How to treat at home a broken back

If the patient tore off the back, then wonders how to treat at home the injury. This will require a variety of medicines as outdoor and indoor use. But if the symptoms are not limited to pain and stiffness, or pain become too strong – I advise you to visit a doctor. Pinched nerves and displaced intervertebral discs can lead to unexpected complications. And to get involved in self worth, only if symptoms are mild.

sorval spinu kak lechit v domashnih usloviyah

What does "ripped back"?

The spine is a very flexible structure, strong vertebrae connect to soft cartilaginous tissue, which work as springs. When a person lifts heavy objects, rotated or receives another load, the spine is pushed in the direction of force. But in that moment, when the extra weight when lifting weights is lost, the vertebrae return to their normal position due to the depreciation of the intervertebral discs.

If the load is too great (it happens during sports, at home, at particular risk are people), the ability of muscles to stretch will be subjected to excessive testing. Muscle can experience the stretching or even tearing. This means a household expression – "broke my back".

Worse than that, if frustrated support the back muscles, intervertebral discs can slightly change its natural position and squeeze the nerves. It becomes a cause of inflammation. Pain syndrome hurts people who broke the back for the following reasons:

  • Torn and stretched muscles irritate the nerves;
  • The result of nerve damage inflammatory process has begun;
  • The intervertebral discs changed position and crushed nerve tissue.

In many cases, people tear the spinal muscles, and does not need to know what to do with this problem. This despite the fact that there are quite many methods to cure a broken back at home.

In any case we can not tolerate symptoms such as:

  • Permanent pain syndrome;
  • Stiffness due to minor mobility of the back;
  • Tingling and numbness in the lower extremities;
  • Difficult urination and defecation;
  • Irradia from the lumbar to the hip area the pain.

If the problems are limited to the usual pain and dull movements, you can try self-treatment ointments, anti-inflammatory and produces the anasthetic drugs. But if it was stabbing and aching in the legs has deteriorated pelvic organs – advise mandatory to visit a doctor.

Treatment at home

To treat torn back muscles, you need to gradually solve each of the following tasks:

  • Elimination of inflammation;
  • Struggle with muscle tension;
  • Strengthening the weakened muscles;
  • The correction of the position of the vertebrae.

To ease pain and relieve inflammation, you need as quickly as possible after the traumatic exposure to apply a cold compress on the affected area. Warming compresses can be used only a few days after the injury, and here the goal is to reduce the strain accumulated in the muscles.

In the first few days as rubbing will suit diclofenac, menthol and lidocaine ointment. After that, go to the warming gels, containing in the composition the venom of snakes and bees, mustard and pepper juice. It is better to use bought in pharmacies by external means. Avoid at random to use as a ointment alcoholic beverages and gluing pepper patches. Repeat that it is impossible to warm the affected area the first two days.

Treatment at home helps to relieve inflammation and pain. But this may not be enough, therefore, strongly advised to obtain medical advice. If the symptoms for a long time not to leave, and you heal at home, it may happen that a large number of drugs will lead to complications of the digestive tract.

The physician will prescribe medication more accurately advise you on what treatments to use, and which are not. Moreover, the last task of stabilization of the vertebrae, cannot be performed at home. It should deal with a professional massage therapist or a specialist in such techniques as osteopathy.

If the patient for a long time led a very passive life, not in sports, and suddenly in the home or stupidity in the gym lifted something heavy, can shift or be damaged vertebrae. That is why medical help is needed always. Self-medicate and you can't always understand howyour adequate therapeutic approach.

Therefore, after the injury has occurred, you need to immediately call specialists ambulance and placed the victim on a hard flat floor.

In the first two days should rest, but then it is better to try rather to return to light physical activity, at least walking.

kak ustranit bol, esli sorval spinu

A patient who broke his back, in any case should not experience low temperatures and especially draughts.

Stretching exercises

If there is a tear in the back and it's been a few days after the injury, try the following exercises that will improve the condition of the muscles of the back:

  • Lie on your back, touch the knee to the abdominals. Hug feet with the hands for half a minute. First movement performed with one foot, then the other;
  • Put feet on a hard surface, bend the leg at the knee joint. Flex the lumbar region. At the top the back is breathing in. Exhale, pressing your lower back to the floor;
  • Without changing posture, try to touch the knee joint surface to the left of the corps, on the right. In bottom of legs are half a minute;
  • Good stretch – normal vis on the crossbar.

The main rule of these exercises – the goal here is not actually stretching, and the smooth motor activity, which activates the damaged muscle and helps them to regenerate. So don't go overboard, don't hurt yourself during these movements typical stretching pain.

What not to do.

When people tore off the back, in no event it is impossible:

  • Exercise despite pain;
  • A long time to be in static poses;
  • To refuse motor activity in principle;
  • Extended period of use of the locking corsets.

If the patient had strained his back, worst thing to do is strictly forbidden to observe the fully relaxed or even bed rest. The result can be atrophy of the muscles.

chto nelzya delat, esli sorval spinu

We must not forget also that the traumatic impact of this type always occur due to the fact that the muscles have experienced excessive stress. Therefore, if ripped back, pay attention to the condition of his back, start to strengthen it, for example, simple exercises at home.