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Violation of the statics of the cervical spine: what is it, symptoms and treatment

Quite rare violation of the statics of the cervical spine. This deviation could seriously harm the patient, causing not only the obvious visual symptoms, but the discomfort and painful sensations. You need time to diagnose the problem to fully cure and correct the deviation. If the disease is detected at early stages, the probability of complete correction is large.

Narushenie statiki shejnogo otdela pozvonochnika

Department, where it is assumed to be the neck of any person consists of 7 major vertebrae, is able to provide the necessary movement of the head. These vertebrae connect the skull to the spinal column due to occipital complex. Nature has instilled in man the intervertebral discs to the spinal column can perform the function of static type. The whole system has a certain integrity, which is ensured by the placement of these components in a specific order. In the event that to violate the status of the drives, is detected and a violation of the static part of the neck. Depending on the degree of violations revealed osteophytes – outgrowths of bone tissue.

Strong mobility

In medicine, the violation of static functions of the cervical spine accompanied by severe mobility part of the neck. This pathology is caused by disc changes and problems with cartilage. Instability in the neckcan have several types:

  • Degenerative type of instability arises as a consequence of age effects, i.e., aging. This type is seen in the result of occurrence of disease processes in the body. These include degenerative disc disease, which leads to a deterioration of the ability of the vertebrae to implement the locking function.
  • Dysplastic pathology is a congenital variant, when the fetal vertebral structure are not able to fully darsvaeda.
  • Post-traumatic type showing signs after serious injuries, which are accompanied by head shots.
  • This type of postoperative complications, which occur in the body as a complications after surgery. In this group you can make the complications that appeared after the surgery to remedy hernias.

Cervical kyphosis and lordosis disease

Violations of statics, which involves changing the posture of the spine with subsequent change of position forward in medicine are named lordosis.

When it intervertebral discs slipping from his usual place and go forward. Initially this deformation occurs in the cervical spine, and then, there is a curvature of the spine. This pathology causes not only a visual nuisance but also violates the blood circulation in the body. There is a rapid deterioration of immunity, the patient becomes fatigued and constantly feels weak. The main symptoms are recognized to consider the following:

  • Visually, the patient's head is pushed forward;
  • motor function is significantly deteriorated;
  • index of earning capacity gradually goes down;
  • the patient concerned about changes in blood pressure.

The opposite curvature, i.e. when the intervertebral discs slip back, called kyphosis. This disease is recognized to be divided into three types. All depends on the degree of spinal curvature:

  • I stage – when the curvature of the pole reaches 30 degrees;
  • Level II – the curvature is 30-60 degrees;
  • Stage III – position change is greater than 60 degrees.

Such trouble just to see, since the disease is clearly reflected in the stoop. But this is not the only symptom. As additional indicators are the following:

  • Severe headaches;
  • Problems with blood pressure;
  • On the back of the head appears hump;
  • Constantly dizzy;

Osteophytes and dislocations

The manifestation of problems, frequently diagnosed disease in which the vertebral dislocation persist. Disks are not just moving away from the desired position, but twisted. Often the vertebrae do not go for a drive than facilitate the work of the doctor. Doctor without problems reduce everything that is necessary for the patient. But if the situation implies the length of one vertebra for the same, then the patient need serious and quick help. Nerve fibers zaselyalsya, and the circulatory system no longer effectively perform its function. Can occur bleeding in the spinal cord and evenfatal.


If the sprain is not too serious, the patient has problems with breathing and swallowing, and sharp pain in the back.

If static is deteriorating as a result of specific growths in the bone tissue, such disease is called osteophytes. The causes may be several. This is a serious load on the neck. The patient experiences discomfort, namely pain, motor function is disturbed. To diagnose this pathology, please contact the medical facility where the doctor to do an x-ray examination. These growths will necessarily be visible on x-rays. An experienced doctor is able to feel them with palpation.

The treatment of the disease

For treatment you can select one of the main ways: with medication physical therapy or surgery. The choice depends on the degree of manifestation and the complexity of the disease.

Lechenie zabolevaniya

Medicine as a popular method allocates conservative treatment, which involves the use of medication in the system component in tandem with physiotherapeutic methods.

The recovery process follows a pattern and involves the following activities:

  • First and foremost, the patient must use a special device in the form of a collar of a Trench, which is so called in honor of its founder. This is necessary to ensure a fixed head position.
  • To relieve pain, produce procaine blockade.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Physiotherapy, which also runs in a certain complex.
  • The use of needles.
  • Massage, aimed at treatment.
  • The spine undergoes extension.

If the disease is too severe and has serious complications, experts have resorted to surgical methods of removing disease. In the process of operational activities, established a special restraint plate to the vertebrae. But set it so that the head remained in a mobile state.

Lechenie zabolevaniya

As for young patients, the disease causes improper fetal development. To identify the disease must at a very early age. In the development process, using massage, physical therapy, swimming exercises, the disease can be successfully and completely eliminated. Treatment albeit long and complicated, but it is from the patience of parents who have to complete a whole course of treatments depends on the treatment effect.