Injections back pain: the names of drugs list

Before injections from back pain, you need to understand what caused it. Be sure to visit the doctors, most often a neurologist, an osteopath. In some cases, a survey of doctors such as gynecologist, urologist and gastroenterologist. This is because pain in the back in a number of cases are caused by a variety of lesions of other organs of the body. Only after a careful examination doctor appoints drugs.

In many cases, with lower back pain using injection. Drugs administered into the muscle or affected area, not only relieve pain, which cause immense suffering, but also help the patient to recover much faster after an illness or injury. Below will discuss the various drugs and injections for back pain, their differences and the situations in which they are best applied.

Kak delat ukoly pri bolyah v spine i poyasnice?

Medical methods of relief of pain in the back is constantly improve, create modern versions and algorithms. After the relief of pain the patient needs to do physical therapy, to massage. Experts in this field recommend if possible to keep the daily activities at the same level, even with pain.

The following list should be used for informational purposes only. It is impossible to self-medicate. This can only lead to a worsening of the condition.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

This type of medicines cant be unbearable sharp pain in inflammatory processes even in cases where it is a strong obstacle to the movement due to severe pain and inflammation at the slightest activity or gesture. However, it is understood that the drugs only affect the symptoms, without attending to the effect on the affected areas.

Have Ketonal

The main component, which acts on the inflamed and sore spots in the body – tromethamine Ketorolac. This drug is often used as the main anesthetic agent. This means there is their counterparts: Ketanov, Ketotifen, Ketoprofen. It is important to choose the right dosage, especially for the elderly and persons prone to allergic symptoms and reactions.

This drug used by injection from back pain. Most often it is administered in the soft muscle. The total amount of all doses, which was introduced to the patient per day, should not be more than 85 mg. To determine the single quantity injection it is necessary to come on reception to the professional. Is not necessary to determine the dose of administration, it may badly affect the health of the whole organism.

Doctors do not recommend the use Ketonal had patients who have diseases such as:

  • Cholecystitis;
  • Asthma;
  • The kidney failure;
  • Lupus erythematosus;
  • Sepsis;
  • Cancers.

This medication has some side effects. It can be standard nausea, vomiting, dizziness and irregular heartbeat.


This medication eliminates the pain not only in muscles but also in joints. It is one of the most effective means, however, the tolerability of severe. In some cases, when injections of Diclofenac for back pain and lower back, numb part of the bodythat made the shot. Then there is pain, stiffness of movement and bruising at the sites of injection.

nesteroidnye preparaty

Effective dose of this drug – 3 to 5 mg, injected into soft muscles, most often the buttocks. In some cases one shot may prevent the patient from suffering without the re-introduction. For more serious injuries prescribe a course of injections to five days, one injection inday.

This medication lowers without a prescription, but before application it is important to consult with a specialist.


This drug is not recommended for use with other drugs in this class, as it is a potent analgesic. In exceptional cases, the possibility of severe intoxication. Meloxicam has the ability to eliminate inflammation and puffiness, while being analgesic and antipyretic drug.

Applied intramuscularly, the maximum dose per day is 15 mg. is Not recommended injections of this drug more than three days.

When applying this medication can manifest side effects such as:

  • Urticaria;
  • Anaphylactic shock;
  • Acute renal failure.

Important! The use of Meloxicam is only allowed under the supervision of a doctor.


This analgesic is the best in terms of speed of impact. It quickly relieves muscle pain, the same is applicable for arthritis and other joint damage as the best analgesic and ambulance. Before the introduction of the drug intramuscularly contents of the vial is dissolved in novocaine.

nesteroidnye preparaty

This medication is only available by prescription, as it can cause cardiac arrest!


One of the few drugs that are allowed to a longer treatment. This medication is also sold by doctor's orders, which completely controls the course of treatment.

When choosing NPWM should understand that they have roughly the same analgesic effect, but contraindications and side effects are different. From this fact it should build when choosing medicines.

It is also worth remembering that increasing doses of 2 times does not help doubly faster and better get rid of the pain. If one medicine from this group does not help with the pain, replace it with another non-steroidal as well will not have the desired effect. In this case, you need to change the direction and tactics of treatment. Be sure to discuss all the feelings and side effects with your doctor.

