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Perineural cyst at the level of s2 vertebra: what is it, symptoms, treatment, consequences

Perineural cyst at the level of s2 vertebra develops in the case of a traumatic impact on the spine, degenerative-dystrophic and inflammatory processes. Violations of fetal development can cause congenital appearance of the cyst. From perineural cysts of the sacrum women suffer more often than men. Symptoms of perineural cysts in the region s2 of the vertebra may include pain, numbness, loss of feeling and mobility, the feeling of running "chills". A serious complication of disorders in the pelvic organs. The consequence are problems with urination and stool. Treatment is conservative, involving medication and physical therapy, gentle therapeutic exercises. In severe situations, surgical operation.

Perinevralnaya kista na urovne s2 pozvonka


Perineural cyst of the spine is a spinal tumor, filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Appears in the spinal canal, in the middle of the nerve roots of the spinal cord, most often at the level of s2 vertebra sacral spine. Women suffer from cyst of the spine than men – their lumbar muscles are weaker and worse hold the load. During fetal development the child a cyst of the spine may develop due to improper formation of the tissue.

Inflammatory processes in the spinal region can cause that develop an education. The cause of the inflammation, in turn, degenerative-dystrophic processes in the tissues of the vertebrae.

Another cause is a traumatic impact to the spine. Often a cyst occurs in people of professions related to heavy physical labor. The opposite case – as a result of a sedentary lifestyle becomes weaker back muscles, development of degenerative-dystrophic processes, which after a sharp unusually load can also cause the formation of cysts. Cause the development of cysts in the area of the s2 vertebra and parasites (including the tapeworm).


Perineural cyst of the spine at the level of sacral vertebra may begin to press on the nerve structure and cause severe pain. They become stronger during fatigue or sudden movements. Localized pain in the lumbar region, radiates to the pelvis and legs. Felt weakness in the lower limbs, there are signs of deterioration of blood circulation in them. Tingling, numb, run "goose bumps". Can manifest drawing sensations in the legs.

Patient hard to urinate, or Vice versa – it is too frequent urge. Can be broken and defecation – observed turns constipation and diarrhea.

Such a clinical picture is observed in other pathologies, including diseases of internal organs. While perineural cyst s2 vertebra can long time does not manifest itself. Therefore, the appearance of symptoms soon as possible to begin Troubleshooting. Perineural cyst at the level of vertebra in the sacrum can not only be a consequence of degenerative processes, but also itself to cause the development of lumbar osteochondrosis.

Simptomy perinevralnoj kisty


As perineural cyst at the level of the sacral vertebra is often developed imperceptibly, her in many cases are discovered accidentally. The neurologist during palpation of the spine may reveal excessive sensitivity of the s2 vertebra. In this case, it will be assigned to the x-ray study, CT and MRI, ultrasound lumbar. Rarely are assigned myelographies (examines how well the function of the nerves) and electromyographic (inside of the spine injected the dye helps the x-rays to identify the condition of the spinal cord) study. Complement the data obtained by the blood and urine tests, biochemistry.

Conservative treatment

You first need to eliminate the inflammatory process. Helping physiotherapy, phonophoresis and reflexology. When the acute phase is over, help massage, acupuncture. You must observe the following rules of conservative treatment:

  • To comply with supine mode, do not perform sharp movements and not to feel stress;
  • You regularly use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen);
  • Use medications-chondroprotectors to restore ascartilage tissues. This is a preventive measure against the development of osteoarthritis and other complications in the spine;
  • Muscle relaxants can help if there are muscle spasms (Mydocalm, sirdalud);
  • Electrophoresis with vitamins of groups b and C. will Help and vitamin-mineral complexes containing these vitamins and calcium;
  • The patient should limit the consumption of salty and spicy. To include in the diet high in lean meat, oily fish, fruits and vegetables;
  • Shown therapeutic exercises.


If perineural cyst of the spine are large, interfere with the spinal cord and pinches the nerve roots, conservative treatment may show to be ineffective. Then comes the surgeon.

Operations are divided into two types: puncture and proper operation. Depends on the choice of the therapeutic method, how the process started, what symptoms.

Puncture suggests that after General anesthesia of the patient, the cyst will be opened. From its cavity to drain the accumulated cerebrospinal fluid. To regenerate tissue in the space formed introduced a special healing agent. The second option - the actual operation is performed in extreme cases. Perineural cyst s2 vertebra be removed. This treatment of cyst of vertebra valid only if conservative methods do not give any result. Or there are complications in the form of disorders of the pelvic organs, which are life threatening. Another possible situation of the operation – growing loss of sensation and mobility of the feet.

Lechenie perinevralnoj kisty

Quality made surgical removal of the cyst will help:

  • To normalize the blood circulation of the lumbar spine;
  • To get rid of disorders of the pelvic organs;
  • To return the body to its former mobility and sensitivity;
  • To cope with the pain.

But this kind of surgery can be many complications: meningitis, partial paralysis, impaired flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal canal. Although the operation is fraught with such dangers, it should be safe to agree to it, if received such medical recommendation. The consequences of running perineural cysts s2 vertebra can be even more unpleasant.