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Massage for scoliosis in children in the home, technology, video

A therapeutic and relaxing effect on the body has a massage for scoliosis in children. Children's frontal curvature of the vertebrae, has become the scourge of the digital age. Sitting in one place with the gadget in hand, in a half-bent position see their children many parents. If they did not have time and effort to monitor the condition of the child, there may come a time when you will need to treat scoliosis. To avoid the development of disease will help treatment with the use of massage.

Massazh pri skolioze u detej

Technique therapeutic massage

The treatment for scoliosis has two objectives:

  • To achieve relaxation in a tense back;
  • To give tone to the weakened muscles.

Which side of the back in scoliosis the most tense: concave or curved? The reason for the uncertainty in following. There is no clear definition of what is the cause and what the consequence of scoliosis. Whether the curvature of the spine puts strain on some muscles and weakening others, whether on the contrary, stresses, and weakening of the back muscles causes curvature of the spine.

skolioz u detej

The first theory is based on the experience of practicing surgeons. This theory is called "string of onions" where the curved spine – the neck bow. In this case, the tense muscles stretch like a bowstring, seeking their relaxation. Proponents of the second theory, mainly professionals, relying on the instrumental, they say the opposite.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. It is impossible to divide the muscle groups involved in keeping the spine in the fully strained and fully relaxed. Even on one side of the body muscle tissues can be in different States. So when doing massage for scoliosis , you need to focus on specific muscle groups. Conduct therapeutic massage should the health worker with relevant education and past training in the development of treatments for scoliosis in children.

The prophylactic massage in the early stages of the disease may be entrusted to close relatives of the child. The person who will conduct the therapeutic session, is obliged to listen to a lecture on the preparation of the child, methods and techniques of massage and a session under expert guidance.

Basic techniques:

  • Effleurage is deep and thorough. Shallow is used to relieve pain, and deep to enhance nerve activity (not shown in acute course of the disease);
  • Rubbing and kneading are the main methods in the treatment of scoliosis 1-or 2 - stage, carried out in all parts of the body;
  • Vibration and tapping are rhythmic and non-rhythmic. Held mainly in the curvature of the thoracic.

Cooking place yourself and the child

Massage for children with scoliosis is carried out in an hour after a meal. For the procedure of choosing a smooth and hard surface. If the child is small, the massage is performed on a large stable table. While an adult should have the opportunity to be on both the right and left of the child. If the child is large, the massage may be a floor in the middle of the room. Place massage is covered with a blanket with a clean sheet. Massage hands should be clean and dry.

The child is placed on your stomach, bending your elbows, hands near the shoulders. The body is attached to the position in which the spine is in the right position. The shoulders feature at the same level. The position of the body during a session does not change. Hands of the adult and the child's body is lubricated with baby oil intended for skin care.

Massazh pri skolioze

Do massage yourself

The procedure begins with a convex body part with a further shift on the concave part. At the beginning of the warm up entire body that will undergo the procedure. The heating is done by stroking with a gradual increase in the effort. The hand movement is from the waist to the shoulders, from the ends of the limbs to the body. Then bent fingers in a circular motion to be rubbing. After heating those areas of the body, which is not currently held manipulation, be covered with a warm blanket.

In the main part of the applied kneading, friction and vibration. Pressure directly on the spine to provide not. The nipple area is a forbidden area for massage. Stroking and pressing movements follow each other.


Carefully studied the surface of the pelvis and leg-side bending of the spine. Long and wide back muscles kneaded in a circular motion bent fingers. Intercostal spaces are massaged in a circular motion, and zigzag and straight-line movements. Manipulation of the lower limb are carried out from top to bottom: thigh, knee, calf, foot. The completion is done stroking. The baby is covered with a blanket and leave to rest for 15-20 minutes.

Each degree of the disease – your massage

Massage each disease has its own characteristics. Scoliosis of the 1st degree, when changing the position of the spine were not clear enough to use only the rubbing and kneading with minimum effort. The main scope of the meeting – between the shoulder blades and along the spine.

Massazh pri skolioze

Massage during the 2nd and the 3rd stage is characterized by a selective range of impacts. To tone the muscles need a gradual buildup of efforts during a session and from session to session. After about 10 sessions techniques are supplemented by weights.

Lumbar region massage by dilution of the palms to the sides of the spine. Following admission, the movement is tightly pressed against the palm of your hand from the sacrum to the lower edge of the blade, relax the muscles of the back side of vigotti spine. Movement in the vicinity of the blades aimed at stretching the muscles. In the shoulder girdle are actively kneading to stimulate and improve the tone. Massage chest area is carried out by grinding.

How much and how often

Children a course of massage for scoliosis is administered in 10-20 sessions. The number of sessions per course depends on the degree of curvature of the spine and the doctor's recommendations. Six months may be assigned a second course. In case of emergency, doctor can be reduced, the interval between the first and second year to 2-3 months. A year is recommended to carry out 2-3 courses.

Frequent therapeutic massage with scoliosis significantly reduces its effectiveness.

Effektivnost massazha

Massage will not only help to protect the child from scoliosis, but also will restore the nervous system, strengthen muscle and ligaments, speed up metabolism, organize the work of the circulatory system, to update the skin.