Steroid drugs

Injections of these drugs from pain in the back and waist allow you to get rid of the pain for a short period. However, the treatment they are usually short-lived because they have a large number of contraindications and side effects. These shots from back pain can be applied in the foci of inflammation. For the blockade it is recommended to use the solutions of Novocaine or Lidocaine, together with steroid drug.


Drug treating doctor issues to the patient that there is disc herniation or arthritis. It is recommended to enter in the vein slowly, preferably dropwise.

This drug is sold only by prescription, used under the supervision of medical workers. Duration of treatment - 7 days max.


The corticosteroid reduces the manifestation of inflammation and pain, using the oppression of immune system of the patient. The best option is the introduction of this medication inside the veins, the impossibility of this procedure allowed the introduction of intramuscularly. This drug may be purchased as directed and prescribed by a doctor.


This drug eliminates inflammatory processes by suppressing white blood cells. Medicine you can buy at the pharmacy on the prescription of the doctor who prescribes the dose depending on the disease and personal characteristics of the patient.


Similar to the previous the drug, however, has a more extensive range of action. This drug is also sold by prescription. He has a lot of contraindications.


This medication contains a small dose of psychotropic substances. Because of this, you get used to it. So it cannot be taken often. He has influenced the work of such a body as the adrenal glands, but relieves pain.

This medication can be used only under the supervision of medical staff, because they must monitor the reactions of the body and interaction with other medicinal forms.

steroidnye sredstva

Muscle relaxants

Are the group of drugs acts on the muscular fibers. They help to relieve or reduce muscle tone, which can sometimes achieve the immobilization of the desired area. Currently, this use as an analgesic is gaining popularity, as the muscles can cause intense pain. This occurs when a muscle spasm. That is why this group of drugs has analgesic effect.


These injections for pain in the lower back to help relax the large muscle groups that are directly connected withskeleton. They free the patient from pain state when using the blocking of nerve endings. This drug is administered intramuscularly, in some cases, you may intravenously, provided a slow introduction. Vacation from the pharmacy is strictly on prescription.


This preparation allows you to overcome muscle spasms.


The analog of the preceding preparation. It contains auxiliary substances which help to absorb the current connection. Effect on the psyche, so it sold only with prescription.


These substances are aimed at restoring cartilage. They help with recovery processes in the spine.


This drug is used in such indications for the treatment of herniated discs. For children up to 12 years, he is banned to buy loose it just will not work. In acute pain a single injection of the drug is usually enough.


This medication blocks the pain and inflammation. The main action is the regeneration of cartilage. The drug is well absorbed, but find it in pharmacies is difficult, however, if found, buy it just won't work, only prescribed by your doctor.

Medications that improve blood circulation

This type of drugs is not used as the only painkillers for pain in the back. They play an auxiliary role, helping to enrich the blood with oxygen and helping to quickly deal with inflammation and pain.


Possesses properties of these medications. Is administered intravenously. When treatment with this drug can occur sleep disorders, or hyperactivity.

Vitamin complexes

As for removing and eliminating causes of back pain used medicines, which combines various vitamins. They help to speed up the recovery process, supporting the body in the moment of great stress. For elimination of severe pain in the back is often used vitamins of group B. the Effect will be better when stabbing these vitamins intramuscularly, and not to take pills. In their composition are thiamine, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, medocain.

Such complexes of vitamins in the last couple of years are considered as substances capable of moderately to ease or completely remove pain. This is due to the fact that they are involved in the restoration of the nervous tissues, affecting the metabolism and on the processes occurring in the nervous system. Many studies prove the ability of this group to reducing pain during the initial phases of inflammation.

In some cases, their effect is big enough to use as an individual attending drug. It is worth remembering that the treatment given medicines costs to produce acute attacks. For chronic pain, they lose their effectiveness.

List some medications:

  • Milgamma;
  • Combilipen;
  • Neurobion;
  • Trilemma.

To introduce these drugs must deep intramuscular injection.

When a person has a sore back, immediately raises the question of how to treat and what shots should be done at the same time. This article describes analgesics, which are among the best in this area. However, treatment of such illness should be treated responsibly. Remember that it is dangerous to inject himself with a strong pain even when back pain unbearably. In such situations, you should consult your doctor, only he can know the cause of pain and prescribe the best treatment.

vitaminy pri bolyah v spine i poyasnice

Remember that self-treatment can only be achieved ill health, and it is our most valuable resource, which can not spend just like that. Trust the professionals that will select the optimal treatment with minimal effects on the entire body.