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Crack the spine: what to do, symptoms, treatment, consequences

Crack the spine has an unusual characteristic that distinguishes it from other similar injuries. The fact that a crack in the spine occurs during compressive injury, or, in other words, compression of the vertebra. This happens when weight lifting, jumping or sudden twisting. The x-rays this problem is like a crack in a vertebra, but is actually a fracture.

Treshina v pozvonochnike, kak lechit?

The problem is that the use of the word "split spine" specialist as would reduce the significance of the injury. This is the risk that the patient does not understand the significance of the problem, naively believing that crack is less dangerous than a fracture. All of this leads to a lackadaisical attitude and the various problems associated with the musculoskeletal apparatus, arising in the course of human life.

The structure of the spine

The human spine is divided into several sections: cervical, thoracic and lumbar. They are 24 vertebrae that have mobility. Still 10-11 vertebrae are in the sacrum and the coccyx. They have a fused structure, it is therefore not movable. The vertebrae are superimposed on each other so as to form a channel between them that hides the cord. This is a significant organ of the nervous system, which is why nature provided for him a special protection: it protects not only the armor of bones, but the additional three shells: solid, arachnoid and soft. These wrappers play the role of defenders of the spinal cord and extend along its entire surface.

In the lumbar spinal cord is narrowed to the size of the filament, from which emanate the nerve roots. In medical terminology they are often called "horse tail."

Symptoms cracks in the spine

Compression fractures are distinguished in groups as they occur:

  1. A consequence of the accident. These injuries most popular for the young and young age, and occur because of accidents, fall or a strong blow.
  2. Age-related changes of the spine. In this case, a crack may occur due to the severity of its own weight or a light fall.

Such terrible injuries that occur suddenly and typically, the patient may not be aware that he has any problems. During a sharp turn or tilt the part of the vertebra is displaced and falls, thus forming sharp edges which can injure delicate body of the spinal cord, arteries and nerves. In this case, the patient noticeable unnatural bending of the spine, you may experience spinal shock.

With cracked spine shows some symptoms:

  • Pain in the injured Department;limits the mobility of the victim;
  • There is a numbness of the limbs or body areas;
  • The loss of sensitivity, due to the injury of the spinal cord.

If you notice these symptoms of cracks in the spine, you should immediately consult a doctor!

First aid

The treatment of cracks is required to carry out extra. This also applies to any injury of the back near the spine, because the consequences of this injury are unknown. Most importantly in the provision of emergency care to ensure maximum immobility of the injured area, since any attempt of the patient to get up or roll over can cause irreparable damage to his health. This rule is very important for those who received a back injury during the accident in a state of shock, the person may not feel pain, to act impulsively and dramatically. It can provoke the rupture of the spinal cord, in some cases, to death.

The essential steps in fracture of the spine:

  1. Gently shift the injured person on a stretcher or a shield, using a sheet or blanket. In this process it is important to use as many people as possible to avoid bending of the spine;
  2. With the help of various available tools is necessary to ensure complete immobility of a person. This is best done with a corset, sheets, crowded in bundles of cardboard.
  3. To make a quick assessment of well-being. It will be judged on the severity of the injuries.

Signs indicating that the injury has serious consequences:

  • Man is conscious, his speech was clear and coherent;
  • There is a sensitivity limbs, torso;
  • Heart rate and blood pressure have not changed, have the usual indicators.

If any symptom is missing is a bad sign. Often, the crack inthe spine is accompanied by first symptom of acute intolerable pain, which can facilitate with injections of novocaine.

kak pomoch cheloveku s treshinoj pozvonochnika

The consequences of crack

The spine has a complex structure, that is why the crack in the vertebra can be divided into several groups:

  • Closed. With closed injuries, there was no soft tissue damage around the injured Department.
  • Open in which there is damage to the tissue of the skin.

In addition, because of the fracture may appear a defect of the spinal column. This injury can be divided into three types. In the first case, we distinguish reversible disruption of different functions. Often, such violations call a concussion. In the second case, is an irreversible disorders, namely brain injury back or concussion. The third case is the most difficult that arise in the process of acute compression, namely a compression of the spinal cord at the time of spinal deformity.

Injuries to different parts of the spine lead to different consequences. Thus, the injury of the neck vertebrae, the patient has dizziness or pain, vomiting, breathing problems. Fractures of the thoracic occurs stomach ulcers, and various cardiovascular disease. When injury of the lumbar spine can occur renal failure or problems in the functioning of the genitourinary system and colon.

Treatment of fracture of the spine

Treatment of fractures in the vertebra depends on the complexity of the injury and is done by surgery or conservative treatment.
In mild injury where there has been no displacement of the vertebra, and the spinal cord is not affected, apply the following treatment:

  • Fixing the damaged parts for a period of 3-4 months. It is made by a special corset or bandages, the patient is prescribed a course of pain medications.
  • To restore the former mobility of the spine, the doctor prescribes special exercises aimed at the development of muscles, ligaments and joints. In addition, there is the electro stimulation, which targets the damaged nerve endings.

The deformation and fracture treatment more difficult, longer and has more stages:

  • The patient is a special extract that helps to place the damaged vertebra to return it to its anatomically correct position.
  • In some cases, is assigned to surgical intervention if it is required to restore the original appearance of the vertebra. If such procedure is not possible, replaced by a vertebral implant. In such cases, the patient should be recorded in a stationary state for up to half a year.
  • Is drug therapy to prevent the occurrence of various suppurative infections on the damaged part of the back.

The cases in which the spinal cord was completely or partially injured are complex and difficult to treat. Not even injured, but close to the fracture areas of the spinal cord lose their function, which affects the sensitivity of tissues and extremities.

The recovery process of the nerve roots lasts a very long time, so to revive the old functionality back you will need long treatment and patience. Only after a couple months can be the previous functionality of the limbs, appear motor function of the body gradually starts to improve the functioning of internal organs.

However, if a half later, some features are not recovered, but they can be called forever lost. This is because the recovered brain cells "forget" the activity, which did not use the person subsequently injured. In this regard, there is atrophy of the muscles, get rid of that difficult.

To solve this problem was created by a special electro stimulators, which are aimed at restoring "forgotten" ties of nerve endings. Using these procedures, and integrated work in the gym, after a while people will be able to stand, walk and move freely without assistance. Importantly, in the process of recovery, do not give up and continue to work on yourself.

In order to avoid such injuries, you must follow up with their health and strengthen bones. This can be done through running, swimming and walkingduring Sunny weather. Under the influence of sunlight in the body begins to actively stand out vitamin D, which makes bones denser and stronger. It is also necessary to eat foods with lots of calcium (fish, cheese, cheese, milk) and give up bad habits such as Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.