can withstand the weight of the human body. The level of tilt you are going to change depending on the current tasks and the status of patients.

Board advantages of the device – it's not traumatic, it is easy to install and use depending on their goals. Using the elementary diagram, you can produce a prophylactic device with their hands. But to use it you need only after reviewing the opinion of your treating neurologist. Exercises on the Board are a number of contraindications. Even exercise therapy in diseases of the back should be supervised by physicians.

How it works

Board device allows you to perform exercises for the spine gently. To use this simulator in a variety of poses. Usually the patient lies face down or up, holding hands. The head is above the feet, but sometimes, for example, during stretches when gruzevich entities, the head should be at the bottom. Loop of Gleason used to stretch the neck. But its use is permissible only in the presence of an experienced instructor on LFK.

Neurologists recommend prophylactic device, if the patient is tortured gryzenia education, spinal curvature and low back pain.

Also the indication can serve as atrophy of the dorsal muscles, disease of the articular joints, protrusion of intervertebral disc. Used tranger including rehabilitation after surgery. The positive effects from employment with the Board device may be the following:

  • Elimination of pain syndrome;
  • The release of the intervertebral discs from the pressure of the vertebrae;
  • Syndrome treatment strangulated nerve root;
  • Return the normal curves of the spine;
  • The rise of the tone of muscles;
  • Reduced joint connection.


On-Board device performs the exercises for the spine. They can be divided into three types depending on the task:

  • Gentle therapeutic exercises;
  • Rehabilitation exercises;
  • Intense exercise for prevention.


Gentle exercise is needed to normalize the pressure drops, to reduce spasms of the spinal muscles, improve blood circulation. The angle should be small to not too much to affect the spine. Therapeutic exercises in sparing option addresses the following:

  • Lie back, pull the toes towards yourself and then slowly returned in the physiological position;
  • Bend leg at the knee joint, then, without changing the position of the feet, let's get your knees in the side and back;
  • Without changing posture, pull your knees to your chest and then slowly bringing it back. First exercise is performed with the left, then the right leg;
  • Then do this same movement, only the legs are working simultaneously.


If there is a period of rehabilitation, training intensity increases slightly as the angle is prophylactic. Task – to stretch the back, fix the position of the ridge. To perform its movements as:

  • Lie on your stomach. Keep body in a stable position, holding handles exerciser. Slowly starts to pull the foot to the gluteal region. Hold at the point of maximum tension five to ten seconds, gently return back;
  • Roll over on his back, and holding hands without changing posture, lift your legs together at a right angle
  • Without changing the posture, bend your knee at a time, trying to touch them to the chest region;
  • Now slightly bend both legs and take them, without opening the knees, then left, then right;
  • Change the position – you need to fix the feet behind the handles and lower the head below the feet. At the same time look up. Smoothly pull to the top of the breast area and shoulders, keeping the palms onthe back of the head.


In the training mode of motion are assumed to be more intense. A heavy load is needed when acute illness or rehabilitation after surgery has ended. But you need to remember that degenerative changes of the cartilage and their complications do not go unnoticed. There is always a danger of relapse, and as a preventative measure for back well suited exercise routine on a Board device:

  • Perform the same movements that are suitable for rehabilitation, but the angle increases to eighty;
  • Lie back, raise the lower limbs simultaneously and hold five to ten seconds;
  • Turning on your stomach, raise legs slightly and run smoother pulling;
  • Now lie back, but the head is below the feet. Raise the body up, then take him back.

kogda nelzya ispolzovat dosku Evminova


Unfortunately, the treatment of the spine many obstacles. You can make one device with your hands, this is the simplest simulator. And although the Board generally safe to use there are contraindications:

  • Cancer (moving a lot, patients are at risk to accelerate the formation of metastases);
  • Osteoporosis (in this disease, bones become fragile and increases the likelihood of fracture, which would then be difficult to overgrow);
  • Cardiac disorders in which physical activity is contraindicated;
  • The acute phase of any disease of the spine;
  • The initial period of rehabilitation after injury or surgery;
  • Infection of the vertebrae.