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Sciatica lumbosacral: what is it, symptoms, treatment

What is sciatica and how to treat it – a frequent question in the office of the neurologist. Sciatica is a consequence of low back pain, significantly less it is the result of various injuries, hernias, deformities of the spine. Lumbar radiculitis is the most common, because it is this part of the spine, which is the center of gravity of the body, we have a large number of loads.

Simptomy i lechenie poyasnichno-krestcovogo radikulita

It is believed that sciatica hurt the elderly, but in recent years it is diagnosed in people middle age category. Most often seen symptoms back pain in women after 30 years, in men after 35 years. Causes of sciatica is varied. The disease occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle, various stress, sedentary work.

Sciatica – what is it?

Sciatica is defined as a set of symptoms that occur when damage to the spinal roots. This process pathological pain are of secondary nature. Waist sciatica is a consequence of lesions of the spinal tissues. In that moment, when intervertebral discs are unable to get nutrition in sufficient quantity, the tissue gradually changes degenerative – type protrusion. In this process, significantly weaken the connective tissue bands.

To prevent shift of the vertebrae, the edge of the overgrown bone growths – osteophytes. Offset discs along with the tissues, irritated by osteophytes put pressure on the nerve endings. So there is a giver in different limbs of the body pain.


Very often sciatica lumbosacral confused with the other kind of diseases – varicose veins, flat feet, diseases of the internal organs. Typical sciatica signs:

  • Sudden onset of pain, its spontaneous termination. In later times the pain escalates;
  • Intense increased pain when raising a straightened leg, while lying on back;
  • The instinctive curves of the feet when the patient attempts to rise and sit;
  • Sharp pain when bending head forward;
  • The inability to remain permanently in one position.

priznaki radikulita


To understand how to cure sciatica, you should know its causes. Because, sacral, sciatica is a set of symptoms, therefore, and the reasons for its emergence are many:

  • Injuries to the vertebra;
  • The disease for example arthritis;
  • Low back pain. In 95 cases out of 100, the causes of the disease are its symptoms;
  • Osteophytes – bony projections arising from pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Big load in the lumbar spine, as well as hypothermia;
  • Lack of exercise, as a result of a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Pregnancy, significant symptoms may be in the third trimester, when there is a shift of the center of gravity due to sudden weight gain;
  • Sciatica;
  • Stress, poor nutrition, cold.

Constant bouts of sciatica is most often caused by:

  • Chills;
  • Excessive physical exercises;
  • Hypothermia;
  • The sharpness of the movements of the lumbar vertebra.


Symptoms of sciatica are varied. Pain in the sacral division may radiate to the leg is a violation of the sensitivity of the limbs, burning, numbness. Doctors divide the symptoms into groups.

  • The symptom of pain

The symptom of pain has a differentiated character. The pain can be: as dull and acute; both local and affect various parts of the body; continuous or temporary. The presence of pain means that in relation to the tissues of the intervertebral discs are made of the damaging effect. An important indicator is the aggravation of pain at night, little cough, a head tilts, and the cessation of pain in the immovable state.


  • A symptom of the broken sensitivity

Hypersensitivity, provoked by the violation of the transaction of the nerve impulse, resulting in happen to be numbness, tingling, and burning.

  • Symptom muscle weakness

Violation of the natural functioning of muscles, often caused by the interruption of nerve impulses. For the long-term violation occurs atrophy of the gluteal muscles, thighs and even shins. When sciatica symptoms are that people suffer from excessive sweating and the face becomes pale. If you have the same as the back pain symptoms and treatment then you need to start appropriate.

How to treat sciatica

To restore the range of motion of the spine the human body the required moderate physical exertion. This method simply stops the process of degeneration of the vertebrae, but also improves the elasticity of muscles. Often patients because the exercises feel relieved. If gymnastics doesn't help, treat sciatica recommended, selecting a different approach. Is it possible to treat lumbar radiculitis in multiple ways?

Doctors do not prohibit the combination therapies if they benefit the patient. No matter how many existed methods, they all provide the answer to the question how to cure sciatica.

