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Rehabilitation after a spinal fracture at home

Rehabilitation after a spinal fracture takes about a year. During this time, you must restore the physiological curves of the spine and locomotor activity. Therapeutic exercises play in the reconstruction process the main role. During the period of rehabilitation of the spine it is unacceptable to sit. Any new moves to do for long.

When a child wears a corset, physical therapy compression fracture of the spine should help prevent obesity, improve lung function and blood circulation. Because the constant wearing of the corset has a depressant effect on the body. Will fit the following exercises, starting position is also lying on the back:

  • Bend the leg at the knee joint, hands pull along the trunk. Raise your head, shoulders and hands, a glance direct forward, hold for a few seconds. Relax, repeat three times;
  • Legs spread, arms stretched along the body. Raise your head and shoulders. Hands also raise, but now pull them forward to watch the feet. Stay in this position for a few seconds, you can pull the sock to the side of the head. Relax, repeat three times;
  • Legs to straighten, put one foot to the other. Raise your head and shoulders, pulling his hands forward, a look guide on the foot. Lower leg trying to get up, left, press down. Hold for a few seconds, relax. Put the opposite foot, repeat. On each side repeat the exercise three times.

The corset can be removed in a few months. At first allowed only a dream without him. Then, when a person can stand, you can stand without it for a few minutes. Prolonged time without adjustment, gradually getting rid of it. After spinal injuries begins to walk and takes off corset, continue the rehabilitation standard.