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How to relax the muscles of the back and neck at home, exercise, massage

To relax the back muscles after strenuous activities sometimes just a simple showering, and sometimes you need to refer to a personal masseuse. What to do if pinched back, and how to avoid chronic overstrain of lumbar muscles? In this case, the problem must be approached comprehensively!

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What is the strain?

When muscles are tense enough small provocateur to cause pain. For example:

  • Hypothermia;
  • Injury;
  • The weight lifting;
  • Infection;
  • Bad rotation or flexion of the torso.

Reflex spasm can commit for a long period, and the intervertebral discs are in stavlennia position, creating a compression of the nerve roots of the spinal cord. When muscle tissues spasm, nerve fibers and vessels are clamped. Performed a failed exchange of food nutrients and oxygen. Under these conditions there is accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which also triggers pain.


Overexertion in the muscles and sometimes lasts years. It can:

  • To provoke a curvature of the spine;
  • To give pain to the internal organs (e.g., heart);
  • Prolonged strain in the neck, can affect vision and cause chronic migraine.

To identify the exact cause of muscle spasm and correct tactics of treatment is necessary to address to the doctor.

In the first three days after the onset of the spasm and sharp pain, the muscles generally are in a state of swelling, so from the back it is impossible to heat and massage. These manipulations can aggravate the condition.

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How to remove pain in the back muscles?

Eliminate the pain in the muscles of the back will help stretch the spine. Intervertebral discs exert less pressure on the growths of nerves when the space between the vertebrae expanding. If you experience spasm of the impaired exchange of nutrients and oxygen in the tissues. Restoration of metabolic processes greatly facilitates the condition.

To relieve tension in the back muscles will help such methods:

  • Anti-inflammatory and sedative drugs;
  • Massage. Takes place no earlier than 3 days after the onset of pain. Ideally it is better to back kneaded a professional massage therapist, but if this is not possible ask for help family or use a mechanical massager. Before the procedure it is advisable to warm up the muscles in a warm shower or bath or with warm paraffin wax. Special creams for massage add a relaxing effect;
  • Cut-off voltage. Try to maximize strain muscles spasm in the area for half a minute. Relaxation of the muscles after such exercise will also be a maximum;
  • Breathing exercises. On the inhale squeeze the muscles of the back, and on the exhale relax. Again inhale, but without tension, as you exhale try to relax;
  • Heat therapy is applied if the muscle spasm lasts more than 3 days. By using heating pads or warm towels;
  • Warm shower, bath, sauna. Warm vapor and water well relaxes the muscles, helps to improve blood circulation and consequently to restore power in the tissues that have been compressed from a spasm. No need to act on the principle, the longer the better. Tub and shower can be taken no more than 20 minutes, the maximum temperature is 37 degrees;
  • Ice. Try gently rubbing the affected area with ice. The cold will cause vasospasm, a couple of minutes the blood vessels to expand, creating a relaxing effect.


Exercises for back muscles is a great technique to relieve spasm and pain. An important rule of therapeutic exercises is that exercise should alleviate the condition. If you have pain classes need to stop.

Exercises for cervical

The solution to the question how to relax the neck muscles can be found, making this set of exercises:

  • Maketurning his head to the side. All elements should be performed slowly. Rotate the head maximally to one side and hold for a bit, then do the same thing in the other direction;
  • The head tilts left and right, forward and back are performed slowly until it stops. The shoulders can not be lifted. So, you stretch muscles, relieving spasm;
  • Resistance. Rest your palms on the forehead, trying to tilt his head forward. The exercise is performed for 5 seconds, 4 sets. Interlock at the back of the hand in a lock and likewise try to take the head back. Similarly repeat the items in hand, putting a hand to his ear;
  • Shrug. For this element it is advisable to take light dumbbells in hands. Hands down, the movement slow.

To relax the neck muscles, to perform such exercises can in the morning and evening for 4 approach.

Exercises for lower back

  • There is a good exercise for relaxation of the lumbar spine. For its implementation need to sit on a chair, lean back with your hands and pull to chest feet. In this position it is advisable to hold on a minute. When you get up try to keep the muscles are not strained;
  • Lie on your stomach without lifting your buttocks from the floor, perform push-UPS on the hands;
  • Without getting up from the previous posture, raise the maximum right hand and left leg. Hold this pose for a few seconds and adjust the arm and leg;
  • Static exercise: lie on your back. Legs a little preload in the knees, heel and toe does not scrape off the floor. Cross your arms, hugging yourself. The head and shoulders and try to lift, and buttocks and legs, on the contrary, the maximum hold down. So hold out for a couple of seconds.

General exercises for back and neck

  • Relax the muscles of the neck, and back will help exercise "kitty". You need to get on all fours. Hands and knees stay on the floor. Round the back, and then her rotten;
  • Exactly stand up, hands should be at waist. Lift one shoulder, hold for a few seconds and relax. The same repeat with the other shoulder;
  • In the same position hands on hips, push the shoulders and arms forward, arching your back arc. The chin should be pressed against the chest;
  • Lying on your stomach, clasp your hands behind the castle. Try to lift your head and shoulders off the floor, and his hands pull back. Count to two and slowly descend;
  • Lying on back, squeeze knees, pulling them to his chest. Press the head to the knees, scrutinize "snail". Keep this position for a few seconds.