Non-surgical methods

There are multiple therapy for pain relief in this disease, which helps to forget all about the question what to do with sciatica. For example, if you have acute sciatica, in its initial phase it is recommended to use a warm heating pad or ice bags. They need to be applied to the affected area for approximately 20 minutes. Someone will bring more benefits to cold, some to heat. To achieve the effect it is better to alternate. But remember it's just a diversionary therapy to relieve acute pain. The source of the disease so cure is impossible.

nehirurgicheskie sposoby lecheniya radikulita


Treatment of lumbar sciatica is carried out by applying non-steroidal antiphlogistics drugs. They provide swelling, and localizing inflammation. But these are typical side effects, not providing the best effect on the patient's body for long term use. If pain is escalating dramatically and gives pace, faster it is recommended to take Ibuprofen, Ortofen, Diclofenac. Getting rid of the pain, in the subsequent use of therapeutic ointments, creams, tanning for its relief. One of the best drugs that have positive reviews are Finalgon, Nise, Indomethacin, has experienced an unexpected side effect.

If the patient is plagued by sharp pains, should be prescribed injections. As anaesthetic, prefer Novocaine, Lidocaine.


In combination with medication is recommended to perform irradiation of sciatica lumbar and foot treatment with ultraviolet light. The first 5 days is the application of hydrocortisone, and further apply the lidocaine.

fizioprocedury pri radikulite

During the acute phase of sciatica treatment is carried out using ultrasonic treatment of sciatica with an impulsive mode. If the sciatica came as a result of degenerative disc disease, then an important aspect is pulling on the oblique plane. Pulling make even on an ordinary bed, with a slightly elevated head of the bed by 15-20 cm Body must be recorded at the bedside.

There is a short (twice a day for 10 minutes) and long-term stretching (2 weeks). Some of the most useful treatments are massage sacral spine (recommended 15-20 sessions), needle reflex therapy (10-20 sessions), a multi-faceted gymnastic exercises (2-3 months).

fizioprocedury pri radikulite

Surgical treatment

If during the 3-4 months the patient's condition does not improve, the doctor will propose a treatment of sciatica with surgery. The operation is performed, if there are:

  • Manifest neurological signs;
  • Degeneration changes in the discs;
  • Clear violations of the motor apparatus.

There are several types of surgery. In a small open transaction and remove one of the intervertebral disc pushing against the sciatic nerve. If there is stenosis of the vertebral canal, and patient tolerability of the most difficult of simplified physical exercises, then assign a laminectomy. In carrying out thissurgery removed the bone where the nerve is pinched.

Patients avoid surgical involvement, hoping that sciatica by itself will be cured. But at the time when the patient loses control over urination or he can't move is a forced operation.

operaciya pri radikulite

A therapeutic diet

To reduce the load on the spine, the patient should get rid of excess kilos, if any, and carefully to observe proper nutrition. To do this:

  • To limit the consumption amount of salt;
  • To add to the nutrition vitamin foods (fruit, vegetables, fresh juices);
  • To consume a lot of dairy products (in the evenings add to the diet of yogurt);
  • To abandon sauces, canned products; to exclude from use smoked, fried, spicy, fatty;
  • To add to your diet lean meats, and eat fresh fish;
  • Strictly prohibited the use of alcohol, coffee, strong tea.

dieta pri radikulite

Useful in this disease to use:

  • Stewed dried fruit. If you add sugar instead of honey – it will benefit doubly. This drink is steep in the evening. And in the morning during Breakfast, you will enjoy this drink;
  • Nectar from apples and celery. Done in equal proportions, it is recommended to drink twice a day.
  • Lemon juice. Dilute with water, and season with the Medoc. To prepare the tincture you will need the 11 lemons that are ground through a meat grinder, and 1 l of honey. At the end of cooking the mixture placed in the refrigerator and eat before eating three times a day one tablespoon.

More information about the implications of the sciatica symptoms and treatment will tell the experts: the therapist, neurologist.