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The cure for sciatica lumbar spine: injections, tablets, ointment

Lumbar radiculitis – inflammation of nerve processes of the spinal cord. Characterized by a set of symptoms, indicating lesion of the intervertebral discs. The disease manifests itself acutely, is accompanied by severe pain in the lumbar spine, practically immobilizes the person.

Radikulit poyasnichnyj

In 70% the disease is a consequence of degenerative disc disease, in other cases manifested as a result of injuries of the spine, erasing the intervertebral discs, spinal hernia. Based on comprehensive therapy is treatment with medicines. Prescribe anti-inflammatory painkillers.

How to treat sciatica?

At detection of obvious signs of lumbar radiculitis, after collection of anamnesis the doctor will be clear how to treat sciatica and to achieve sustained remission.

The healing process is based on eliminating the causes of pain irritation, the disease is not treated.

It is recommended sciatica to heal as quickly as possible. Medications for sciatica include designating asteroidov and anti-inflammatory substances, vitamin B tablets from sciatica and gel relieves inflammation.

Cure sciatica lumbar:

  • Pain pills for sciatica;
  • Injections;
  • Ointments,gels;
  • Asteroidy;
  • Vitamins, Dietary Supplements;
  • Chondroprotector.


How to treat sciatica pain pills:

  • Widely appointed painkillers in tablet form, they belong to the group of non-steroidal substances (NSAIDs);
  • Analgesic drugs – are anti-inflammatory, pain control medication is recommended in the acute period and during remission. They allow you to stop pain and relieve muscle spasm;
  • Non-steroidal – are appointed in pathology in the first place. This is one of the common groups of drugs successfully used in protivoradikulitnye therapy. The effect of asteroidov leads to suppression of the synthesis of the enzyme cyclooxygenase. It is the main cause of the spasms and inflammatory currents in the tissues. They remove inflammation, swelling, stop pain.

In acute exacerbation of sciatica, you can take a double dose of the drug.

radikulit obezbolivaushie tabletki

Main products:

  • Aspirin has antipyretic anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Is taken strictly after meals, as it irritates the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Diclofenac – the drug is primarily anti-inflammatory and analgesic neurosteroid, has little antipyretic effect. Available in tablets No. 10 ampoules of 5 ml;
  • Sulindac – has a mild therapeutic effect with virtually no side effects available in tablets № 20. Taken 2 times a day, 1 capsule;
  • Tolmetin is available in capsules of 20, 40 gr. Is taken at 40 Gy, 3 times a day. Has a good analgesic effect;
  • Indomethacin is a fairly common tool, it comes in capsules and tablets 25 – 75 mg. Reception starts with doses 25 mg, 2 times a day after meals. If necessary, increase the dose.


When severe pain are assigned to the injection, they short period of time will numb and stop the muscle spasm, relieve inflammation. Having the same symptoms, treatment in each case will be different, depending on the severity and causes of the defeat of the intervertebral discs. Some were treated with chondroprotectors and pain, and other b vitamins.

To achieve sustained remission with injections much faster when the sciatica pain relievers in pill form do not help. Given the many components of narcotic painkillers, they are rarely appointed in reticular syndrome. NSAIDs are usually enough to reduce pain.


To relieve pain and inflammation used:

  • Voltaren – has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect is an intramuscular injection of 5 ml of 1 times a day. For better effect use with other components: tablets or suspensions;
  • Ketorol is a common remedy for the sciatica, relieves symptoms, with the powerful anesthetic action. Is intramuscular2 ml 2 – 3 times a day. Not recommended for concomitant asthma, poor blood clotting, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Milgamma – this drug consists of lidocaine and vitamins. Quickly blocks pain, improves blood circulation in the affected cells, nourishes beneficial trace elements and reduces the inflammatory process in the tissues, quickly contributes to the reduction of the pathological process;
  • Ozone media with steroid – injections give a good result in the fight against disease. Put it once in the affected area of the lumbar - sacral region, deep into the muscle tissue.

Necessary in the treatment of sciatica are neurotransmitters restoring the affected neuromuscular activity and improve the condition of the nerve endings.

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With strong cramps, when there is unbearable pain, put lidocaine or novocaine blockade. They will quickly numb and will significantly improve the patient's condition. In parallel, intravenous administration of a solution Relanium, hydrocortisone, valium, A positive result occurs in a few minutes. Shot put in place pinching nerves and plexus, muscle tissue painful areas of the body.

Muscle relaxants

Rarely, doctors in the treatment of lumbar sciatica prescribe muscle relaxants. The drug is a strong non-steroidal drugs, promote relaxation and relieve muscle spasm, reduce pain due to substances Central action.

This category includes drugs such as:

  • The medco;
  • Sirdalud;
  • Bakalan.

Have a number of side effects, so they are very rarely recommended by doctors for the treatment of sciatica. Prescribed with great care, strictly under the supervision of a specialist. Once they are accepted, in order to be able to distract from discomfort and unwind from the sharp spasms.


The course of chondroprotection long, they directly target the cause of sciatica. Improve blood circulation and metabolism in the intervertebral disks, slow down the process of development of the disease.

Supplements and vitamins

The complex with the main treatment is prevention by taking vitamins. Especially if the attack is associated with hypothermia. The body of the patient supported by vitamins and food supplements. They help to regenerate tissues involved in metabolism, strengthen the immune system while reducing the risk of recurrent attack.


For removing excess fluid from organs and tissues to relieve edema in the inflamed muscles, taking diuretics: furosemide, lasix, in pill form or injections, intramuscular.

Rules drug treatments

Simultaneously with the cure of sciatica of the lumbar spine is assigned a complex of therapeutic physical exercises. Physical therapy, strengthen the curative properties of drugs. Beneficial effect rubbing the sore spot ointment ("Capsicin". "Voltaren gel" "nayz-gel") with a warming property, alcohol tinctures, additionally appointed painkillers. The main therapy is in combination with exercise therapy, physiotherapy.

fizioterapiya pri radikulite

Treatment for sciatica medication is carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician, as the drugs for sciatica have a number of side contraindications adverse effect on the human body. Only with the correct purpose and dosage of the drugs can achieve a significant improvement and remission of lumbar sciatica.

Sometimes medication does not bring the desired result, in this case required surgical intervention. Upon detection of a "horse tail", the operation is done urgently.

Treatment at home

Do not interfere simultaneously with the basic treatment prescribed by the doctor to use traditional medicines. There are many recipes how to treat lumbar radiculitis, need a way you can choose yourself or consult with your doctor to avoid allergic reactions and side reactions.

All the practical folk remedies from sciatica have a warming and local irritant effects: contusion, tinctures, ointments. They are a nice treat, improve metabolism, enhance the immune system. Quickly relieve spasm and swelling in the muscles of the lumbar, subject to bed rest.

It will not hurt to change the modethe power to include in the diet fruit, vegetables, exclude spicy, salty, fatty and smoked. To prevent attacks, it is recommended to perform daily set of exercises to strengthen back muscles. To strengthen the immune system with vitamins and a healthy lifestyle.