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Patches from sciatica: Nanoplast, Voltaren, Chinese, review

Well established in the treatment of disease patches from sciatica. The patch is a plate with a sticky layer, the height of the product: protective layer. The dimensions of the product are usually 70*90 mm 90*120 mm. Sciatica is characterized by sharp pain and a pinched nerve. Manifests itself in different parts of the spine: thoracic, cervical and lumbar. Therefore, the manufacturers of the patches try to make them as easy and versatile.

Plastyr ot radikulita!

Mechanism of action

After bonding the patch to the affected area doctors say the improved nutrition of the affected tissues, recovery of function regeneration. On the place adjoining medical facility accelerates metabolic processes, decreases pain. The patch reduces inflammation, eliminates swelling, helps relax tense muscles. Active substances of this money is not coming into the General circulation, but acts locally. This reduces the number of side effects in the treatment of sciatica.

Standard traditional treatment of this disease: muscle relaxants, analgesics and other drugs. All of them negatively affect the other internal organs, particularly affecting the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, treatment with patch reduces the number of taken analgesics, in some cases, the patient refuses them altogether.


The patch, developed on the basis of advanced technologies affects the affected area with the help of magnetic and thermal fields. It improves blood circulation, removes stagnation, reduces swelling, increases metabolism, relieves pain. Nanoplastyri restores the musculoskeletal system. Treat them not only sciatica, but diseases in which there is discomfort and inflammation. After treatment they patients reduce dosage take pain medicine.

You can apply it at home. The course is 9 days, followed by a break of 7 days. Acute pain be removed in the period from 3 to 9 days.

Application: remove the protective layer of plaster, mounted on dry skin affected area for 12 hours. You can glue it on overnight. Between removal of one patch and applying another must be at least 6 hours. Removed the patch re-applied.

The benefits of "Nanoplast" after it on the skin is not left sticky residue, easy to glue and remove, the color of the patch merges with the skin, does not restrict movement. It can be used when breastfeeding. Simultaneously with the Nanoplast you can do massage, do therapeutic exercises, take a course of physical therapy.


At the core of the band-aid lies Voltaren active ingredient diclofenac, which has long-term effect. The patch is completely safe and has no negative effect on the body. Pasted the patch worn up to 12 hours. After gluing the patch diclofenac has analgesic and anti-edematous action. It relieves inflammation in the affected area. Has a warming impact. The structure includes capsicum, Arnica, lanolin, belladonna, and other components.

Is used in two ways: you can glue a full sheet, or to use pieces of leaves, glue it on biologically active points.

kakie byvaut plastyri ot radikulita

Pre-skin degreased with alcohol or alcohol-containing liquid such as alcohol. After treatment wipe the skin dry with a towel. Thus, the active substance pepper patch better penetrate the skin. If the patient is experiencing severe pain, then the best method of application is a fragmentary gluing:

  • For example, in the thoracic paste it on the area of the shoulder blades, between the eighth cervical and first thoracic vertebrae.
  • In the treatment of sciatica lower back patch glued between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae or between the 4 and 5 vertebrae.

If the skin there is a strong burning sensation, then a band-aid, holding otkleivaya from 3 to 7 days. To relieve pain during the acute phase of sciatica capsicum plaster is recommended only after consultation with the attending physician.

Chinese patch

The invention of Chinese pharmacists and orthopedic plaster does not give adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract, like many medications used to treat this disease. Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of this tool.

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It is easy to eliminate the pain, long is the hotbed of the disease, improves the health of the patient. The basis of the medicines are plant extracts (safflower, camphor, cibotium, etc.).

  • If the patient complains of sharp pain, he immediately glued 2 sheets of plaster. First glued between the shoulder blades, and the second is mounted on the lumbar. So, it works effectively and quickly relieve pain.
  • Hernia two patches are glued on both sides of the spine. Acute pain in the lumbar: the first patch is glued on the lower back. Another patch is attached to the foot.

Before applying it is recommended to degrease the skin with rubbing alcohol and wipe with a towel. This tool should be worn 2-3 days before replacement, but watering it is not. Then the old patch is replaced by the new. You cannot use the Chinese patch in allergic reactions, varicose veins, skin diseases. Pain after application of the patch are removed after 5-6 sticking. If the pain does not go away, then the course is repeated after a week break.

Indications for use

In addition to sciatica, a vehicle used in rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, neuralgia, osteochondrosis. Use it as a remedy for sciatica or to recover from injuries. The tool does not stick to an area with open wounds. In addition, the patches are minimal side effects, and apply them easily at home. They effectively relieve pain without harming the rest of the body, unlike pills and injections.

kogda mozhno primenyat plastyr

You can't use the patches pregnant women and people with a skin injury (abrasion, scratches, burns, open wounds).