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Back pain: causes, how to get rid of pain, the treatment of the spine

Many people wonder why back pain? Pain in the spine report the violation to the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. Very often, the causes of back pain – diseases of the spine, but sometimes there are other pathology that should be known.

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Most people are experiencing back problems. But the spine support the entire body. Timely treatment of the spine – an important point in eliminating the disease. But many people ignore the signals of the body that often leads to severe complications.


People often wonder why back pain? The exact answer can be obtained only after a full survey. However, there are a number of possible causes of pain in the spine.

Osteochondrosis and its complications

If back pain in spine – the probability of low back pain. This pathology is seen in many people, and the elderly – virtually everyone. Osteochondrosis is the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral disc and loss of their elasticity. In the early stages of back pain in the place of localization of the osteochondrosis. Damaged vertebrae in cervical and thoracic, lumbar. Since most of the load is on the lower back – lumbar osteochondrosis is the most common.

Pain can be of different nature, dependent on the stage of development of the pathology and precipitating factors:

  • Lumbago – a short-term throbbing pain in the back occurring after sudden movements or lifting very heavy objects.
  • Lumbodynia – long nagging back pain that occurs after prolonged sitting in patients with low back pain, after sleeping in awkward position etc.

If the pain is to ignore it, to keep stress on the back, not to change the lifestyle will complications. The first of these are protrusion – protrusion of the intervertebral discs. The next stage is the appearance of intervertebral hernia, the appearance of which there is rupture of the fibrous ring and leakage of the nucleus of the intervertebral disc. As a rule, there is a very strong pain in the back radiating to the limbs and the surrounding areas back.

Excessive mobility of the spine

Hypermobility vertebral – another reason why pain in the spine. The pain comes and then subsides. Exacerbations are observed at high loads on the spine. Most affected are the cervical. Muscles often spazmiruyutsya, being in constant tension. Regular pain in the neck reduces muscle tone, man becomes difficult to keep a level head.

Congenital abnormalities

If back will ache along the spine, possible birth defects. One of them is insufficient or excessive number of vertebrae that is causing the load. In the presence of spondileza – abnormalities in the structure of vertebral arches, there is a chance of occurrence spondyolisthesis – excessive protrusion of vertebra.


Another reason, which may ache, deficiency of calcium. The bone tissue of the vertebral column loses its stiffness and occur microtrauma. If nothing is done soon, a strong pain in the spine, signaling a more severe destruction of the vertebrae. Most susceptible to this pathology of older women who have been pregnant several times. Exacerbation of pain can occur during menstruation.



Pain in the spine always have causes. One of them may become spondiloartrite. The first signs of href="http://spine.vsebolezni.com/boli-v-poyasnitse/noyushhaya-bol-v-poyasnitse.html">aching pain in the back, more specifically in the lumbosacral region. So manifests itself as inflammation of the spine, starting from the lower divisions up. Sometimes, pulsation (throbbing pain).

Pregnancy and childbirth

Some back pain cause – pregnancy. When a woman is with child, load her spine increases significantly, the belly grows and increases bending at the waist. Load not only increases but also shifts, the intervertebral discs wear out, possibly pinched nerves. During pregnancy it is important not to overwork to keep the spine. Because during childbirth can also occur spinal injury (especially if labor is prolonged), and if the spine is already worn, the chance of damage increases.

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When the curvature of the spinal column greatly increases the load on individual sections of the vertebral column, the intervertebral discs are compressed, the cartilage tissue to deform. People with scoliosis often aching back from prolonged sitting, excessive loads on the spine.


The most dangerous reason of back pain, metastasis. Cancer can occur in nearby organs and progressing, to place pressure on the spine and the spinal canal. People with such tumors sore back, the pain does not stop in any location of the body. This condition requires immediate treatment to the doctor.


One of the most dangerous diseases of bones, including spinal, tuberculosis. In this infectious disease hurts the whole spine. Dependent on the stage of progression, symptoms are manifested in different ways, sometimes it can be stretching pains. Also frequent are infections of the Staphylococcus, infection of other body parts can move on the spine.

Spinal injury

In mechanical injuries of the spine can often result in deformed bone or rupture of the fibrous ring. Sometimes, there may be local pain in the vertebra, in some cases, the pain may be global (along the spine) or radiating to the limbs.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Many people have surrounding back pain. A common cause of such symptoms can be diseases of the digestive system. As a rule, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract accompanied by General fatigue, nausea, vomiting, fever. In some diseases, occurs throbbing pain in the spine. Many of these diseases can be really dangerous: cholecystitis, pancreatitis, ulcers, etc. So you need not to delay the diagnosis.

Pathology of the heart

Acute back pain can be a symptom of heart disease. Such pains occur closer to the site of localization in the thoracic spine. All heart diseases are a great danger, one should not ignore such symptoms. Sometimes it may be a dull ache.


If pulling back, aching, then you may be able nervous system. The spine is surrounded by a dense network of nerve endings. When a person has a neurosis, pain may be localized in the spine. May experience nagging pain, aching pain, and many other types. Depression is very dangerous, it is important not to let such situation to drift and to find ways of normalizing States of mind, relieve nervous tension.

