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Blew the back or loins, than to treat: ointments, injections, folk remedies

Pain in the lower back can occur suddenly. The spinal region more than other parts of the body exposed to power loads. Lower back hurts because of injuries, osteoarthritis, sciatica. But the most common is pain in the lower back and shoulder blades because of hypothermia of the muscles. This condition in medical terminology is called myositis. This reaction starts approximately three days after exposure to the cold.

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How do you know that blown back?

If you have an acute or nagging pain in the lumbar region. Pain occurs in the shoulder blade, neck and pelvis. The muscles of the back and lower back constantly ache and twist. The pain is so strong that it is impossible to turn or make a movement without feeling pierce with a knife. This is a direct sign that blown back. Postojannogo person hurts not only to walk and move, but even coughing, sneezing or laughing.

Also symptoms is:

  • The inability to change body position. Man can not stretch and is constantly in a bent posture;
  • If you've got a cold back pain appear in the lower extremities, not only in the lumbar region;
  • Complications arise in the form of frequent urination and menstrual disorders in women.

Complications appear either immediately, together with back pain, or a day later, as a protective reaction of the organism to stress.

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Pain appear due to the fact that the muscles after exposure to cold become inflamed and spasm occurs. Because circulation does not occur immediately, the person may not find a link between hypothermia and the resulting pain.

Why is hypothermia the back?

People thinking that in the warm season they are practically invulnerable forget about this harmful phenomenon as a draft. So the first reason for back pain and blew the lower back is a work in hot weather on the street. The process of myositis of the back looks like this: a man warms up your muscles during labour, and when it comes to rest he stops and gets a little cool air. The draft narrows warmed muscles, causing spasm. According to this reason, people of different professions spoil their health by getting zastuzheny back. For example, drivers coming from the heated cabs of all cars on the cool air.

Such a provision appears in office workers, which has managed to choose the place, badly located near the air conditioner. And going into the office after a hot street, the worker can obtain abrupt hypothermia of the muscles in the lower back. The principle of the emergence of the cold and back trouble is that once the muscles warmed up, and then there was the influence of cold appears poor circulation and muscle spasm. It spasm and causing excruciating pain.

In addition to hypothermia, the causes of myositis may be infectious diseases, of muscle tension, worms, exposure to toxic substances on the body.

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If purged back, then how to treat it?

Sharp back pain occurs suddenly and you always want to cure the pain by yourself, without resorting to expensive drugs. There are a few tips on what to do if you have lost back. The first item of action needs to provide a comfortable lying position the insulation and a cold zone of the blades and waist. Bed rest usually for three or four days. Than to cure acute pain in the back to decide cases. Because he has a choice to either self-medicate or turn to professionals.

To warm up the muscles you can use different warming ointment for muscles: Fastum gel, and finalgon, capsicum, and others like them.

Folk remedies involve the use of alcohol compresses or hot water bottles with warm salt. This alternative method will also be effective. After ointment or compresses will be applied on the problem area you need additional insulation in the form of a wool scarf, a down blanket or scarf for the muscles. The warming of the lumbar spine improves blood circulation and increases the speed of delivery to damaged tissues nutrients.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question how to cure protogerou the back, and has not found.Can only temporarily dull the pain until the muscle is completely recovered. If people have stiff lower back, he feels incredible pain. So do not be superfluous acceptance of pain pills, to relieve tension in the muscles.

If proskvozilo back in any case should not take a hot bath. Despite the fact that it gives you the warmth that you need lower back. Hot water increases the pain in the back muscles.

Additionally, in the treatment process useful in relaxation of muscles through massage of the back and limbs. Treat cold you can also use a special physiotherapy. For example, the doctor may prescribe treatment with electrophoresis or electrostimulation of the muscles. Also for a speedy recovery is not prohibited to resort to the procedures of acupuncture.

When will come the time of recovery, it is necessary to maintain caution, and to make a movement only with additional insulation of the lower back and not making any sudden movements. You need to be attentive to whether there was muscle spasm in addition to more back problems such as hernia or degenerative disc disease. Due to the fact that in these diseases it is not recommended to produce increased warming of the back. In this case, you must consult a doctor. And, most of all, a good specialist will prescribe special medication that you will need to enter into the muscles to eliminate spasms through injections.

Medication is prescribed by a doctor only in extreme cases, when traditional methods and prevention did not help. When one introduces procaine blockade, which only remove the pain and allow postupivshaya person to live at a normal pace. In case if there is a need to consult a specialist, the first thing you need to consult a neurologist. Based on the fact that the base of pain can hide in the nerves. Also, in identifying the causes of pain and treatment helps the rheumatologist. Themselves with rejuvenating treatments will be conducted by physiotherapist and massage therapist.


If you have lost your lower back one day and already had experience in the treatment of cold area of the back, you continue to need to be extremely cautious. First of all, should dress according to weather conditions. And even if in the spring and autumn sunshine should not instantly remove his jacket and expose his body to the chilly air.

They must be available in the house or in the workplace, drafts and avoid them.

If this does not work, you need to wear a warming zone, which will not be purged and will protect from hypothermia of the muscles are always exerting a warming effect for the back. Not only for lumbar but also for the entire body it can be useful to monitor the immune system. This can be done by gradual hardening of the body. Time to take vitamins and minerals for healthy circulation and tissue development.

After two or three months since the last cold back you can start to use specific prevention and strengthening exercises for the extremities. It will be useful to begin regular visits to the pool. Because swimming helps strengthen the muscles in this has a relaxing effect.

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Thus, it is concluded that no one is immune from the occurrence of acute back pain. But if you pay attention to their health and physical condition, you can protect yourself from adverse effects. And when he lost the back, to ensure maximum tranquility and warmth.