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Listes of the spine: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Listes of the spine (also called spondylosis) is the change in position of one vertebra relative to the next. This shift can be directed in different directions, and has the property over time, if medical measures are not taken, to grow stronger.

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Often suffer bodies of the lumbar vertebrae in these areas, the spine are the most movable. Listed is stable and unstable. If it is stable, it does not matter what position was taken by the patient. In the case of an unstable spondylolisthesis, the vertebrae are changing position depending on what position is or what movements are performed by the patient.


Listes vertebrae is classified depending on the source of the pathological process. If the root of the problem is genetic, the condition is called dysplastic spondylolisthesis. Often from birth formed listes lumbar and sacral spine. Deformation in this can sometimes be exposed bony arch of the vertebrae.

If the root listesi – too much stress on the spine or traumatic influences, there spondilesis listed. In such situations, correctly regenerate the tissues of the vertebrae. Spondilesis listed usually affects the lumbar region of the spine.

Osteochondrosis and disease of the articular joints of the back can cause the development listesi. Here usually plays the role of the age factor and degenerative processes in the intervertebral cartilage. Another possible cause is the disease of spondylitisin which the spine is ossified in a static position. Often due to traumatic stress, fracture of the pedicles of the vertebra, damage to the facet cartilage develops listes. Sometimes, the vertebrae may shift due to tumors or cysts in the back.


Often the pathology for a long time does not manifest itself. For many years the patient may not know that his vertebrae shifted and what listen. The main symptom are different pain. Back may ache, pain may radiate to the nearby organs, if the problem is in the neck region – upper limb and shoulder girdle. There are chronic pain, become stronger after sudden movements, physical exertion.

If the vertebrae of the cervical changed his position, he can move pinch neck artery. The result will be the lack of power of the brain.

Increase blood pressure, will begin to have a headache, can torment a migraine, dizzy. In extreme cases the patient falls into lightheadedness. Here will not help or anesthetics medicines for high blood pressure, it is necessary to improve the blood supply of the brain. When the vertebrae shifted even more, worsening the mobility of the back, there is a feeling of stiffness. Sometimes gait changes, abdominal Department comes forward, the growth of the patient decreases.


To determine that the patient is suffering from listessa, maybe a surgeon or a neurologist. Primarily a specialist collects medical history data on traumatic stress, the nature and location of pain. To clarify, how does the pathological process, the doctor may prescribe the following study:

  • Spondylopathies;
  • A few x-ray projections;
  • MRI and CT of the affected division back.


First and foremost we need to eliminate the symptoms to facilitate the life of the patient. Then you need to take measures to stabilize the vertebrae, to eliminate the pathological process itself.

To improve mobility, relieve pain, can be prescribed medications, but you need to keep in mind that medications do not cure spondylolisthesis.

It will require comprehensive measures: services of a chiropractor, a massage. Any treatment methods should be administered only by a qualified physician. If the patient listitem decided to go to the chiropractor, it is very desirable to know the reviews about his work. Such procedures should not be undertaken by inexperienced personnel.

However, to fully overcome the disease, you need to change the way of life in General. Until the end of life the patient needs to comply with preventive recommendations. But most importantly, the regular practice of exercises of physiotherapy. At first, they must be under the supervision of an instructor in physical therapy, then the patient can do them yourself.

Invalid exercise classes with weights and any other hazardous activities. Try not to make sudden movements, do not lift weights, even at home.If spondylolisthesis was the cause of the inflammatory process neighbouring tissue, or intervertebral discs, are assigned to the patient non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


It takes the surgeon if the displacement of the vertebra is at an advanced stage, or conservative therapy for a long period of time does not give tangible effect. A specialist task is to release from compression of the nerves, to restore the vertebra physiological position. In some cases, remove the arc of the vertebra or unwanted tissue, which appeared in the end is wrong broshennyh compression fractures of the spine. To rehabilitate a person after such an operation, assign classes of therapeutic physical training, massages, wearing orthopedic devices for fixation of the back. Depending on how the disease, may be increase or decrease in physical activity.


To the body of the vertebrae did not change their position relative to each other, it is necessary to strengthen the muscle corset of the spine. This is not to avoid too large load of exercises with a barbell will not fit. Optimal Wellness Hiking trips, swimming in the pool. Exercises for abdominal, neck and back muscles.

Constantly, even during normal household walk or perform "sedentary" work, it is necessary to monitor the position of his body. Posture should be smooth constantly. It is not recommended to engage in any work, during which the spine for a long time is in the wrong position. Especially dangerous is the sitting position.

Special attention should be paid night stay. No need to sleep on too hard and not too soft bed. And in that situation, the long spine is in the wrong position, the load is distributed incorrectly. To prevent the development of spondylolisthesis, and other pathologies of the spine, it is advisable to sleep on an orthopedic mattress. The pillow should not be higher than 10 centimeters.

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When it is stiffness, pain in the cervical and lumbar, it is necessary to turn to the medic.