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Can the back pain from bowel disease to determine the source of pain

The human body is a complex organization. Disease of one organ can lead to pain in others. This applies bowel. It occupies a significant proportion of the abdominal cavity. His illness affect the entire body. So, can ache from the intestine? Can.

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The mechanism of the pain

Cause diseases of the intestinal tract can be infection and ingress of parasites, for example worms. Possible failure due to malignant and benign tumors, endocrine disorders and other. Sometimes the disruption caused by hereditary reasons. Example – lack of any enzyme.

The intestinal tract is a significant part of the space in the abdominal cavity of man. Typically, the affected area of the intestine expands in size. That he puts pressure on other organs, including the spine.

Long exposure and increasing the load leads to disruption of the spine and dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system. The same applies to pains that are from the affected area are transmitted to other parts of the intestine and intestinal tract in General. They are transmitted to the spine, resulting in back pain.

What is the danger?

Inflammation and other causes lead to duodenal ulcer and peritonitis – the cladding integrity of the affected area. If the gut is damaged, in the abdomen of a person gets the contents of the intestine (not digested rests of food, hydrochloric acid, enzymes). The abdominal cavity from them are not protected. There begins the purulent inflammation. It causes damage to internal organs and General blood poisoning of the body. If time does not reveal it, death occurs.

In addition, the disorder of the intestinal tract and back pain can talk about cancer. For example, colon cancer.

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Other causes of back pain

However, the pain may be caused by other causes. You need to understand the symptoms. For a clear clarification you need them all to perform. Sometimes they resonate with each other and can talk about different diseases. Required a General diagnosis of the organism. Therefore, for any pain must consult a doctor. Only he will be able to put a clear diagnosis. Zapuskaniya of the disease can lead to serious consequences and death.

Diseases in which can hurt the lower back may be different. It can be an inflammation of the Appendix, inguinal hernia, spinal disc herniation, kidney disease, prostatitis, infection, osteochondrosis and others.

In women, it is added to the menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome, diseases associated with hormonal disturbance, damage to the reproductive organs, ectopic pregnancy. They each have their own symptoms. If you self-medicate, you can put misdiagnosed and instead of reasons to fight with their investigation. For example, if the inflammation of appendicitis to treat the back, its rubbing and warming, you can start the disease and to peritonitis.

There have been cases when patients on the pain in the spine suspected the disorder of the intestinal tract and was going to treat it yourself. Timely treatment to the doctor revealed a degenerative disc disease. In other cases, people self-medicate missed intestinal cancer. The result of one – self and passion in folk medicine can do irreversible harm.

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Localization of pain

Place back pain can talk about a particular disease. In diseases associated with the stomach will ache close to it the upper part of the waist. In addition, there dyspeptic disorders. There will also be rooting and for disorders of the pancreas. Pain will be accompanied by increased body temperature, swellings, pains in the lower part of the chest and abdomen.

Kidney disease back pain will be focused around them - in the middle and lower part of the waist. In addition, increased frequency of urination.

The process may be accompanied by cramps, caused by the movement of kidney stones and salts, their selection to these causes, and pain due to the intestine can easily be distinguished from sciatica. In this case the defeat of the exposed spinal cord of the person. The symptoms will only apply tomusculoskeletal. They will manifest themselves in the places associated with him. You should consider that sciatica can occur in combination with other diseases. This can create the appearance of a completely different disease.

Like a sore gut

Intestine located the abdominal cavity. First the pain should appear there. The intestinal tract is divided into two parts that perform different functions – slim and colon. Symptoms intestinal pain depend on which one is affected. Different diseases have different impacts on the pain in the spine.

Boli v kishechnike

Starting here, bowel disease will affect other parts of the body. The difficulty is that in the early stages of the disease are difficult to observe. It can be taken for a slight indisposition. For example, due to excessive eating or alcohol. When development begins to feel pain in the bowel and in other organs. They can be of different nature:

  • Cramping;
  • Aching;
  • Pulling;
  • Stitching;
  • Burning.

The disease may be accompanied by absence of the chair or increasing its frequency, nausea and vomiting, change of diarrhea and constipation, etc. for diseases bowel pain concentrated in the area of the affected intestine. When given the structure of the intestines, it can cover the whole area of the abdominal cavity and reflected on both sides of the body. If the lesion is small, the pain will be there. This is the reason for difficulty of diagnosis.

Diagnosis of the disease

If you have back problems you need urgent access to a doctor. In such cases, assistance can be provided by a gastroenterologist, proctologist or oncologist. The direction it gives to the therapist, after a superficial survey of the patient. Must be assigned a number of tests. After they will received the overall picture of the health status of the organism.

Diagnostika zabolevaniya

Tests include x-rays, ultrasound, CT and magnetic resonance imaging, blood and urine, the endocrine system. This is a common diagnosis of the organism, which are to be studied all possible causes of back pain. Whatever the disease, it will manifest itself. The doctor be able to do it. In accordance with the results determined the diagnosis and treatment.