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The aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease: what the symptoms and treatment

Aggravation of degenerative disc disease in temporary remission. The disease occurs in chronic form. Cure low back pain until the end is almost impossible. Low back pain occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, malnutrition. The intervertebral cartilages support the vertebrae, easing the burden on them, but with time and due to incorrect lifestyle cartilage wear out, become thinner. To restore cartilage discs is very difficult.

obostrenie osteohondroza

As acute cervical osteochondrosis

The most susceptible to deformation of the cervical vertebrae due to the small size of the vertebrae in this part. The aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease manifests with specific symptoms, so when the first signs should immediately consult a doctor.

The main problem of the disease is that the first time the patient will not notice any signs of illness.

First degree

At the first degree of development of the disease the intervertebral discs begin to be covered with microscopic cracks, the elasticity of the disc decreases, the first sign of disease – pain in the neck after a long stay in one position, such as sitting.

Kak obostryaetsya osteohondroz

Second degree

Severe pain in the neck represent a transition from the first, the mild disease in the second degree. The pain is worse because of the destruction of mejpozvonkovi disk, which leads to a dislocation of the neck. In rare cases can cause numbness of the face and hands. By the end of the day the patient suffer severe pain in the neck, radiating to the lower spine. The aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease is characterized by the emergence of a syndrome of the falling head, which torments the patient severe pain, this makes it difficult to keep your head, have to support his head with your hand or a pillow, then the pain is receding.

Third degree

The third degree of the cervical osteochondrosis is impossible to ignore or to lower the unpleasant symptoms of worsening fatigue and exercise. At this stage, but pain in the cervical spine, the patient starts to feel nausea, severe dizziness and noise in the head, leading to fainting, in the neck "POPs". Acute low back pain is characterized by numbness of the back of the neck, noise in the ears, darkening of the eyes.

Sometimes all the symptoms of the disease are sharply, but after a while, low back pain tends to worsen, appearing with new symptoms, racking up more severe pain.

What can I do about the aggravation?

The first thing must to know – when aggravation of a sore spot in any case it is impossible to smear warming ointments and perform therapeutic massage, remember this. If you feel the symptoms of an attack of cervical osteochondrosis, the first thing you need to lie down and relax the muscles of the neck, taking the most comfortable position.


It is advisable to lie on your back so the muscles of the body relax, then the pain will stop. And while you are lying down and relaxes for a few minutes, do not think that an attack of cervical degenerative disc disease will pass by itself. Call an ambulance, where a doctor will give you a painkilling injection and to make an appointment with a specialist. Well, if you have a home first aid kit will be pain pills. Take them, then you do not have to call the ambulance.

Orthopedic collar

Experts usually recommend to buy in the orthopedic shop special collar that is worn around the neck. You will have to go home for a few hours and sleep then the neck will be fixed in the correct position and pain on wearing time will recede.

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The specialist can prescribe the pill, called chondroprotectors. They allow vertebral discs not destroyed, the supporting bone in good shape. Treatment with these pills has been delayed for a long period from several months to half a year, but when you complete course you don't have to worry that the disease will return. The probability that the disease to worsen again, are reduced to a minimum.

How long are worsening?

The acute phase of the disease occurs within several days, for each patient, this period is different. On average 3 to 7 days. If you have found a cervical osteochondrosis, the aggravation it takes an average for months, with the acute phase of the disease, accompanied by sharp pain and discomfort. After the passage of the acute phase, the pain does not leave the patient, but not so much bother. The duration of the disease depends on the stage, which takes place in your body.

Why the disease can worsen?

Treatments your doctor may prescribe only after learning what had caused the aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease, symptoms that are present for you personally.

Sedentary work

If you do sedentary work, after which a long time stuck in the traffic jam behind the wheel, the muscles tense, the spine is "tired" of the day. Lack of exercise affects the spine, back muscles. Exercise in the gym, spend more time on the street, walk, spend a small charge for the body during the working day so that the muscles were maintained in good shape. Buy orthopedic mattress, uncomfortable bed also negatively affect the spine, muscles during sleep, can not relax, sleep quality falling, you do not get enough sleep.

SHejnyj osteohondroz

Truly and disease

If you are already faced with vertebral hernia, or fracture of the spine regularly checked by a physician for the presence of osteoarthritis, a back injury can be caused. Over time, the body worse absorb calcium entering the body with food, so the bones and vertebrae including getting weaker, not getting enough nutrition. The vertebrae wear out, cracks appear, which did not pan out. Advised to take tablets containing a high concentration of calcium for the prevention of low back pain.

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Scoliosis affects posture, but also on the position of the neck, causing neck gets tired, sick, can develop low back pain.

Prevention of recurrent exacerbations

The patient, who felt that such aggravation of degenerative disc disease, is unlikely to want to experience that again as the pain sometimes feels unbearable, impossible to move. The main treatment prescribed by the specialist, but there is no guarantee that the disease will not worsen, the doctor will not let you. So after a course of treatment should take care of preventive measures, not to forget that the disease is not dormant at any time and may again overtake you, and you do hardly want.

Manual therapy

If you have the opportunity to take massage courses with experienced and qualified specialist a few times a year, be sure to find a wizard that will help you cope with the problem. You can learn to massage yourself, but a qualified specialist in any case will make it better. Find a good chiropractor, it will help to avoid recurrence of the disease using various manipulations with your body. A chiropractor will not only help to relax the muscles of the neck, but put the joints in place, stretch the joints, which will help to support the spine neck in place to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Manualnaya terapiya


Don't forget about the correct and balanced diet. The diet should be rich in calcium to the joints and vertebrae were stronger. Several times a year to drink vitamins with a high content of calcium, but only after testing and under close medical supervision. Excess calcium in the body also brings negative consequences. From alcohol abuse would have to give patients with osteochondrosis so worried about poor circulation. Reduce the amount of fatty foods tominimum.

A healthy lifestyle

Doctors advise patients do more exercise, start Hiking. For the back in General, it is useful to start swimming, that will keep the muscles toned. Remember that exercise is desirable to do it under the supervision of an experienced coach, after telling him what your issue is. The trainer should choose exercisesthat are good for you.

After treatment you can start going to bath and a sauna, which is also useful not only for your illness, but also for the whole organism.

Pillow should be small, preferably an orthopedic cushion that fits under the neck during sleep. The orthopedic mattress adapts to the shape of your body. Refrain from sleeping on large pillows. At night you can wear a collar if the doctor advised you to buy it.

If you feel the symptoms of an exacerbation of osteochondrosis of the cervical, contact your doctor. Do not delay, because the transition from one stage to another is quick, you will not notice how light the pain moved to the third stage, when they begin to torture the dizziness and nausea. If the disease has already passed, don't forget to get checked out by your doctor, to apply preventive measures to avoid recurrence of this nasty disease.