The first symptoms back pain – stiffness of muscles. The mobility of the spine is reduced, increasing the voltage starts to hurt the entire back or just lower back (the most loaded part).

What to do for back pain?

What to do if back hurts? Could this be dangerous? Of course, the danger is present. However, pain itself is not a special danger, it only affects the quality of life of the patient. There are many diseases that are very dangerous for human health, manifesting itself through pain in the back. It is necessary to know the characteristics of such pathologies and to be especially vigilant when you see these symptoms.

Diagnosis just need to do when back pain:

  • Which is strictly localized and has no periodicity, is constant;
  • Which can bother a person even in a comfortable position, which does not create any load on the spine;
  • Which leads to an increase in temperature and chills;
  • Inhibit movement of the person.


Many people wonder how to get rid of back pain? First step in Troubleshooting is to appeal to the treating therapist. The doctor will determine which back pain why pulling muscles. Will be able to give some therapeutic recommendations on how to reduce back pain.

  • I advise you to read: href="http://spine.vsebolezni.com/boli-v-spine/k-kakomu-vrachu-obratitsya-esli-bolit-spina.html">which doctor to consult for pain in the back

The therapist performs a preliminary examination of the patient, evaluates the overall state polls on the manifestations of pain, their nature and power. The next step will be a referral to more specialist, which will tell you how to cure your back.

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To begin treatment of the back, you need to know the exact cause, which leads to pain. The preliminary diagnosis specialist can supply after a careful examination, however, this is only the beginning. Based on such data it is impossible to prescribe treatment, be sure the causes pain. To identify the causes that can be assigned to these procedures:

  • X-rays;
  • Computed tomography;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Biopsy;
  • Blood test;
  • Ultrasound;
  • The procedure of swallowing the probe (EGD);

A biopsy is carried out if very sore spine and the pain does not subside even in the supine position.

Timely and correct diagnosis plays a very important role in successful recovery.


And yet, how to get rid of back pain? The pain is only a symptom of the disease. To eliminate the pain need to try to eliminate the cause. Often, the treatment of the spine – a long and difficult process, requiring great endurance and willpower. Even with early detection and correct comprehensive treatment, some diseases can not be eradicated completely, a part of the disease still remain. But this therapy reduces pain and reduces the risk of complications.

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After diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the pain in the back treatment. If the patient has problems directly from the spine (osteochondrosis and its complications, different curvature), the treatment of back pain is complex, using a variety of drugs, improve quality of life:

  • Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal means;
  • Muscle relaxants;
  • Painkillers;

Will also be a course of drugs aimed at elimination of injury, accelerating the regeneration of cartilage tissue and restore the elasticity of the intervertebral discs. This back treatment will require the use of chondroprotectors.

Many people wonder how to cure spine alternative methods? Unfortunately, full recovery with the help of even modern medicine is not possible, and other methods – and even more so. But back pain can significantly reduce their strength and duration.

How to ease back pain? So your back doesn't hurt, you can make a special massage or a course of physiotherapy. It is important to guide such treatment that is highly skilled.

After the consultation with the doctor, you can learn how to relieve the pain in the spine with the help of folk medicine. There are tools that can only aggravate the course of the disease, so the self is not engaged. What else can I do, if you have a spine? The answer will be a procedure like acupuncture. In order to avoid back pain is to use acupuncture – special effects on some of the points with needles.

How else to treat the spine? There is another way how to treat the back when running low back pain – surgery. Doctors, to be able to influence the patient, constantly reminded of the huge risks from operations. This policy is aimed to protect people from the possible negative consequences.

If the person has a serious back injury, the spine conservative treatment does not restore. Need surgery under any circumstances. Even upon successful completion, the chance for a full recovery is not great. But not to despair, the spine should be treated.

Internal organs

How to treat back pain, if it is not caused by problems with the spine itself? In this case, it is necessary to act on the disease, which causes pain. What to do when back pain? It all depends on the diagnosed disease and its severity. In some cases, hospitalization is required and in others it is possible treatment at home by prescription.

What to do when severe pain in different parts of the back and spine? The doctor writes out a set of drugs that reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Getting rid of the pain, start treatment of the disease itself. How to remove a bursting pain in the back, which caught by surprise? First, lie down on a hard flat surface to spin stop whining. You can then use the anesthetic.

Never self-medicate, it can cause irreparable damage to yourhealth.

ustranenie boli v spine


When it begins to hurt the spine, people think what to do. Many lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not follow the diet, do not pay attention to sports. And because the spine can get sick at any person, it is better to prevent this disease than for back pain doubt what to do. Observing simple rules, it is possible to prevent the emergence of diseases that cause back pain:

  • You must respect the day, sleep on a firm mattress;
  • When walking, sitting, exercise always keep your back straight, keeping your posture;
  • You can not sit all day, and if the work involves prolonged sitting – take breaks;
  • The correct selection of shoes (orthopedic) will significantly reduce the load on the spine and joints;
  • You can't lift heavy things, especially with the rounded back;
  • To engage in the sport with correct techniques and not abusing weight gain;
  • Morning exercise helps you increase muscle tone and vitality throughout the day.

mery profilaktiki ot boli v spine

If a person has back pain to determine how to treat such ailment is possible, but it is better to observe preventive measures and prevent diseases of the back.